Are you getting ready to go someplace? Oh road trip where we going today going to the mountains huh all right? Well, let’s! Go here. We are up in the sequoia national forest at summit station in the greenhorn district and we’re, going to go for a hike here in a little bit and just enjoy the mountains we’re going to try something out new today. This is a cooling vest by ruffwear, and what you do is you soak this in water and then she can kiku can wear it while we’re, hiking and what’s nice about this is that she can wear this over her other harness and you can access the clip On the other, harness right here through this little pocket, so we’re gon na get this wet here and get it on her and then get going on our hike. Okay, kiku’s got her cooling vest on she’s, got her long, leash on and we’re ready to hit the trail ready. Let’S go we’re going to take part of the unall trail and we won’t do it all today, because i’m starting a bit late but here’s some information. You can stop the video to read it. Music to the right, come on, go Music, Music, so Music, so Music smelling all the smells Music here’s a couple things to note along the trail. There are some markers and you can grab a brochure at the head of the trail and on that brochure it will have what each marker is for.

Another thing is you see a lot of downed trees here, the forest service has been doing work to bring down the dead trees up here, there’s been a big drought, and also the pine bark beetle has been prevalent in this area. So, just something really interesting to take a look at here along the way here’s a nice spot to stop and take a quick view. You can see part of lake isabella down there. The lake is only partially full i’m, not sure what the percentage is. If i can find that out later, i’ll throw it up on the screen Music. Another nice things about hikes not only is kiku getting some good physical exercise, but with all the smells and sights and sounds she’s getting getting good mental exercise, which is really good for dogs. In fact, just a minute ago, she started chasing a squirrel oop. She heard me say: squirrel Music, so Music, Music, well we’re, just taking a quick break here in the shade we’ll probably turn around from here. We’Ve been hiking for about 25 30 minutes. Kiku’S vest is working, but i don’t think i soaked it enough. So next time, i’ll have to really soak it good before we leave on the trip and then put it in a plastic bag or something just to keep it wet, but other than that it’s all good we’re gon na get some water rest here. A few minutes and then turn around and head back Music, so Music, so Music do Music, do Music, so Music, well we’re back from our walk we’re, just stopping getting some stuff to drink.

Just sit up here enjoy the mountains for a little bit and i think we’ll go on into kernville and see what we can do there see if the river’s safe enough for her to wade in or what. But in the meantime, we’re just gon na sit here and relax. Well, the river had too many people in it for us to be socially distant enough, so we got some ice cream and some ice. They gave kiku a uh cup of ice to get some water in her i’ve got a something to drink as well, and now kiku’s going to finish up the ice cream cone and the last of the ice cream.