Uh verlander came out with a tweet and basically said the report that i’m currently missing. The rest of the season is not accurate. There is a forum, strain i’m hopeful that, with some rest, it will heal and i’ll be able to return soon. Thank you for all the well wish. Dusty baker also had some quotes as well uh when he was questioned about it basically saying the right hander would be shut down for a few weeks and not to reevaluate it. At that time. Baker also said that the injury happened early in the game on friday in verlander’s start against the mariners, but verlander said he felt fine. He was throwing the ball great, so it was kind of a shock to the astros coaching staff. The astros are currently looking for a replacement for verlander baker said they’re. Looking into it. We know we’re a little short, especially on veteran arms we’re, still trying to decide who can help us. Verlander last year won the silent cy young. He was dominant. He went 21 6. He made 34 starts pitched the most innings, which is 223 and had the lowest whip of 0.803. When verlander doesn’t start on wednesday, it will be the first time, verlander missed a start, since he was acquired from detroit in august 2017.. When the report first came out, it basically said that verlander was going to miss the rest of the season, and you know with the cheating scandal in the world series.

Any negative report on the astros people are going to assume the worst. So you know, i believe that he was never going to miss the rest of the season. It was going to be a couple weeks, usually with the forearm strain you give it uh two to four weeks and you reevaluate it during that time. Now he’s going to need some time back, you know maybe some bullpins as well i’m gon na guess, it’s gon na be more towards a month, uh rather than a two week side. So this is a huge hit to the astros they’re already missing some guys already. As well, uh jordan alvarez hasn’t played for them yet, and you know verlander isn’t the first pitcher to go down in this 60 game season. Dodgers clayton kershaw has missed some time already washington nationals steven strasburg was scratched from his start. Texas rangers starter cory. Kluber left his sunday start after one inning. So a lot of these pitchers, i think they’ve been thrown into the fire, especially some of the older ones, and maybe it kind of caught up to them and that’s how injuries happen so we’re, seeing some of the aces on these teams go down and you know Depth is definitely going to be a key into this shortened 60 game season and with the forum, strain uh, there’s mild strains, there’s a grade two strain and also a grade three strain in mild strains that usually heal in a week or two grade.

Two strains need about six weeks to heal and grade. Three strains will require surgery, so we don’t know how bad the strain is. It could be just a mild strain and it needs a week or two to heal a grade. Two strain could mean that he might miss most of the regular season, but come back at the astros make the playoffs uh. If this keeps bothering, i mean it’s a grade three strain. He might need surgery, so we don’t really know yet. We’Re gon na have to wait on this. I know a lot of people want the houston astros not to win this year because of the the cheating uh scandal that happened. Any bad news for the astros is good news to them. Verlander will not miss the rest of the season. To me, it looks like it’s going to be two to four weeks that he will miss and if it’s a grade two or grade three strain that’s when it will be longer, but i believe it’s a mild strain because in that start, where he actually heard it. He threw six innings of a pretty good baseball. He gave up two runs, so i believe in maybe two to four weeks.