The group stage and match day one my goodness so much to look forward to this ought to be a thriller lee. Well, the first group stage of the champions league is always exciting. Three points is vital for both teams to get off to a good start or a draw may be a good result as well we’re about to find out what happens and a chance to whip it in here top class defending and the lineup for the home side Voice exchange stands between the posts, our tour plays with aaron ramsey in central midfield and looking at the attack, paulo dybala plays with morata morassa ramsey, a really sumptuous ball and a goal, an early boost for them. The first gun of the game, they’re off and running wow what technique when the ball comes to you and you don’t, need a touch, and you can just whack it first time like this, what a goal now back underway here? What sort of response will that goal elicit from Applause, barcelona, Applause? That is a very fine challenge in difficult circumstances, frankie deyoung temple. He has time to play us over griezmann Applause. It has gone over the touch line for what will be a throw in Applause coutinho and with dembele it’s there for him. Now the attack will peter out keeper’s ball. Danilo Applause, there’s, no doubt about it. The uefa champions league has come a long way since it came into existence back in 1992 93, and there are many lee who say: it’s the highest standard of football you’ll see anywhere well, i think it is the best club competition in the world.

I think the competition at the top at the end, near the final et cetera, is what it is. But the tournament is strong throughout the group stages and then the knock and the flag had to go up it. Wasn’T, close Applause, dybala Applause, dybala and it’s gone out of play. Goal kick coming up. Throwings, given dybala moving it forward. He’S lost it well totally confused as a burner not far away at all with the volley well to catch it like that. You’Ve got a really good technique and, oh so close an alert intervention Applause a bit annoyed to have lost the ball Applause – good, yes, man now with messi. That was a move of great promise. They could easily have been in morassa and moving with the ball is morata and it’s. Barcelona’S turn now Applause very good reading of the game to win possession back Applause, madrado danilo and play to the front post just unable to take advantage of that developing situation. Sergio busquets did well to win the ball back Applause, artua on the ball morata and back with dybala. To stay again. Applause. Can he take advantage an important challenge, but they must remain organized Applause and nicely struck, not a hard save for just again to make dembele really getting stuck in dybala now let’s see what they can do here. Oh, what an opportunity can he finish, what a genuine opportunity, but it was squandered goal, kick looking confident with the ball that his face and able to get a body in the way Applause, a corner for barcelona behind as they are fired over by messi.

Not quite the clearance they were hoping for. Well, it came to nothing in the end: Applause and the electronic board, showing one additional minute: Applause, rodrado, good, looking cross Applause and there it is the halftime whistle and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day. One contest commences: coutinho now, griezmann barcelona have given us away Applause, the referees, letting it go as they keep the ball Applause, dybala, here’s Applause, he’s, driven in the corner; Applause, dybala Applause, the time just challenged magnificently Applause. Well, he was busy and influential in the first half morata, certainly lee. I wonder what you thought of his performance takes aim and taken cleanly by the goalkeeper missy careless in possession Applause, throw ins given wasted possession again Applause ramsey here’s cuadrado. He knew he had to get to the ball and he did can he make it count and the penalty awarded spot kick coming up? Well, it had to be a penalty and a booking part of the story as well. Applause, oh he’s, guessed correctly and saved it. Applause played into the center of the box, the fist of the goalkeeper plenty of players waiting in the middle ramsey and a marvelous save well. His reflex he’s there absolutely spot on that’s why they worked so hard in training goalkeepers to pull saves off like that. But the keeper takes command looks promising base real chance, but it was fired straight at the keeper, no real difficulties for him.

No decent position from the goalkeeper poor shot to be honest with you, Applause great strong, throw in forthcoming Music of the highest order. Applause ramsey. Has it dey ann kulusewski and ramsey well read to ease the pressure Applause on the offensive, not really typical of dybala. To give it away like that, Applause and so fatty, into the advanced position, masterful piece of foiling Applause, this might be ideal for the counter. Well not to be in terms of the counter attack Applause, messi, federico quies up. Well, they keep the ball moving Applause ramsey inside the last quarter of an hour, promising attack this rob them. Barcelona have been awarded the throw in Applause, goodies man, promising looking ball and he’s in an offside position: Applause, ramsey Applause, federico, kieza Applause, ramsey and the pass by dibala gobbled up. Well, it’s, a cracking atmosphere in here. The players just need to harness that energy from the crowd to see them through in this game. Applause an example of how to press well, that is a defender’s job to come to the rescue, a good looking move, ramsey Applause, throw in forthcoming for barca messi. Could yes, man and five minutes to go well still time for them to level it courageous goalkeeping, but he’s got the ball. Well, you have to be brave don’t. You diving at the feet of a player like that good goalkeeping, not the pass. He had in mind and providing width and space to cross it.

Oh that’s, a penalty, another crucial phase in the game, a clear penalty and a yellow card to Applause boot and a timely penalty, save Applause kulusevsky and with that the attack fizzles out Applause and space.