Well, the defense got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again, looks to slip it through coutinho does well to read it and intercepts ronaldo floats one over he’s. In has a pop and he’s there to make a great save, aimed long and direct, oh well, intercepted, really alert to the danger well positioned to make that interception pumps it forwards, steered out wide messy looking to get on the end of this tp. My pick two it’s gon na be all about how they get the best out of him de licht pumps. It up field carries far too far and out of play and it’s cristiano ronaldo cristiano, ronaldo cristiano ronaldo crosses firmly met. Well, that’s, not the cross. He had in mind bernardeschi dybala, with the ball through hits. One defense has got rid of that jordi. Alba, geordi alba delivers he’s gon na have to tune his range finder before the next one keolini hoofs. It forward danger averted for now pumps it up field ronaldo makes himself available nicely worked. None shell pass that’s the message there looks to slip it through for a moment. You felt that was going somewhere, but they’ll have to go again. Keeper’S got good distance on that and through to the goalkeeper yeah that does look a foul referee’s, given a free deftly done and the defense can get it clear point. Blank header spoon forward, great challenge. He goes along ronaldo looking to get on the end of this and that’s been repelled, not the worst cross in the world, but still room for improvement.

Oh he’s, really drilled. It clears it out of harm’s way. Applause coutinho, with the ball through tries to get it forward quickly, tries a through ball philippe coutinho good challenge. He just stood firm, deyong griezmann. A real chance to break, looks like a good ball through ramsey. Well, the odds were right up against them, but they saved themselves with some very good defending. He had a decision to make there and he got it absolutely spot on with a beautiful piece of timing in the tackle. Any hesitation, then, would have he wasn’t very far from making something happen by himself lovely to see now. It’S griezmann coutinho passes it through keolini gets it away. Deyong jordi alba, fatty out to the flank, griezmann crosses in a low one brave effort. Dybala tries to get it forward quickly and it’s ravio. Now the pass deyong tries a through ball jordi alba geordi alba delivers. Can he finish it’s a loose ball, that is, that showed plenty of zest in getting to the ball, but couldn’t quite sort it out and messy he’s done very well to get to that. The keeper has shown great concentration there. I think his anticipation. Pretty much. Did the trick for him he’ll have a dip. What about it, the breakaway clinical and clean and the finish on earring that’s, just brilliant counter attacking football, and as soon as possession was theirs, it triggered a move of devastating speed that was just too hot to handle and it’s coutinho, no, no way through there.

Juventus have made it clear what they’re trying to do for me peter. What are they trying to do? Well, i think they’re making the pitch as big as possible to work both flanks into into better supply routes, jordi alba pumps, it up field Applause, ramsey, looks to slip it through ronaldo looking to get on juventus saved by a real stroke of luck there. It just fell kindly well. What can you say about that it’s difficult to know whether to criticize or or sympathize i’ll favor, the latter, because we’ve all done it? You take your eye off the ball, and everyone feels let down dybala it’s a long forward pass he’s. One on one, surely that’s gone a long way up and away lobs it in gently morata shakes the shoots. Busquets gets good distance on it. Keolini tries to stroke it through steered out wide, but he won’t reach that one ronaldo plays it long good defending. He knew he had to stop it right. There messi place it over to the other flank, and that has put a stop to that. Bernadette spreads it wide ronaldo looking to get on the end of this no that’s not going to find its target spin tanker with a delicate ball now. It’S, murata and he’s shown him a clean pair of heels thrust towards the front line dashing forward at pace messi. Oh it’s opened up nicely for him. Oh wonderful, wonderful little messy. We thought it was over it’s all square once more yeah.