com, and today it was a very, very crucial match between the two teams that were that are fighting uh for the number four spot in the ipl points table. So the teams were kolkata knight riders and the team, which has won their last four matches. Consecutively is kings 11 punjab. So if you look at the points table the match that happened yesterday, banning strokes hit a century and that rajasthan royals defeated mumbai. Indians very easily. Mumbai indians got to 195 runs with the help of hardik pandya’s splendid innings, 65 runs of just 60 runs of just 21 balls and 195 runs on the board, and my indians were thinking that this matches can be pretty much in their favor, but uh rajason royals Ban strokes, he played a he’s, a super player. We know how he has a matured as a player after being hit for four sixes by carlos brethwaite in the world. T20 final. He has come a long way, winning the match, winning the world cup for uh england, 2019 world cup, so that was a uh as it turned out. It was finally a cakewalk for ice and royals, and that means what that all three teams who are in the top three of the points stable. They are stuck at 14 points, so uh no team has got to 16 points and a nope. There is no point, there is no team which is showing like they have qualified for the playoffs, so no team has qualified.

As of now, the team which has uh, which will not be qualifying is out of the race of the qualifying, is only chennai super king. So all the seven teams are in the contention that uh they can make to the final playoff, which will comprise of 14. so coming to the today’s match. Uh kolkata knight rider started batting first and the match was in sharjah, so everybody was expecting that there will be lot of fireworks. A lot of hitting will be there, but anti climax for kolkata knight riders as a kings. 11 punjab started with maxwell and nitish rana, who made 80 plus runs in the first match. He was dismissed first ball, a golden duck by maxwell. After that three party, he played one good enions in the starting two matches of his ipl 2020. in the first matches. He better lower down the order in the second match he was promoted and he made 80 plus runs. But after that he has been not good for kolkata night riders. He was also dismissed cheaply and once again, karthik has hit two half centuries, this ipl, but whenever he he comes to bat at the top order position. He is just struggling so and he is struggling by a very uh big margin because it’s not like that. He can he make 20 runs or 15 runs in the when he comes to the uh top order, but he dismisses very cheaply so today also he was dismissed without scoring, and that means that three wickets of three kolkata knight riders batsmen were in the dugout back In the dugout and the shuman, gill and morgan had a very great ask ahead of them to take kolkata night riders to some respectable total, so suman, gil and morgan morgan is a very attacking batsman and he played his natural game and schumann.

Gill and morgan took a kolkata knight. Riders to 96 runs for three wickets uh for the loss of 10 over. So at this point of time, uh the kkr was looking to to set was looking set for 200, 190 180 and but after that, uh the the collapse which happened in the uh starting of the indians. That was repeated again and the morgan narayan nagar koti comments. Everybody failed, shuman, kill score of century and finally, kkr just got to 149 runs and on the wicket of sarge. That is a very below par score and uh. Kings 11 punjab knew that they have the game in their pocket and if they can but sensibly in the second innings while chasing, they can win this match very easily. So mandeep singh, whose father demised two days before he took his time in the uh starting i i was getting a feeling that today, mandeep singh uh will play a great names because it often means sometimes your beloved one passes. You have that feeling of extra responsibility. You have become serious in the life, so i was uh. I was having that feeling that mandeep singh will do this in. This will do good in this match and he took his time in the beginning. He made two runs of just 10 balls and on the other side, kell rowell was looking. He was playing as usual. His odi inins, so mandeep singh took his time and he then catched up with his lost strike rate by building sensibly and then kell raul got out to 28 runs and then chris gill came and chris gill really shifted, uh the entire game towards kings 11, punjab.

So when chris gill came, the team needed 100 about runs, 100 odd runs in 66 balls, so the run rate was building up, but chris gale hit three sixes a two in the over over in chakravarthy, then ryan, and he made a half century of 51 runs. So in all the three matches, uh that chris gayle has played, he has fired in all the matches and with chris gill firing, king 11, punjab, batting order is looking very great and the spinners they have murugan ashwin has improved his game from the last ipl season. He is looking good and uh ravi vishnu is doing good and, along with the moma shami, maxwell also helps when there is that track is on the slower side. So, with these chris gayle firing in the batting department, spinners are already doing good for kings 11, punjab. So kings 11 punjab looks a very great good team, not great a very good team on the paper and also on the field on the field. I will say because, on the paper, so many youngsters it doesn’t – may not look very uh good on the paper, but it’s performing it’s coming out nicely in when they are coming to uh play the match on the field. So chris gill and mandeep singh made 66 runs. He was not out and kings 11 punjab won this match very easily in the 19th over, and that means they have now back to back five wins, and that also means that they have a superior run rate.

Then kolkata knight, riders and now both teams are tied on the points, but since kings 11 punjab has a higher run rate, they are now at number four position, so both teams have a 50 percent win rate. They have played 12 matches and both teams have won six matches: kings, 11, punjab and kkr, but kings 11 punjab, because they have a greater. They have a good run rate better run rate than kolkata than white riders. They are now at the fourth position and uh. If we talk about the first three sports mumbai, indians uh, they have played 11 matches, seven wins easy, also, the same story and i’ll see rcb, also, seven wins from 11 matches, so the contest the contest is really building up. Fight for the playoff is real now because, as we move to the last week of the ipl final is on 10 november, i think so. We already is like uh on this second last week of the ipl 2020, so uh it’s, really really getting very interesting and uh will be uh. We will see lot of great matches coming in because the tournament started with the uh very great matches that super over of delhi, capitals, kings, 11, punjab and then double super over of kings 11 punjab. So these things really has made the ipl 2020 a big success, and so many great con contests are coming and uh that’s very all for today. So do let us know in the comments so where kolkata, knight riders, uh uh lost uh in their game plan.

Why they were not able uh to score big in the high scoring ground of the sarja? So a lot of changes they have done with the batting order of dinesh karthik, and i was really surprised with this dinesh karthik, because he came at number three position in the first match. He made 30 plus runs, then why there was need to change the batting order when you have already scored well at the number three position. So as a captain he could have. He could have come at number three position and push nitishna at the number four position, but he has done a lot of shuffling uh with his batting order. He has got two half centuries, but he has not got any success when he is being used in the top order. So there are some worries for the kolkata knight riders and they have two matches to sort out. So the kings 11 punjab also have two matches, and other teams have three matches each so really uh the heat is building up and uh. We will get to see great matches today, so that’s all for uh in the future, so that’s all for today style. This is safe, keep watching cricket, please like subscribe and share. If you like, the content of what i say and how i analyze the game.