Just his presence on the floor. I’Ve been part of teams where players don’t want to play, hurt, and i understand the tolerance level as mcgee with the finish shot. Won’T go. James comes the other way, trent another 21 year old james on the drive strong finish that time in traffic offensive foul. The previous possession, this time blows by gary trent jr attacks the pain lillard guarded by caruso dribbled into a double team. Anthony davis, with the steal outlet to james james, finds, kuzma and kuzma off the glass j.r smith took that first shot for the lakers here in the second. He gets some early duty. James layup count the basket and the foul james in attack mode. Turning the corner gets the angle on the defender, that’s bad defense, but a good job by lebron, just over a minute gone by here in the second james sets himself for three nails: it straight on from downtown lebron james with 13 points, no crowds, no air travel For the players here in this bubble, unprecedented times as dwight howard can’t get it to go james. The offensive rebound goes back up fouled and won totally aggressive on the offensive end making plays crashing the offensive bullets putting his head down and look at that grown man. Strength, the ability to take the hit and get the basket drives into the pain goes inside shot blocked by davis, kuzma head out to green back to lebron james bounce past caruso that’s, some nice team basketball.

There dynamic duo, backcourt of the blazers, have been superb here. In the first half green’s pass, trent went for the steal and got burned lakers looking to push james spins gets to the lane and banks it home. Sweet move from lebron james he’s got a 20 point, half here’s. What i’m talking about turns the corner i’m, not trying to be a playmaker for anybody right now, i’m, putting myself in position to be a scorer yeah mike. I spoke with frank vogel at the half and i asked him. What was the message specifically about their free throws and turnovers, and he said, we’re just trying to play with pace and we’re careless we’re forcing too much but nurkic has got to look to score against the smaller pope in the post. They didn’t even bring a double team, anthony davis steps back and hits the jumper. Oh look at a terrific first half shooting the ball. Well, james steps back another three 28 points now for lebron james and the game is tied. You got greatness on the floor. The competitive juicer says i’m, not just gon na stand and take punches, anthony davis with the jump shot. He’S a note in double figures now against lebron james drives. He thought he was fouled james kicks it out in the corner. Caldwell pope for three puts it in it’s five on four, with a great handler and decision making rebound comes back out to danny green they’re, getting pounded on the board alley up to hour.

Beautiful pass from lebron james lakers back up by five it’s, looks absolutely gassed out there right now. Another alley oop this time, it’s anthony davis and terry stotz needs a timeout where the lakers are their best is in transition. James hard push, searches out, anthony davis, who finishes it off james head down, drives, gets to the rim. Bank shot is good and terry stotz calls another timeout reason putting nerc on lebron james, and he says this ain’t going to happen takes advantage turns to kona laker defense once again, a big story – Applause james for three bang lebron james from downtown he’s got 38. 38 point triple double here in game: three Applause got everything going tonight: he’ll fire straight away; that’s a long two, a little bit off to the right and that’s the part of his game, of course, still heavily in development. Adeno goombo right to the wreck to get milwaukee it’s first points, that’s, seven points let’s, think about it. He hit a three. He hit a mid range jumper and he’s gone into the post and scored janus back. The other way for milwaukee kicks out. This is kyle korver, the marksman sticking one from deep, terence ross, injecting some offense quickly. Six points in four minutes off the bench on a three point shot. So you see where birch is playing that’s, how he’s going to be gotten anything open or easy. Nice looking stroke by dj augustine and then attendo combo at the other end and a chance at three for the reigning league mvp, where he’s the most dangerous in the half court in transition.

Him with the ball is fantastic. But when he’s the screener in pick and rolls and and take his layup, a lot of guys, won’t it’s, one of the reasons ross is so hard to guard and what a pass by augustine as yetis just keeps on coming. Is it going to get a much better look than that orlando’s still down 11. middleton builds on that differential sizes up gary clark outside connorton that’s good conaton had the sharp shooting game in game two decided to quadruple teaming on that last poster yeah he’s done it Three that’s his second three pointer of the half magic into double figures: he’s got 11. and with 48 seconds left and a half, it is all books, yami’s expressing himself and then creating a turnover on his pass out. 48, dangerous pass, broken up, bledsoe the steal middleton ahead of the peck yetis extends to the wreck. So a 19 point game. Orlando i’ll give them some credit. They fought back here in the last couple of minutes, but it’s still a 22 7 run ah builds on his point total i mean this is a tough matchup for buchevich, but don’t reach down there just don’t reach and send him to the line, even though he’s Not a great free throw shooter, you still don’t need to reach. Make him finish that milwaukee trying to take a two games to one lead in this best of seven series that is kyle korver from deep unable to complete the four point play final eight seconds full head of steam down the paint, that is a scary, say for A defender they’ve had trouble today, but i give a lot of credit to the bucks defense on this, and i like this lineup, that the bucks go to some where giannis is essentially your sinner again.

