It was a very interesting win, um just sloppy altogether. The yankees did not score run until the seventh inning uh, the pitching wasn’t atrocious. It was much worse on saturday night when paxton took the mound um. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for more from the pitching, but the offense, the offense, the offense, the offense uh awesome. I’Ll say this. I know the yankees have had their struggles with their pitching rotation and everything but i’m, not a big fan of the bullpen day. Honestly, yeah, because this is like the first time we actually saw the yankees bullpen other than the knight and pitch i mean also don’t forget like this is not their normal bullpen plan. I think the original plan was to have green as an opener and then king kind of take the role from there. But since paxton the bet on saturday night, it kind of ruined their whole plan. So they had to go from the wizard for three innings and then to hail, and then i forgot who came in after hale. I think it was green, maybe, but if you actually think about it when he came in he i mean green came in at the perfect time. He got the win of the oh yeah yeah yeah. He came in that perfect out of all the pictures tonight. I think green looked the most sharp by far he was just dominant.

He came in for two wings. Did his thing and left alvino didn’t do too bad? I mean his control was a little bit off, but yeah i mean this was his first game in the three games.

They played right, uh, yeah yeah. I believe it’s green’s first game as well, yeah and kanley and from britain yeah their first game. Can’T kainley came up clutching. That base is loaded jam. That base is loaded jam, but before, like we really go deep into the pitching, i really want to focus on the offense um. First, seven innings of the game, absolutely atrocious. Now we were talking in our little group chat as the game went on uh, the yankees were not even putting up good at bats. If you clock the half inning, where the yankees bat and the half inning, where the nationals bat, i believe the yankees took about two and a half minutes compared to the nationals over 20 and that’s, not including the pic the pitching change that happened during that inning. So i know that the yankees won today because they got a few soul. Home runs and an rbi single from labor tourists, but this cannot happen moving forward. You cannot you not. You cannot score consistent, runs throughout the season without putting up good at bats. You can’t rely on the solo home run to win you every game, it just doesn’t happen and you can’t make look and you can’t make solid.

Pitchers, look like hall of fame scion pictures, especially patrick corbin. His pitches were slow today and they still made him look like a cy young like and honestly with approach. If you really think about it, the only guy that’s batting over other than tyler wade stanton has the best average on the team right now and he’s.

The one he’s, the one that played in every single game so far, so i mean didn’t, look too good today, but the past two games he’s been really good. He had a couple of decent at bats, not not great at bats, but there were some pitches that he laid off that i felt were good like there were a couple of like two strike: uh sliders that he laid off that i thought was good yeah. I mean at this point yeah at this point in the season. It’S really too, like i don’t, like judging players in the beginning of the season until there’s like at least 10 games, but in this case that’s the sixth of the but i’m gon na be honest with you it’s, not even if it’s a 60 game season. Doesn’T matter how they, their every single bat, is important because no yeah, no, i get it, but it sometimes it takes guys more than three games to to get their their confidence that’s, understandable yeah, but i don’t like to get too judgmental just yet. I understand that we’ve seen good stuff from most of the guys throughout this series.

You know some some good at bats here and there, if not total consistency, but i honestly i concern you. I could counter argue that the other way and say most of the guys have not been putting up good at bats. This entire series um not consistently but we’ve, seen good at bats from just about everyone.

Yeah sure i mean which is good to see yeah opening day judge had awesome at bats. These past two games. Absolutely i mean he put some good wood on the ball, but they just didn’t. They didn’t find ground. I think he’s over eight in the last two games, maybe right now, judges right now judge is batting a 167. yeah. I mean, but that’s that’s, also with two hits on it: um, but um, one guy. I know he pinched in today, but gary sanchez is still yet to hit, get a hit. Yeah he’s blind a little bit slow with his approaches at the at bat, so that i’m worried about because gary seems to spiral out of control, sometimes like. If he goes on a a small tear where he’s not hitting, he could just go, it could, just you know, snowball and get out of control yeah, but that’s one to keep an eye on. Also, gary sanchez is not the only yankee who has yet to record a hit. I think we know who i’m about to mention here and that’s brett gardner brett gardner has yet to record a hit, and i think it just keeps feeding into my narrative that brett gardner is no longer a starter for the new york indies like to be fair To say he didn’t look great today: either talkman did not look great either, but garner has played in every game.

So far, talkman has yeah uh maggie.

Also didn’t. Look too good today either, but if you got you have to give these guys at bats, you can’t just throw talkman in there against patrick corbin and be like all right, let’s see if he could be better than gardner, because you could do the same thing with Ford or even frasier i’m kind of pissed that they sent him down because it’s just like this man has so much potential and the fact that you keep saying that he’s blocked at the major league level is such bs, because he’s blocked by brett gardner. You need to make a spot for this man, because he’s he’s blocked by brett, gardner and it’s a shame because in all realistic like you, should really be platooning talkman and fraser allen left that’s nice that’s, the idea. When boone came out and talked about frasier. He says he has a lot of potential but he’s being blocked by great outfielders, but the problem is the only great outfielder you have at the moment is hicks who’s. A great defensive arm judge is automatically your right fielder unless he’s hurt and then stanton’s been the d8. He hasn’t played left field at all, so tell me he’s being blocked so brett gardner. That legendary position should be honestly between, like you, said, talkman and guard uh frasier, and it said because yeah at this rate, they’re not using them properly, it makes me believe that they don’t want them anymore and they’re, going to trade them for either a pitcher and A star i don’t think they can, because this value’s not there at the moment, if you don’t let him play and produce at the major league level, he has no value so they’re only killing his own value by sending him down to the alternate site in scranton.

