You see our captain, the goat, leo messi on the right. You see their captain, a very good player, cristiano, ronaldo and we’re in the alien stadium in turin. You see players walking out of the tunnel tense faces and, surprisingly enough, the stadium is full in corona times they must not have got the update. Still, as players are lining up for the him, you see in the background, fino adafine, which means never give up, never say, die and live ahead. Applause as we see the players fully focused for their second champions league game of the group barcelona, having won five one against federen schwaroz last week, juventus video with two goals of alvaro, morata and the ball – will start rolling. Juventus kicks off and i want to go over the barcelona lineup with you on goal. We got mark andreiters taken, of course, right back, sergio roberto, left back jody alba and our center back pairing gerard pk and someone tt in our midfield. We play with a four man midfield with frankie busquets, more holding and pianic and coutinho playing in front of them, and up top we got griezmann and leo messi. Of course, as juventus is looking for attack here, barcelona, clearing up frankie with the ball frankie number 21 opens what a beautiful pass to mira: lempianic, nx juventus player, of course, who sends the ball through too low messi saved by church league goal griezmann with a goal? What an early goal for barcelona, what a great start to this game – and it is the little prince antoine griezmann, who puts barsa ahead.

Look at this griezmann, very smart positioning, this intuition. This is something you cannot teach. There is leo messi, always always smart when picking his run. Chipset chutney saves great safe, i must say, but there’s griezmann, two baguettes and barcelona, one juventus zero. What a great start for the blaugrana side as juventus, trying to attack immediately after and barcelona plays it around. Applause it’s time for the juventus lineup we didn’t even get didn’t even have time to go over their lineup, wait just as dybala’s being sent Music and we clear it. Okay, so for juventus we’ve got chechnyan gold, they’re playing with the 442 uh demiral de lis, bonucci and kellini. In the defense line. We got kiesa arthur betancourt and bernardeschi in what looks to be a pretty dynamic midfield and ronaldo dybala up top, which is the ballet ascent and ebala just misses. I think the ball. The shot was blocked and you went to get a corner shot by bernadette betancourt. Cristiano ronaldo was that ronaldo with the one one, so that was that was fast, looks like yeah number, seven christian ronaldo Applause turns up. You know it’s it’s, a game of the big names. We got grizzly man, we got cristiano ronaldo, 1, 1 and it’s so early in the game. Also for you, those of you don’t know, the game is being played by the palma, representing fc, barcelona and etorito, representing juventus, two very, very strong players in the fest world, and this is time to have fun to enjoy, but never forget the honor, the callers you’re Playing for the club and the friendly is never friendly friendly must be one, and also this one frankie.

With the ball frank, he sends it out to busquets bus gets too messy. Messi receives messi to pianist pianic who can shoot, gives to griezmann griezmann shoots and saved by shashni goes didn’t quite go out for a corner. As you went to clear, the ball juventus seems to have a lot of like tall physical players and a lot of players centrally and causing all sorts of problems, and this is the true ball from dybala to, i think yeah. No, the true ball to dybala and dybala with the mask celebration in corona times. He knows how to protect himself there. He goes great finish right foot. What is supposed to be his weak foot, assist by cristiano ronaldo, just waited defends on the outside, which Applause just does not seem the right decision here, but juventus, two barcelona one, and there goes our good start juventus leading to one. But given the quality showed by the palma and fc barcelona in the early minutes, i have confidence that we can turn this around and make a little remontada Applause, our captain leo messi, who actually made his debut once his camper debuted against juventus. He was a 2 2 and fabio cappello was so impressed that he wanted to take him to fc barcelona on loan on transfer. Barcelona said absolutely not. This kid is special. This kid is gon na stay and boy where they’re right, griezmann, just couldn’t quite get there and chechny clears it.

Frankly, here i’m going to get on to griezmann, as barcelona looks for the equalizer we’re 30 minutes in the game, coutinho saved by cheshire cheshire. What a game he’s having oy pk almost gets there, and this event is looking to counter counter with dybala dibala to kiezak. He is a very, very fast player to ronaldo ronaldo and look how many players juventus get in front of the ball that’s, just incredible. How fast they encounter the barcelona situation under control, congressman controls, both turkish defender and as we’re approaching the half time barcelona was still looking for an equalizer ronaldo, busquets Applause building, slowly slowing in midfield. Of course, this is a game of a few former players facing each other um artur used to play barcelona last season and ken used to play juventus last season both made the transfer this summer, planet’s playing with number eight archer playing with number five and both starting Today – and this was what looks like the last play of the first half mark – andre – is taking kicks it away and that was it juventus two barcelona, 1 and 45 minutes to play for and we kick off for the second half barcelona would be looking for the Equalizer with philippe coutinho having the ball, can he produce some magic started. The season really well looks like his old confidence. Health is that great is that to score goals? Is there to help the team always a positive attitude, just love a player like philippe coutinho frankie, the ball with the ball crank it down with the ball cranking the ball with the yawn.

