We start because, on the 24th, we start again training before that we will go to the italian and international papers to see what they are saying about our beloved juventus Music. Before starting with the front pages, i wanted once again to thank mirko di natale, who was yesterday with us for italian, live on the channel. Thank you mirko. It was a honor to have you on after that. Congratulations to special, especially in syria, for the first time in their long history, if i’m, not wrong 114 years of history, and they made it to seria. Congratulations happy to have you for the first time in syria, with benevento and crotone. The other team that were already in syria, after winning the seria b after that news, we go to another one. We go to karim benzema because guys this is a bomb yesterday out of no nowhere. While i was in the live with mirko di natale from tutto, it was crazy because benzema put on an instagram on his twitter everywhere on social media, a short video from him video for adidas. Where is really totally sponsored. But what is the problem? The guy was playing with a ball with a black ball, with yellow stars, a ball, an old ball of juventus from the champions league and then yeah. Everyone was going crazy. Everyone was going crazy. They were speaking about that benzema to you. It will be possible. Then we saw some fakes with elf cheringito.

Some people were saying yes edu. The great friend of cristiano ronaldo is reporting that benzema will come to you guys. This is all fake for sure, but the ball is true, so why did he do that? It’S, not uh? You know i always say when they do things like that it there is a meaning that doesn’t mean that he will go to juve, but it was intentionally intentionally to use that ball. A few days ago, we were already speaking about cristiano ronaldo. That asked for benzema. Remember i made a video where i did, that famous talk, talk, talk on the door, so um i don’t know i don’t know what is happening but it’s, not a mystery. Maybe benzema is just joking, maybe he’s pushing for an extension of contract with more money for real madrid. We don’t know we will have to follow up to be honest from all the sources i have from what i receive from information. This means nothing. So please guys, if you want to dream dream, but it’s, really a 0.0001 percent of reality to the sport, because we going to the front pages they are speaking about. Inter that will play the final today. I hope they lose. I repeat it again, but but but but we spoke about a big name about a big top player karim benzema. Now they are speaking about two other names and they start with juve pogba chiave douglas juventus pogba. The key is douglas casa that is linked with manchester united.

We will come on that news in a few seconds. They say it’s possible, and then they are speaking about another news. Messi dibala que intrigue, messi dibara what a mystery! Why are they saying that? Because if messi is leaving barcelona, the bala would become their number one target. Remember. We said for a few days that dybala was on the market that dibala wanted so many money, blah blah blah blah blah they stopped for a few days, and today they are back. Why? Because messi said that he wanted to leave barcelona guys my opinion. Whatever happened, i already told you, i don’t want the dybala to leave juventus, but if it would happen, i would really say to dybala don’t: go to barcelona after messi that’s crazy. The pressure that you will have there is immense, who can be the player after messi impossible, so pay attention dybala think about it. But again i believe it’s more uh paper news than the real news around torin is saying about tutor sport, that the negotiation between the ballet and juventus continue pay attention, the maximum money that paratic and juventus can offer. Him are 10 million a year, plus bonus and that’s why they are saying that uh, if he leaves for barsa paolo, could become the first candidate of them. Don’T forget dibala was asking for more money, 10 million is the max that uva will give. Will he accept or not? We will see really shortly, because the mercato will stop on the 5th of october speaking about messi, because we said if he leaves barsa and the papers in spain they reported a lot of news.

Us is saying: messi seva fuera messi is going to leave marquez fuera que dendro masa is reporting the words of messi that apparently he said to kuman the new trainer of barcelona. He said i see myself more outside of barcelona than inside and the mundo deportivo. The paper of barcelona is saying: messi no love, claro, messi’s don’t, see it really clearly don’t forget he has a close of 700 million impossible to pay for any club in the world, so it if he leaves its negotiation. I don’t believe barza will give it like that that easily good news demirad has been asked for a lot of clubs, but juventus doesn’t want to leave him like they said last summer or in the winter. They reject all the offers. Corriero de los porta again entered, and they speak about a tonali that should be tested for kovit guys. A lot of players also boga from saswado, has been tested. Positive we have to pay attention. Are we sure that we are able to restart? We have to monitor that situation, but they are speaking about the name that was revealed by momblano on the channel on monday. They are speaking about zeko. I made a vid video yesterday about that. So if you want to see a bit more and know a bit more about zeko, you can watch the videos they are saying: el peso di corralenta, la roma, the the weight of zeko, is actually calming down roma because they really want milk, but they can’t have Both of them me uh jekyll, is winning a lot of money roma, so maybe they can sell him to who to juve, because that’s really important for you that you have a new striker and zeko is one of their priorities.

Gazeta de los party is actually saying the same speaking about conte and mourinho. They are saying that, inter after 10 years, they can do it again. They just forget to mention one thing: mourinho won the champions league, and here we are speaking about the europa league. Not the same trophy according to me, then you do whatever you want, but they are speaking about zeko in the in the small titles. Also saying the same. Actually, that zeko is a priority for juventus. I told you that i wanted to speak. You about douglas costa douglas costa to manchester united manchester united is really really really interesting in him. The only problem are his injuries. Manchester united is sinking okay, 40 million for douglas, because that is a bit too much for us, because we are not sure about his injuries, and this can maybe stop so if he will not go to manchester united, maybe we can have dublas costa even for one Season more at juventus it’s, not over, because juventus doesn’t want to lose more money with the douglas costa that at the moment in the books is still worth 20 million. So probably if they can start a negotiation to 30 35 million. That can be a good price, for you. 40 is definitely a bit too much of a risk for manchester united inside. You also see that they are speaking about the douglas costa, but not only bernardesque is another option for uh for manchester united, but looks like bernardeschi.

Is not interested and you see inside to the sport he’s looking to stay at uva. He believes that he has a chance with the new trainer, andrea pirlo. He wants to do everything, so he will come back more motivated than ever to prove himself he’s changing his agent. Yes, so he’s open, eventually, if he doesn’t work to leave, but his first priority. His first intention is to stay at juve and then we finish with the last news, guys uh. We are speaking about calciomercato puntoid, who is saying actually uh journalist damashel. You saying that in juventus they have zero euro for the transfer market. Why am i saying that? Because we started with benzema, we continued with pogba. We continue with a lot of people and we finish with a news that is saying that we have zero money. I believe that the truth is in the middle. We will probably not be able to go for pogba, mikhail di natale said yesterday. To me forget about him. His salary is really really really high, it’s nearly impossible players like pogba benzema the same if we are not able to give more than 10 million to dybala. Why should we have the money to give it to benzema and then they’re speaking about zero hero? I believe that it will be a conscious mercato again. I repeat it guys. Please consider that. I know that you want a stellar mercato. It will not happen also, according to the situation that we are living in, a lot of players are tested positive.