Like what is he getting out of that, you need to give this man a bees, because we see what happens when you give him at bats he produces now. How is he supposed to improve his defense? If you don’t give him in game opportunities, it puts anduhar out there. I mean i’d much rather freeze her out and left than, and you har it’s, just a rare it’s, a it’s. A very poor narrative at this point that clint fraser is the worst defender on planet earth but yeah. I really hope that, as the season goes on, we can see a situation where frasier does get more opportunities, because breck art is just not it anymore. It’S a shame but um let’s, i know you’re really torn up about it. No, it pisses me off because, like when guys are in the twilight of their career and they’re, not as good anymore, the yankees are always the first ones to be like look like. We got ta, replace you with younger talent, i mean a rod alex rodriguez, one of the best, the best for third baseman, you could say in franchise. History was piss porn 2016 when the team was not going anywhere and they didn’t. Even let him continue out the season to get four home runs for 700.. They literally forced him into retirement. Meanwhile brett gardner and there wasn’t, even a guy. You could bring up to to replace a rod because judge and austin could have came up, regardless of that.

With all the trades and everything, but you have clear talent, that’s being blocked by brett gardner now you could say the argument that he hit 28 home runs last year, but brett gardner’s, just not that guy anymore. Is it all? I can say about burke, gardner he’s, a good veteran bench guy sure he’s one. I agree he was one of those players that can pump up the players, get them hyped and everything sure when it comes to like when it comes to clutch moments or key moments. In games, he’s not recording the five hitter like come on, but um moving moving past their offensive woes, because i do think that it’s something that they will overcome as the season goes on. But it is kind of scary when you get to a playoff scenario, because, like we saw last year, you cannot live and die by the home run. It just doesn’t happen against good pitching, but speaking of a playoff run, i want to touch on this really quick. Uh justin verlander has a forearm strain, so it was previously reported that he was going to be out for the season and then verlander’s like no only be at a couple weeks. Personally, i think he’s done for the year um it’s possible that even his career is over um. If he does need tommy john surgery it’s doubtful that he would be able to come back from that um if he gets like say, for example, if he needs tommy.

John surgery, when he comes back they’re gon na reevaluate him, he won’t be back till maybe the 2022 season yeah yeah yeah. So i mean it would really put his future in limbo. But as far as this season goes for the astros and justin verlander and the yankees in that, in that sense, um i’m doubtful about justin verlander, particularly because it is a forearm strain uh. We know what that is. The first sign of mr tommy john’s surgery himself. Um, i think verlander coming out on twitter and being like. No all those reports are false: i’m, not out for the season. I think it’s he’s in the first stage right now and that’s called denial, um it’s really just we’ve. Seen this happen way too many times. We saw it with miguel ander last year, um. He had an issue early on in the season and then kind of like all right. Take a couple weeks. See if see if it just magically goes away and then verlander will probably come back in a few weeks. Make one start and then that’ll be the death note, so personally that’s what i think’s gon na happen, we’ve seen with this exact injury, though, with yes severino and with picks, the first reports were that they had forearm stiffness or a forearm yeah and then, like a Week later we found out they knew this tommy john, so this is a. This is an injury that almost always means that tommy john is coming so i mean.

Obviously, we don’t wish injuries upon anyone here at unhinged new york um, but this is not reality in the situation and this is what it seems like it’s going to be so we don’t ever reach. We don’t wish injuries on anybody, but you do know what they say about karma well, going back with severino when he had his injury isn’t that why he missed his start in the playoffs at the end of october, because he felt something in his elbow or his Arm and then come christmas time he went for mris, he said it was fine and then what happens. He comes back to spring training, he’s pumping out his fastballs and then all of a sudden. His velocity drops these things. Just don’t go away: they don’t just go with the snap of a finger, especially when you’re 37 years old yeah. Do you know how many innings justin verlander has on that arm too many, and especially these past few years, with all the deep playoff runs for the astros that’s, a that’s, a lot more extra innings that he in the last second, between 2010 and 2019, a majority Of those amazing pitchers we have seen their careers are coming to an end based on injuries, you’ve seen guys like clayton kershaw, corey kluber, justin versus lander, basically decreasing their careers. So it’s kind of sad that we saw those gold pitchers in the early 2010s and now it’s a new era of pictures for baseball it’s.

Definitely unfortunate um, like brian said, we don’t, wish injuries don’t pump on anybody, but it is the houston astros that we’re talking about and if there was one team in the american league, that is in the yankees way of an american league, pennant it’s, the houston astros. So if it ends up being that justin verlander’s out for the season and he won’t be pitching in the playoffs for the astros, i think without a doubt, you’re looking at the yankees as the heavy heavy heavy favorites to win that american league pennant. Looking at that rotation, their number one would be granky number two mccullough’s who’s hasn’t, pitched in two years, so you would have to like the yankees chances going toe to toe with astros, especially now that we have coal. So i definitely think that it’s something to keep an eye on, because these aren’t the same houston astros there’s no garbage can there might not be a justin verlander there’s, no garrett, cole that’s. All i have to say about that. All i have to say is if the yankees want to be heavy favorites, even if they have an amazing lineup, you got ta hit the ball, you can’t be getting five can’t, be averaging four or five hits a game. You know, especially with that lineup so yeah. I mean i’m sure, as time goes on, they’ll get more adjusted at the plate. It seems to be the case yeah. It seems to be the case every season they always look lost in the box early in the year, especially let’s not forget, like they’re still getting acquainted, they only played a few exhibition games couple in their squad games, so let’s just see how everything goes.