We took on three different series as last week and we did a good enough job. Of course we hit. You know another home run been driving people in we’re, 12 and 9 on the season and today we’ll take it on the Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park and the Tampa Bay Rays. So let’s kick it off. Now. Does our turn to bat? It is the top of the second and we’re taking on Oh Justin Verlander’s. Well, maybe he’ll have a bad game weekend afternoon. Take it on him. I plan on trying to hit one over the train tracks. That is my goal. We’Ll see, if I can do that. Oh that’s not train track power, but oh and that’s not a home run either what the heck, what bag? My gosh you are designed just purposely just make me rip my hair out. Where did this? Oh, my gosh, you cannot get any closer to that. That is ridiculous, but it isn’t one nothing ballgame top runners on the corner, gon na make Justin Verlander eat it, and how about that get out of here? Yes, a three run home run off a Justin Verlander. That is number five on the year for us. That is beautiful, as the Astros had just one more wind than us, so this is huge that we are able to take a nice lead on this.

Such a good choose, uy he’s dripping about four to nothing bottom of the third.

There is one man on face. Oh I’m, not tall enough to get there and no way no way miles. Straw hit a home run. Are you kidding and it is a still a 4 2 2 ballgame in the top yep top of the six Raeleen off here. Let’S try to get one in the Crawfords. No one is on base. Oh all right, foul ball and no one was able to get there thankful, it’s good to be back to see a serious T work if you can’t, I hear badly isn’t done that now. Oh to count I use the layout there to bring you you’re gon na need to put that in one a strike strike zone, the one. Oh, he got him Wow, okay, four to three thousand seven, though two outs I mean need to get something here, as the Astra’s are trying to claw their way back. I will not let one when you got a great hitter in the box. Alright, Oh two count. Come on let’s not strike out of y’all. No, to these words evoke a that one. Your way outside easily up there big spot to to able to find my way back to fair count, all right. Three, two: there we go there. We go. Oh just over the region, Jose Altuve and I was able to get just a run there. Somehow what type of swing I was I don’t know, but I don’t care.

Oh gosh and now it’s the bases loaded for the Astros bottom of the seventh base drew Ferguson.

You should not hit home run here, but near should have miles draws. So oh go, go, go alright get out and we do when a tough one here and then made matters just game one. Does a three game series goes to alright taking on the Astros here we got afternoon baseball game again, and it is the table first with no one on base and a no tie. Ballgame, Oh already starts off. Sighs read is on the mound. Actually, he is a real person by the way he’ll lay the fit to one count, to get the count back to two and one time for a look at our umpires in this one. Behind the plate is Earl, Hendricks, hey dear old Earl, Hendrick, see he’s, not a curve ball there’s, four pitchers he’s, a pretty good, umpire, Yeah right to two pounds in a sport, he’s pretty consistent and there we go live the middle. Keep this inning alive and nothing comes out of our ones. Who’Ve gone, and it is now the bottom and we get there time to put Bregman away and move on to the third topic. Laird one, not the ball game. One two people on there is one out already surprised. If anything there we go right up the middle that should get another man in make it a two: nothing ballgame, it doesn’t suit.

Those. A third baseman George says no question about it, my 3! Nothing! Now they talk to us so so far we are doing good against these Houston.

Astros, all right, easy, take their curveball went into the dirt and another hit right at the middle. I will take those all day, long, all right, South seven one out in one man on let’s, see if I can get an another run or keep this inning alive, get another home run to the opposite field. With this next swing, pitchers trying to work your way. Oh that’s himself, you got ta love to do and three counts, and he does he walks herself in a 3, 1 count and it’s. Now the top of the ninth and well, we get into and we’ve beat the Astros. Oh once again and oh, oh man, we got ta turn the clubhouse diamond kidding me to play one of the games. Hmm, all right, so we are back in Toronto’s taking on the Tampa Bay Rays, as it is the Bombers with one man on em. One out I’m kind of sad, though, that I didn’t get to play all three games and minimize I like the Astra, so I want to play. I actually wanted to play in their ballpark, Oh woah. What Cena do our manager wanted us to sit again? Can’T can’t. Take it out on him, fortunately, he’s gon na have the team meeting, but you know who I can’t take it out on the Blue Jays, and that is what we’re gon na do right here this week, we’re going to destroy them in this three game series and Look, we already are destroying them.

