Why? Because we kick off officially the 2021 season, with a new coach, andrea pirlo, with a new staff with an assistant, igor tudor and with so many new things, kuluzewski arthur and the mercato. That still has to start. But whatever happened today is the first day officially of the season. 2021 and i’m super excited together. We will see the international and italian papers to see what they are saying about our beloved juventus before kicking off with the front pages i wanted to do a special shout out to who to carlos medina, a guy that is subscribed to the channel is living in Mexico he reached out to me, and he said giuseppe, can you do a shout out to all the people in mexico that are watching the channel guys? This is only amazing. I was not expecting all the views. I was not expecting all the subscribers. The love that you have for juventus is amazing and i’m happy that i started the show the channel so para todos los personas que viven and mexico. Esta seguendo. I was just saying thank you to all the people in mexico, but we have so many countries i’m super proud of that, and now we go to the front pages. No, no! No! No! No. Before i wanted to congratulate bayern munich, byron, munich, that is champions of europe champions league, they won it yesterday, 1 0 versus psja congratulate to them. So now we go now we go to the front pages with gadgeta dello sport who they are speaking about conte about, inter again and in a small title.

They show pierlo, they show pirlo and they say juve partelera, pierrot consecutivo. That start and we will go and chase the 10th scudetto in a row if we go uh in the news. Yes, indeed, we start the era and the first player that arrived at the j medical are romero and kuluzewski. Two new pillar players romero coming back from lon and kuluzewski. At his first experience to juventus, really curious about diane kuluzewski super curious. I hope it will be a crack. A phenomenal let’s see what will happen with cool, but we have high expectations to tossport pierre loche. Locately pirlo locatelli is there doesn’t mean that we already signed him, but the interest is bigger and bigger and bigger it’s a bit strange, because the coach of sassuolo was saying that boga and locately were two untouchables, but every day locately is closer and closer to juventus. Will he be the first signing? I was expecting a bit more, but look at the least, not a bad player. So we will have to check if the mercato will sign as a first signee locately manuel solo, catelli from sasuolo and then corriero de los port, guys it’s now a few days. They are never speaking about uva. It looks like they are not interested about the champions of italy. They are speaking about. Bayern are speaking about conte and they are speaking about covet, and this is a really important argument guys, because every day we see more and more players, our staff members that are tested positive to covet or, lastly, mihilovic that will miss actually, for the second time, the Preparation with bologna now he was tested positive and we have other players, and this guys is really really really risky it’s, not only in syria, because we see on mundo deportivo that in a small corner on the left in the bottom left, they are speaking about pianist.

Piani that also has been tested positive as symptomatic. It means that he has no symptoms, but he has to wait and stay now in quarantine. Why am i saying that this is really important because guys covet 19 can? If we are not cautious, if we don’t respect the rules, it can be really dangerous for us for all the people. So please respect the rules from your country. Is it a lockdown? Is it just a wearing a mask? Is it social distancing do whatever you need to do super important? If we speak about football, why is it important because last year, suddenly the world of football stopped for three months? I hope it will not happen in season 2021, but we have to take into consideration that it can happen, unfortunately, so enjoy, instead of negativity guys. Instead of blaming everything enjoy every single moment that you can enjoy that you can see your players on the pitch that you can see that ball rolling on the field enjoy be positive, embrace the chance that we have to watch 22 mans on the field running after The ball and scoring goals and giving joy to the supporters please enjoy, because we don’t know how long it will last last news of the day jacob, because carriero de los sports insider speaking about zekko power of the truth. They are saying that they will explain all the truth about zeko zeko for sure. At the moment he had no contact with roma.

Nobody spoke with him with the new ownership they will probably on thursday last year, was near to inter he wanted to leave at the empty state at roma because of loyalty. Now he knows that it’s the last chance of his carrier to win, because rama will not go to win the serie. A juventus will and zeko is interested in that for sure the big problem of rama today that will be happy actually to dismiss 7.5 million salary in two years. The big problem for them is the substitution, so we will have to be patient to see if rama is able to find a substitution that can be millick for sure juventus want to give the favorite uh player and striker of pierlo as soon as possible. In order to start the preparation with juve guys, that was it i will go back to work. I will start working now, because this is my day so i’m. Sorry, if today, you will have no other video, probably in the evening, but now i will work focus on my real work. Thank you for following the channel consider to subscribe to put a like and comment comment.