The batsman could have done better great ball yeah. This is high in the air Applause good batting from these two. The partnership is now worth 50. Applause, big appeal, but did the batsman get anything on it? That’S an important wicket. There really needed to stop that partnership. Applause, yep didn’t quite make it to the right yeah that’s. What the crowd have come to see nicely played Applause. Yeah can’t make it couldn’t have played that any better Applause, yeah pulls it and that’s going to be four runs. Applause, solid shot goes for four Applause. He has played well here, positive and exciting batting to get to 50. Applause, yeah that’s. What the crowd have come to see nicely played yeah that’s racing to the fence, Applause, yep Applause, yeah, oh, what a good shot Applause little too eager in that delivery! No ball! Oh! That one’s, a bit too full played nicely yeah overstepping there! No ball! Another! Really good shot Applause, yep Applause and there’s air on this Applause yep, the short one that saw it early Applause yeah nothing hard about that. One easy catch x. Men will be down at the non strikers: Applause in yep. What a delivery draws. The edge needs to be on target and that’s. His hundred he’s played a good knock here to reach the three figures: Applause, probably the hardest part of taking that catch is being worried about dropping such an easy Applause, catch chance, good ball, but an even better shot.

Applause: Applause, great yep, Music time – that absolutely perfectly well – Applause played Applause. They don’t get much better than that precision, just a great shot; Applause that was there to be hit, and it was absolutely middle that Applause, good shot, that’s hit the pad huge appeal. This partnership got going well, but the bowler was able to break it before too much damage was done. Solid innings come to an end: Applause Applause, nice, catch great reactions, Applause in yep, that’s, right off the meet at the back time that absolutely perfectly well played catch him right off the middle of the bet. Applause huge appeal got the wicket a good time. The battle is looking settled and on track for a big score Applause, the bowler will be happy to see the back of this batsman he’s he’s off the mark, and now Applause can’t make it back against some great work in the field, that’s how Applause he’s beaten? All ends up by that the task for the new batsman here, trying to turn this innings. Oh nice, shot that’s a wonderful shot, sticks great work held their nerve while the ball is in the air and takes a good catch. Applause task for the new batsman here nicely played Applause just collapsing miserably. Yet another wicket played all around that one and the ball was on target.