Can i ask you to reverse your decision. You’Re on screen now give up the hello Applause, indiana, Applause, foreign Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, unbelievable Applause, foreign Applause, foreign Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, foreign Applause, that’s, it Applause. Applause is Applause, confidence, foreign Applause, Applause, Applause, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, it’s been a long time. Applause is Music and we’re. Just about ready time for the first Applause Applause, it runs to the boundary Applause. Was there a noise Applause? Music? The right armor is coming into the attack from the north end. Applause finds the edge and it’s taken good catch Applause. Well that one’s a bit too full played nicely Applause, that’s racing to the fence. Applause not sure why they’re appealing totally bamboozled by that delivery and the keeper whips off the bales russell is the new batsman. What a delivery draws the edge big shout, but was there anything to shout about that batsman’s out faster than he got in he’s a key player in this batting lineup, but he’s out? First ball: that’s, a big wicket, yep Applause: oh there, Applause, keeper, bounce and that’s. Four Applause: oh picks, that one up nicely good shot: Applause, yep, that’s, a good boundary Applause and that gets to the boundary four runs Applause. The new batsman will be down at the non strikers in Applause, he’s, beaten all ends up by that Applause he’s, getting ready to face the next ball and takes it Applause, yeah that’s it that’s for fracking shot yeah what a delivery draws the edge.