We are going to watch top 8 bowlers with best yorkers, so let’s begin won’t, you take me home Music number, eight that’s, yoga and bang that’s broken the pegs. I reckon that is a cracking delivery, half sweep crossback shot again. That’S too quick, bunning’s warehouse replay little stuff out of the ground, look forward to seeing stunt vision on that. One too still producing a signal: Music Music, how off the toe from franklin? Oh, what a ball? Applause! Music! Number! Six can’t hit the ball hard can’t hit! It long straight through how quick was that that is a ripper from afridi 134 kph. Fancy playing that first up too good for saudi is a real, quick delivery, almost as quick as shreve after solvable 134k just straight through saudi just didn’t know what it hit him boom. Boomer 3d is on a hat trick. This is quick. 125 kilometers watch out number five number: four Applause, Music, so mitchell, starks on a hat trick. Well, that’s a team hat trick: Applause, Music Applause well done mitchell stark, it is brilliant mitchell start is on fire. He gets his man this time, jason flush. Well, he had him last over, but no doubt about this one clean ball number. Three Applause, number, two Applause, oh Music, that is this was a perfect job that he was trying this one before, and this was hitting right at the base of austin Applause. Michael wicked takers, and what a spell this is for pakistan, the last 45 minutes he’s on a hat trick.