Now we got here archer with the ball better here’s, a apart from ronaldo. The avengers team, looking pretty young and getting involved with you of course, they’re there since juventus, were founded more or less continue with the ball, continue with the shot opportunity, give the trial from griezmann until grizzly shoots in there against chesney. We cannot believe this chesney having the game of his life: hey, that’s, what a great goal by gerard pk, what a great goal, what a great, what a great assist by little messy great corner and for those of you remember in the tutorial once given by the Palma, he explained how to take the perfect corner, so look that video up and go work on your corner skills in past, because that certainly repays the effort you went to barcelona too and we’re back in the game. Has barcelona looking to build up coutinho coutinho, getting involved in the game, giving the ball to griezmann griezmann? Can he turn can he turn? Can he turn no just defended and frankie over with great pressing, great pressing, fragile cool set on the post curls another post? There was a three two four fc barcelona, great pressing for frankie leon; great shot, no Music; no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! Just as just on the moment, you think barcelona has the tree too. Juventus hits them on the break. You see him titty putting in a tackle quite misses the ball and there’s you ronaldo for the tap in as usual great assist by kieza, who keeps overview, keeps us calm, two squared to ronaldo juventus, three barcelona, two half hour to play: what what a fun and Exciting game: this is guys as if the game tomorrow is going to be as excited Applause then we’re in for a treat, but hopefully in barcelona.

On the other side of the goal sheet, this looks promising frankie to griezmann. Send him christmas. 101. griezmann will shoot. He doesn’t take a shot to frankie frankie shoot no and the shot just blocked by mary general, with another long ball to christian ronaldo and marc andrader’s. Taken with the save this game is wavy see like okay, google. What is defense we don’t know, because not in this game at least let’s see it’s with the ball mirror pianist too philippe coutinho doesn’t get there look a bit looks a bit tired, philippe coutinho it’s, a 75th minute barcelona looking for the equalizer 433 juventus, as an Italian team they’re looking to con, consolidate their lead, frankie trouble to griezmann griezmann who’s, just been absolutely everywhere. Frankie has been magnificent in the midfield trying to continue to messi gets a shot, but this shot gets blocked. Chad’S creation is not a problem for barcelona tonight. Obviously, barcelona, with a lot more chances, juventus just been clinical out there to bet it’s, three shots: three goals for juventus, more or less frankly, frankly, young 18 minutes full time approaching jojaba central away; Applause against italian powerhouse who sense he is that, surely, must be over This is a painful blow for fc barcelona. We have been really strong, we’ve dominated the game, we’ve created a lot of chances, griezmann was outstanding, frankie was outstanding, messi, as always was outstanding, but it looks like it won’t be enough. Can he make a difference? Answer fati? What a story this this kid is just incredible: still: 17 years old turns 18 next week, but already the youngest scorer in the champ is the youngest square, with spanish grizzmann said true griezmann, with a trip griezmann with a chip in there again chesney.

This is this. Is a game of two words barsa and cheshny and morata sent away for the five two? No just take him with the save mistaken, tries to look for depth, try to look for someone, the ball doesn’t arrive, and this surely must be a rubio since murata, again i’m running a squad there’s the opportunity pk clears it to frankie leon, and that was it Guys, 4 2. Shame for the feed, but fortunately this was a friendly and we hope in the real game. This will be better, as you can see here, for two but shots on goal: five for juventus nine for fc barcelona, 50, 50 in possession – and, as you can see here, i think coutinho sends messi away. Messy chips misses stop by chesney and griezmann. Is there with a rebound great intuition, what a great ball by coutinho, what a great band run by leon messi who chips it? Chechny was absolutely the man of the match today, with with, i think, five or six crucial saves, and this is a – and this is the one one. No, this was the shot from paolo di bala. What a great echo by pk – and this is the corner which led to the goal – this is a well played corner. Looking for better corbett, bettencourt finds ronaldo who bullies it in one one after 15 minutes in the 25th minute cristiano ronaldo finds dybala, who just leaks behind the back of jrpk and finishes it with a high shot to one 36 minutes.

Griezmann finds leo messi. If i know finds coutinho, who finds little messy curls it into the far corner, but chechny was there to save it leo messi, with a great corner and there’s gerard pk, the third captain equalizes for barsa, just after the break 2 2. But then juventus exposes barca’s defense and here’s a square to cristiano ronaldo who steps in there’s quesa, who goes around sergio roberto squares, cristiano ronaldo was the easiest job in the world to finish that one three two barcelona we’re looking for the equalizer had some chances, but Then finally, it was case i will find dybala to make it for two now let’s go see what the palma had to say about this game. He fought hard for the win. Unfortunately, it just couldn’t be today i’m proud of him, and i think we all should be let’s see what he has to say: hi everyone i just finished to play against edorito. It was a equal game, but i lost 4 2 for me, it’s always a pleasure to play against the best player. I hope that for marks that the result will be different and that they will win always for sabarsa. I couldn’t agree more with the palma. I think he played a great game. The game was very equal and edorito was just very clinical and that’s why he won today. Let’S hope that tomorrow, in dalian stadium, we will finish our chances and that barsa will win and take the three points in the champions league group.