Today we are listing down the top 10 lowest scores successfully defended in ipl. This video was suggested by our viewer kaivalya, a big shout out to you kaiwalia. Thank you so much. Please keep the love, comments and suggestions coming before we get on with the top 10. After a really long time, we have the missed by that much segment here, we’re going to talk about two matches, one which took place in 2008 and the other in 2012. in 2008, kkr defended 129 runs against rcb successfully. They won the match by 5 runs and in 2012 pune warriors defended 129 against mumbai. Indians successfully, they won the match by 28 runs number 10 deccan chargers. 129 runs defended, 129 seems to be a safe number in ipl in 2011, deccan chargers, scored 129 runs and defended it successfully against kochi tusker’s kerala. This was possible thanks to stain and ishan sharma’s brilliant bowling, as they both took. Eight wickets among each other ishant finished with a fifa kochi team was all out for just 74 runs number nine mumbai. Indians, 129 runs defended. This one is a biggie. It was the 2017 ipl final mumbai. Indians were playing against rising pune supergiants. Mumbai was allowed to read just 129 in their 20 overs, and rising pune supergiants would have felt confident to win the match, but mumbai indians were in no mood to give up rising. Pune super giants were cruising at one time with 70 odd runs in just 11 overs losing only one wicket, but some brilliant bowling from the mumbai, indians, restricted pune.

Just one shot of the total to win the match. Number 8 kings, 11 punjab, 126 runs defended now for the next safe low score, which is 126. kings. 11 punjab in the 2020 ipl scored 126 against sunrises hyderabad. The pitch was slow and once the ball became older, it was hard for the batsmen to time it. Kings 11. Punjab knew this. Sunrises hyderabad had seven wickets in hand and needed just 28 of 24 balls, but the punjab bowlers tightened the screws and ended up taking seven wickets, giving away only 15 runs to win the match by 12 runs brilliant bowling by chris jordan, chummy and arshdeep singh helped Them make this win possible. Number seven royal challengers, bangalore, 126 runs defended in the 2008 ipl rcb played against csk in chennai. Dravid was the captain of rcb. At that time they were able to reach only 126 in their 20 overs and being a home ground for csk. It looked like an easy win, but the rcb bowlers attacked csk, with everything that they had, especially anil kumble, who finished his four hours, giving away just 14 and picking three wickets rcb won the match by 14 runs and anil. Kumble was named man of the match. Number six sunrises, hyderabad 126 runs defended in the 2013 ipl season. Deccan chargers were taken over and the name was changed to sunrise as hyderabad. It was their first match in ipl. They were facing pune warriors sunrises scored just 126 in their 20 overs.

It was a whole match for sunrises hyderabad as well. It should have been an easy win for pune, but stain and mishra had other ideas in the 47 balls that the two put together. They gave away just 30 runs and took six wickets between each other to curtail pune to just 104. Sunrises won their first match by 22 runs number 5 mumbai. Indians 120 runs defended in the midst. By that much segment, you would have seen pune warriors winning the match against mumbai indians in the 2012 ipl in the second match between the two teams. It was once again a low scoring affair, but this time the winning side was mumbai, indians. It was a case of sonia yet so far for pune, who lost the encounter by just one run in a closely fought battle. Mumbai, indians, posted 120 for nine, with sachin tendulkar top scoring with 34 runs. However, lasset malinga and harbhajan singh denied mithun manhas to score that extra run in a nail biting finish. Number four sunrises, hyderabad 119 runs defended. Once again. It was 2013 and the same team, sunrises hyderabad vs pune warriors, who played their second round robin match and even at the pune ground, sunrise’s hyderabad was unable to score big boasting just 119 runs, but just like the last match. That was enough for the sunrisers to win the match against pune the pune batsman after getting off to a solid start lost the plot against the hyderabad bowlers amit mishra once again was spectacular and mishra grabbed a hat trick to deny pune of a victory.

Sunrises won the match by 11 runs number three kings. 11 punjab 119 runs defended, kings, 11, punjab clinched, a thriller against mumbai indians at durban in 2009, when they defended 119. batting first kumar sangakkara saved kings 11 punjab, the blushes as he waged a lone war to guide them to 119 for eight, with an unbeaten 45 Of 44 balls in reply, mumbai, indians were reduced to 3 for 12 in 4.1 overs before jp domini and dwayne. Bravo battled back with a 33 run stand, but bravo’s wicket opened the floodgates and despite dumini’s fighting 59 mumbai fell. Three runs short of punjab’s total number. Two sunrises hyderabad 118 runs defended in the 2018 season of the ipl sunrises hyderabad were bundled out for 118, thanks to some brilliant performances by the mumbai indians bowling attack in reply, mumbai’s chase never took off and barring suitor kumar the adams 34 and kronal pandya’s 24. No other mumbai batsman reached the double digits as the third best scorer for the mumbai. Indians was kieron pollard, who scored just nine runs. They were all out for only 87 thanks to an all round bowling performance by the sunrises hyderabad special mention to siddharth calls 3 for 23 and rashid khan’s 2 for 11. number one chennai super kings, 116 runs defended once again. The swing friendly, durbin pitch, finds a place in this list, electing to bat first csk crawled to 116 for nine from the 20 overs as sri shantha and irfan patan bowled brilliantly.

To pick two wickets apiece, however, tilan tushara gave csk a ray of hope when he removed sunny sohul in the second over. The csk pacers then kept the scoring in control before the spinners took control of the match and ran through kings 11. Punjab’S batting lineup to restrict them to 92 for eight csks 116 for 9 still happens to be the lowest ever ipl score to be defended. Murli dharan was awarded the man of the match award for his 2 for 8 in his 4 overs.