You really got to be able to control the ball for quality basketball training products go ahead and log on to ball hall, god. First, we can tell mavericks have missed their first three shots plus two turnovers gotcha against zubats nice adjustment and they get their first points and here’s. What i’m talking about going downhill, that’s, a shot for luka high percentage play and, at some point, he’s going to draw help? We beat larry legend in boston like it was amazing how good these guys were. Kawhi leonard pulls up knocks down the jumper and leonard his first field goal. His first points. How great was patrick ewing? Oh my goodness, Applause gotcha spins wanted a foul. Did a good job going right at morse. You rarely see him lose poison control same with kawhi leonard the ability to play through things as doncic hits. A three creating offense and like coach, said that energy and effort you need, when you’re talking about winning paul george short rebound to leonard’s leonard on the follow and call out realizing that he was taking advantage of the size goes into a zone. So now the mavericks change their defense, leonard spins, away, gets into paint counter and one Music, but a whole new ball game. As we keep saying here in the bubble, Music leonard just kind of takes his time finds his spot and gets to it in an easy jumper. Oh that’s, a masterful move, almost like a great quarterback and his ability to move in the pocket, not worried about being sacked.

He didn’t panic at all, doncic gets inside backs it home and a foul montrez harrell tries way with him is how you respond. Push the basketball up the floor and make a play luca takes the hit and the reason he was annoyed mike is that marianovich flipped the screen passes. As you well know, i’m, not telling you anything, then the passes open up gotcha stops falling away. High arcing shot it’s a nice bounce. He’S got 13.. Music Applause continue to play a lot of zone leonard against curry, tough matchup there for curry, leonard rattles it home he’s got double figures now: Music leonard chasing doncic goes right at zubots and floats it up over the seven footer. Looking at this mavericks team coach at some point, these guys are gon na have to make shots to loosen up the defense against luke there’s no question they’ve been a great shooting and great offensive team all year, as leonard, knocks in a three obviously he’s their second Leading scorer, but do they miss him more defensively or offensively? Definitely on offense, as leonard throws it down. It takes it on the run and just gets hit upside the head, but again the great strength to finish through contact that’s impressed very nice right there, my friend, but i also would say like mike you said it earlier: they’re losing the mavericks have lost a little Spirit because of their poor three point, shooting they’ve got to regain their spirit and know that the three point shot can come back just as quickly as it left them.

Leonard’S side steps over actually goes between the two defenders and the lead back up to 17 defensive end, this championship spirit by kawhi, leonard and the clippers the sensing blow. I want to give a special shout out to the family and friends of coach, lou, dalton and also cliff robinson, two guys that impacted in their own way, and certainly thinking about their family and loved ones, also just exploded out here to start the third. Now a 23 point lead is or midway through the period. Can you tell me that your dad had a chance to coach cliff robertson’s uh brother, good job from curry there cleveland rebound what we have seen in the bubble? A lot of comebacks, big comebacks. The three pointer can do that as notches throws it up and 22 points. Six assists five rebounds nice floater here, but his mavericks are down 18 here on the third Applause. So i had that recent appearance on inside the nba, with the guys at tnt as dachick, knocks it down a three pointer and it’s back to 15. coming up in a minute left here in the third dodgers drive side step, lay up count it and one chance For a traditional three point play and a 23 point lead has now been cut to 13., just a good attack, as he sidesteps leonard station. The clippers have become versus what they used to be. You played for him in the dark days. How about that shot? The one hander from kawhi leonard, plays it’s a different organization and la should be extremely proud of the the bounce back and turn around for the clippers scotch leans in draws.

The foul got leonard caravan won luka doncic now here in this quarter, has 15 points. Applause. You see luca, knocks down the three ball and then gets to his spot, and this time it’s one on one gets paul. George in the air gets the basket into contact. He is trying to lead his team by example. Mavericks have cut a 23 point, lead to nine and there’s still nine and a half remaining and if i’m doubtful as i’m, getting quiet leonard back into the wall game. Trying to put this mavericks team away, doncic from downtown it’s, a six point game all movement and man zubats, finds leonard. Why leonard with four to shoot, goes inside and throws it down with two hands? I think that’s like 4d or 5d, or something like that. You just freestyling right now. I think it is leonard, hits another one and force a game: seven leonard against cleveland, again, kawhi leonard fifth straight game in the series he’s at 30 or more 31 points, five for 13 at half, and he has absolutely rolled here in the second half gotcha steps Back that’s good once i’m double teaming him and forcing him to get rid of the basketball leonard, wants the ball hard away on him again. Fires connects kawhi leonard to another intoxicating performance with 33 points, 13 rebounds and six assists jackson trying to draw the charge hardaway kicks it out. Good scrambling defense here by the clippers dodge it’s the euro step lay up count it and won.

They defended that possession pretty well but it’s, just sometimes he’s, just better that’s, that change of direction we’ve been talking about, look how he stops, avoids the contact it’s a little one, two step that’s, something you work on and you master. I can’t do that.