Can we put that down? Applause yeah good, serve there just 161 for serena, but well placed first ace of them. It’S all serena williams, that’s too good good footsteps, Applause, Music! She hands it to her with her fourth double fault and she’s, not feeling pressure at all in any way here that can allow her just to do that. Free switch different, look Applause, Music Applause through that opening set in 23 minutes tip with some power when the serve is coming at you around the 175 180, and you feel like you’re, not quite having your timing. You can’t get smart play there, just change the tip nice play Music, ah, just in a different class, serena williams, four hotman cups. What you expected that’s, better you’d, love to see it get on the board here. It really second serve yeah williams, monsters that she was in the right place at the right time. Then darya 11 shots well casatina is making a guest appearance because she’s relaxed she is now extreme. Ah crunching forehands. What a return a big part of it is while serena can sit really yeah. I think injuries are going to definitely play a big part, but also it just depends, but patrick martin. He really believes that she’s, a hundred percent a nice touch last night. Well, why not mix it up and try something new: a little bit of sunshine! Oh wow, uh too strong to experience. Serena williams, dishing out a tennis lesson to 18 year old, russian Applause, what a lovely touch from serena winning 6 1.

6. 1. What a wonderful player it took just 45 minutes i’m, not sure serena would normally get serena um! Congratulations on the performance tonight i mean everyone was on their feet straight afterwards and kim kleisters was in the commentary box and she she was in awe of what you did out here. How close are you to your best at the moment? Um? Well, i think i played well today um, you know i don’t know it was uh. It was one of those days where kind of everything i did pretty went pretty right. I ran a couple balls down and i was surprised at how they went for winners myself. So yeah it was, it was a good day today. Thank you, guys very much. Your opponent today did she was only 18.. Can you remember what it’s like to be 18 and on the big stage? Yes, i have so many memories at that age and um. You know she has such a bright future she’s, so young, so i’ll look forward to seeing her. You know do really well in the future. What advice would you give to her right now? If you could say anything to her? Well definitely keep listening to her team and her coaches. I think they’re doing an amazing job, so she’s headed in the right direction. Now serena, you got another fantastic outfit for this year. We love it um it’s, not too. They do like it, it’s not too cold.

Tonight, but if it was a few degrees cooler have you got a backup outfit because it’s not built for warmth? Is it um it’s, definitely not built for want, but it’s built for speed so that it is, and you are so fast tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, serena williams, thank you. Thank you. I love you. Thank you.