Two weeks ago, italian international matia dicilio replaces schwa canselo at right. Back and sammy khedira starts in midfield ahead of world cup with a place. Matt sweetie mario manchukitch is also fit, but has to settle for a place on a star studded eupaid bench. Seven of the eleven started in the league on saturday, giorgio keolini, is back in defense. After a weekend off manchester united are here tonight without striker romelu lukaku he’s back in manchester nursing, a muscle problem, jose mourinho’s made two changes from the weekend and herrera and jesse lingard replaced fred in juan mata it’s, a first start since the league cup game against Derby, in september, for both of them Applause, manchester united roll back the years tonight in the champions league Applause and the two captains tonight are giorgio cialini for juventus and ashley young wearing the armband for manchester united fellaini is back on the united bench after a month. Out with injury, david de gea starts in goal tonight for manchester united on his 28th birthday. Applause satisfied the winning center above his former teammate, leonardo, bonucci Applause, Music Applause, Music, dybala, ronaldo, looking for the flag there, manchester united, but i don’t think it was going to come important blocking there by victor lindelof alexis sanchez, jesse, lingard Applause, ronaldo Applause attack minded players In that position in the whole of europe now benton court, a good reflection took it wide. It was a manchester united deflection over there promising here.

Ronaldo was in the moment, as he was so impressive two weeks ago, as old trafford that’s, a launching challenge by matic that earns him an early yellow card for the foul on kybala Applause. The manchester united free kick united’s first competitive game in this stadium to ronaldo Applause, again, it’s them on the counter attack, uv and just charged his arm from distance didn’t trouble just to pick up he’s disciplined as well looking in here again getting back to foul by Luke shaw, who’s kept his place in the start, it’s all delivering the Music doing a little bit of pulling in there on alexandro Applause on his way over. There neat approach play there from manchester united, very much so incredible number of passes there in there ahead of ronaldo sanchez was looking to but play it into spotted a foul on the spaniard and was just waiting to see if there was any advantage to manchester united Before bringing it back, it was pianist wasn’t, it it’s sanchez, deflection, good start, go down really sharply there, david de gea. I think he took a deflection off the mania matic on the way in did he take a reflection, it’s an outstanding say: Applause was flat, footed and wouldn’t have got there. The precise passing from juventus opened manchester united outbox Applause, giving it away Applause, but there was nobody in the black and white strikes on their way in and ander herrera had time to deal with.

It. Applause sure Applause Music raise the best and that turned out to be a vital for the defending right at the end of the half for manchester united he’ll be happy with the first 45 minutes tonight. Applause. Thank you gary. Thank you, fellas. One thing that manchester united did achieve in the first half they’re only the second team, this season to stop juventus scoring a first half goal in this stadium sasuolo in september brown. The goalkeeper certainly a danger for manchester united on the ball again, with a chance to shoot david de gea watched him. He comes back off the bar well it’s, a stunning moment: he’s not dybala. There it’s that little position that he loves and that’s one of the world’s best goalkeepers doesn’t, even move it’s, an unbelievable effort, just look at the whip. He gets on that to bring it out from center back, although he’s, given a full ball there to sandro, and look at that he’s right through him, Applause ronaldo gets the crossing. Quadrant was attacking it. Luke shaw was really brave in there for manchester united. Well, he pulled in there he’s brave. Most importantly, though, he sees the Applause, ronaldo, brilliant, pull from leonardo bonucci and his first champions. League goal for juventus is smash. Class david de gea, typical ronaldo juventus, one manchester united nil. Well, have you ever seen a more big time player when the moment comes and Applause rashford Applause missed it not sure how, but he missed it.

Well, he’s missed it because he expects ronaldo to hit it by the time it comes to him. He’S, just leaning back look at his anthony martial marijuana, fellaini didn’t fall for pogba he’s got the free kick, though, for the foul, by matuidi, after good pressure from manchester united, that was martial wasn’t. It Applause his third goal of the season and is that the goal to earn manchester united a priceless champions league point in sharing juventus one manchester united fellaini’s attacking this one. It’S gone all the way through and it’s gone in well. I’M not sure whether it’s gone through without a touch ashley young’s got a way to claim it. Manchester united have the lead. Pogba was around the ball, so was chris smalling boyce chesney, still down and manchester united have overturned things here, really look comfortable since there’s a shot that was driven in by bonucci just chosen. He’S got marcus rashford up with him and rashford and rashford conceal it. Oh big, save by chesney corner massive save there from the goalkeeper shows getting georgio keolini cleared away by marcus rashford, and there is the full time whistle and the manchester united players can celebrate just earning the odds in the champions league and jose mourinho says what were You saying before the game, because my team have come in to the allianz stadium and come from a goal down to beat juventus leonardo bonucci’s, not happy. I don’t think with the manchester united manager to the old trafford playing surface.

Your commentators this evening, martin keown and darren fletcher thanks gary hello, again, everyone it’s one of those special european nights at old trafford, the return of the prodigal son nine years after he left the club for paulo de valerie up front alongside cristiano ronaldo, with juan cuadrado. Completing the front three captains, the italian league leaders, Applause and if you needed any sort of confirmation of the talent laden teams here tonight, the superstars of world romelu, lukaku hasn’t, scored at old trafford. Since march 18 year old, dutchman, tahith chong. It turned out to be the goal that ended through alex ferguson’s run in european football.