Three ball so far starts this start. This inning off against me come on Blake D Blake and we walk on four pitches. There we go Artie’s mind going away and there we go two to nothing here in the Bombers. Third, that is what I like to see like, finally give them something to hit, but unfortunately we are just attaches like that is a foul ball and that is gon na be back to ball, making it a 1 1 count, and there we oh wow nevermind, as We weren’t able to squeeze a pass, as the second baseman was able to gobble it up, and, unfortunately, the blood of Blue Jays. The Rays do answer back, making it now a 3 2 ballgame. We are able to end any runs, come across the top of the six. No one on we’re definitely gon na need to do something here, though, Music we are down by a run. Lakes knows they will get two strikes problems and two to count nice, nice, Oh, but well, it’s, okay, because now it’s four to three, so that strikeout is what needed to happen. Sasori’S top seventh, oh let’s, not strike out again and actually let’s get a very good hit. Will that gift? No, that is definitely not gon na get the man home as he’s just now getting the third base. I guess you’ve dinner run whenever we hit that so that’s kind of fortunate but doesn’t matter as we do hang on to win or take on game number.

Two all right bomb look first way to out ballgames yeah it’s gon na be enough. Another ballgame, unfortunately, as we do, fly out now, one enough before the Rays bottom of the fourth round out right there. Unfortunately, so haven’t done much so far, it’s now 2 to nothing in the bottom of the seventh. So it really doesn’t do anything for a similar situation right here, similar stuff on the mound one more copy he’s got a as the starting pitcher is still in the game. At only 60 pitches he’s done a terrific job, but he might be getting a little tired. Now, though, and right to the third baseman talk about lust, new campus batting order turns eyes one two cows top of the eighth three four four so far and seeing it well in this ball. Game that’s lifted the other way and we do get there and time to put this one away: make the catch to retire into the box. Two to nothing. Sorry pitchers tell them I’m trying to get a complete game shutout, but at least in the shutout could be the last chance to do that. A great job found in his own strike one when you got a greet down to our final strive, got ta get a head count. Leverage is a must close there y’all. Alright last thing you want to do is be called out on strikes the in the game and all right, we’re getting a little lucky here, all right, Sioux County, the Blue Jays, Oh alright, so we don’t get shut out and we are still alive, but I don’t Know we’re gon na need another home run.

Obviously, if there’s two outs and we do lose, but we don’t get shut out. That is the key. He doesn’t get a complete game either he’ll take on game number, three top or bottom of a second no runs. No outs, no, nothing! Alright! That is gon na, be our first out now. The inning bottom of the stores, still a nothing nothing ballgame here, hasn’t been much going on the middle innings with no score so far, it’s been a pitcher’s duel. Circles want some base runners on and get them in, but that hasn’t been the case and Oh 2 count. Unfortunately, they throw the ball great so far, but it’s gon na be tested here. 4. 5 amp 6. Coming up this part of the lineup. This is foul right side, alright, still nothing and sure, and we just ground out there, okay bomb, the six. They fill nothing nothing. So we need someone’s got a breakthrough eventually, and will that be us, as that is a single yeah single form? Alright, maybe that will get things go, maybe instill a base and nope nothing top the seventh now a one out one man on. We need to keep just going. Oh, oh, and we play it perfectly. Thankfully. Ah, that is good, although they do breakthrough, though, make it a one, nothing ballgame. It is the bottom of the eighth no outs, though, so we need to be on base, be our leadoff man into his own work on his craft and try and drive something again able to get a piece of that first curveball right there, Music come on all Right one one count: one counts: oh come on, get out of here, Go Go run, oh my gosh, but we did get a double.

We did get a double so that’s good. We are the leadoff man and we lose ha dang. If we lost one to nothing. We lost ridiculous let’s go back to the phone alright, so that will be it for today’s episode and as we took on the Astros and the Rays, we are now 15 and 12 so far, and we will finish up our first month in this next week’s episode. Actually so so far, we’re batting five thirty seven with six home runs 22 RBIs I’d say we are doing a great job in our first major league baseball action make sure you come back next week, so smash that thumbs up button subscribe. If you haven’t already don’t, forget to tell the little Bell so you don’t miss out on any of our other videos. There’S been way through tongues got gaming.