Look at that right in between two guys. They doubly augustine 21 points. Seven of ten shooting off the bench here comes into the corner: ford lopez, that’s, a three and a rebound by yanis. There comes the mvp to the biscuit nasty finish Applause inserted into the starting lineup for this playoff series. This is a lineup with cleva in it they didn’t play much together during the regular year as kawhi answers on the other end, although earlier in the game, doncic did convince carlisle to keep him in the game after he picked up his third kawhi going to work On clibba and finally, hits clippers opened up on an 18 2 run in the first three and a half minutes in game. Two, the mavericks jumped out to a 15 2 lead in the first four plus minutes, as kawhi leonard hits his third basket of the game. The virtual logos, but you’re still in the bubble, reggie jackson, on the floor for the first time kawhi a little turnaround. Oh he’s got to cook it early. Why now, with four rebounds, to go along with eight points, crossover donchits a little stumble there and zubots on the feed from kawaii downhill and to get in the lanes looking for shooters outside finding players who have talent that are hungry too, yes goes into it as Well, as zubats scores at the rip, he went for 23 points, 10 rebounds in 36 minutes in game. Two he’s got seven now leonard.

Behind the back, pull up got it punch it’s with george on him. Redirect got a hand on it. Did kawhi leonard force a turnover leonard all the way to the rack he’ll, take it down as kawhi leonard get up on the three point line. Don’T, give him any room and expect porzingis to see that next time and to attack that front foot and drive damn it with that beautiful stroke, trying to check kawhi leonard tough assignment for him. This entire series, kawhi patient, got it just absolute money, kawhi lin, on eliminating the drive forming that wall on the perimeter. It hadn’t been the case in this series with doncic that’s. A big hit there for marcus morris had an answer for him in game. Two doc. Rivers said he feels fortunate to be even in this series. Nice pass from kauai shamid at the basket where his first free throws of the night 12 point. Clipper lead with the ball shamit steps into one boy, kawhi leonard, put it right in the pocket. Double team comes klima is on him now, leonard with three on the shot clock goes strong, a whistle counted, kawhi, leonard and one shot from any position. All you have to do is attack that front foot and then any pump fake you give. The defense will honor it. You can go up in their chest, require them to come and say: okay, these guys want to be winners and that’s. What we want to be they’re not going to settle reggie jackson for three and that one falls a soft rim over there gon na be the decoy on this play i’m, either gon na score or i’m gon na get it to the person that’s gon na score And leonard is bumped and counted.

Kawhi leonard goes back to the line. A chance at a three point, play 96 82 it’s a 14 point: clipper lead with a ball and kawhi just powers his way in and this dallas bench who was so brilliant in game. Two keeping them within striking distance right now, 12 point clipper league kawhi attacks, bobon wise looking for him, finney smith, is on him a great defender, george back to leonard those two, all the touches and kawhi with a big three mavericks punch back and delivered a victory In game two kawhi leonard on the drive coming behind him, that really could have got that right hand in the way you see that, and he just goes over and man that’s why they call him the claw he can switch over and palm that ball, like him, Music and you expect lebron james to come out in attacking mode nice pass and davis off the green, miss caruso looking for the screen throws it up top danny green off the dribble. The floater in the paint that won’t go davis tip, is good and anthony davis with his second field goal. Applause, davis foul count it and one not a smart play, although especially their biggs running the floor. Good drop off pass by caruso, anthony davis, rewarded for running the floor gets the contact and the hoop and those are energy points to tip in that’s a fan base that’s been spoiled with all the amazing success.

As davis nice move across the lane. He’S, four of seven from the field as trent try to draw a charge morris that one won’t go rebound davis back up and in anthony davis, now 11 points. Five rebounds couple of assists in the lakers lead by eight just eight of 24. ultra aggressive. He leads all scores with 11. lakers by eight after one j.r smith, back out to davis davis across the lane, nice adjustment such agility for a man his size backs in double team, re post, double teamed again finds davis for the slam. He’S got to make the right adjustments because you’re not going to win this battle and you could have a portland team that, prior to this series, was averaging 126 points per game in the restart davis for three anthony davis. 18Th. First, half points second and a half difference, davis drives finishes and the foul anthony davis, with a strong finish, loves to go left face up. Little crossover seeks the body of nurkic drives right through it and he’s stronger than you think, davis backs in against gabriel ducks up and under shot backs at home Music. Another three! Well, when they’re in the double big men rotation, i mean you got to close somebody’s got to close, and you got to pressure the ball that’s like allowing a great quarterback to sit there with no pressure. He’S gon na put it right on the money. Well, davis is taking the lead role in that department tonight, step back.