We got the news breaking news that justin verlander is gon na, be shut down for a solid two weeks as of now and will be reevaluated in two weeks to see. If he is gon na be done for the year or not originally, it said he will be out for the season, but as he tweeted out earlier today, this is what he said. He said the report that i am currently missing. The rest of the season is not accurate. This is a forearm strain i’m hopeful that, with some rest, it will heal and i’ll be able to return soon. Thank you all for the well wishes. That is what the man himself said. It is not for sure out for the season it very well could be, but according to justin verlander himself, he is not out for the season. Yet it will be resting for the next two weeks and then they will reevaluate him then and then determine if he will come back or if he needs tommy john or he needs something else. It it’s all up in the air. Just these two weeks are crucial. That he heals up here’s what dusty has to say about it um! Well, you know, we know it’s a forearm, strain and uh. You know he’s being seen by the doctor, so it will probably be shut down for for a couple of weeks and uh.

Then we’ll see from there well, he touched for you this season.

Well, like i said i just said he shut down for a couple weeks. You know and then we’ll you know reevaluate it from there. We don’t know. When did it happen? Uh, it happened uh yesterday, you know uh Music early in the game, but he said he felt you know he felt fine, and you see he was throwing the ball great yesterday and it was kind of a shock to all of us. That is what dusty had to say about it. Um, our rotation now is going to look something like this lansom colors is our number one right now is that green key number two josh james franberval does and then the number five is gon na be kind of up in the air we got seis need that. Can take over uh christian javier that could take over uh eventually forrest whitley could even make his major league debut, but then, of course, whenever jose or kitty comes back, he will take that spot and then the fourth or fifth spot with framber sysneed christian javier. That will be up in the air. I believe framber will do good this year and i believe he will. He will keep that spot. But for now that is what our rotation is going to. Look like it’s it’s, a bummer. It is definitely a bummer. It has changed. Our rotation has definitely changed in the past three years, but this is what we got.

This is what we have to deal with right now.

Don’T worry. We got a ton of great guys ton of strong starting pitchers that can take justin’s spot and who knows, hopefully, in two weeks his arm feeling better his arm isn’t. Anything major and he’s able to return but we’re gon na have to wait those two weeks and i’m sure the strokes will put him on the il later tonight or tomorrow morning and we will figure out who will be called up then, but that’s all i got For you today guys, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you bare, through this video, this sad video but that’s. All i got for you today and ghost rose thanks for watching the video guys. If you enjoyed this video hit, that thumbs up button comment down below subscribe.