Well, i don’t know how many to sit here so i’m gon na chase it’s, good pravindra jadeja the crucial all around and for mumbai indians, of course, rohit sharma, not playing today so kyron pollard. The captain and paladin coming towards the end and they smashed away and being the spinner. So two sides yeah evening time means anyway, and you can enjoy the action taken to the field to receive what the youngsters from chennai super kings can do. Some confidence he’s got the experience from duplicios mumbai just to see how Applause well oiled Music Applause he’s, asking him there. We go impact in line hitting the wickets to reverse your decision. You’Re on screen now trend bolt the setup beautiful one back in then across and across again and across another time. So one down csk without scoring Applause, just helped on its way really didn’t hit that that is the way that they are going to attack. Ambati, raidu and it’s been successful. Just a little glove up in the air didn’t have to move too much right, who’s gone or just a couple: oh that’s, uh, first ball up great scene position, pitched perfectly great line, inviting the bat and he’s just one away from his hundred wickets. Now ryan jacket is in depth. Have a look at that left foot? It has got nowhere near nowhere near he’s, been expecting the ball to swing back into him and puts doesn’t go close enough and that’s what’s happened gone for one it’s four times.

Applause with the new wall, doesn’t always happen with the with the white it’s gone fine. I’M surprised that trent bolt didn’t keep going here. Oh he got him. He said it straight to midwicket. I do understand today. Just mindset he’s trying to attack, put some pressure back, hits it straight to short midwicket. Should i super kings lose their fifth and that’s more. Like ms dhoni that’s, the man that india loves, we associate with ms a big first step. Good base a lot of power. They just can’t, keep batting defensively on this. They’Ve lost five wickets Applause, yes, and this year, nothing’s gone right. A six and of the very next over very good bowling as well, combined well 30 for six. Ms goes for 16., because weaker keeping Applause – these are short boundaries. Bang. It goes Applause unless yeah the unfather squarely so certainly he’s, given him out yeah, very rare that that happens. That’S good umpiring keeps the game moving and it’s it’s just chaos. I mean if you like, the chennai super kings. Great example isn’t it he’s. Still there i’ve been looking for some boundaries at that time, that’s gone high. Who wants it? It falls safely that should be taken. Applause for yeah. The intention was right, but just no pace at all of that delivery tries to hit it over a point. The second bat that is used tonight, hopefully the first one – was not a borrowed one. It could pause for csk deeper in trouble.

Applause, oh going man he’s found the gap there. You go clever sam curran, really clever Applause Applause. Well, he knew that he was going to try and do something different moving across to the op stump and he fired that yorker and finally, by sam curran 52 and at one stage it was 34 6.. No doubt shane bond that doesn’t off 10., very good bowling figures don’t even have to score to run a ball to win this game, so here we go then and see if they can be anywhere near well. If we can get knocked over, we cannot touch and has been reeling off. The runs where’s that swing whoo Applause gone the other way. This time shaw beautifully, played down the ground and it’s Applause beautifully cut away for four and again a smidge in the room. Applause and the ball is hit in the air there’s a thick outside edge going over sharp third man. Oh dear, oh, no, oh Music, Applause, nice, clean ball strike exciting prizes. That is plenty in fact, it’s maximum. In fact, it’s in the top of the stand and helped it along its way. Unfortunately, it didn’t crack a car as it went onto the road. Let’S have a look or well now there was no car, so didn’t crack a car and flatten harden six simple. Yes, he is, and he he knows it and he takes brutal advantage of anything in his area. You can’t blame him here for that he’s looking for wicker, so he wants to try and go the batsman into going for his big shots, hoping for a wicked catch.

On the back, oh reverse, sweep and that’s gone the distance. What a hit that’s, what he’s done he’s walked out there and absolutely gone at it and looks confident Applause. This time goes over the top ishan kishan’s floor. This is such a good pitch and this is such a small boundary, but it would have been a six anywhere anyway that’s, a bad game. Applause take that take that that’s. The question that, ladies and gentlemen, is that a fine way to win a qriket match and suffering from the chennai mixture of brilliance. At times in the field today from pakistan, a brilliant outfield capture now run out from shazad to get rid of adil rashi for Music, Music, download, the app hello everybody and thanks for joining us, we are all set for the first day of the cricket summer. In south africa it is the first sunfoil test. It is obviously south africa versus bangladesh nicely played no one down there good work from d noga. I don’t think he wanted her to go for six, but he’ll, certainly bank, that no one down there, no protection whatsoever. So why not play that shot good stuff from elga that’s a safe shot? I mean up on the leg side. Full angle down. All you have to do is get a bit of bat in it i’m with you, i don’t think he meant it to go. That far, but the full travels here, that’s good, batting dinoga, he knew it was a low risk shot, especially with the ball angling down the leg side quite get all of it a little bit of a top edge, but he’ll be happy with that.

If he played use of the feet, gets to the pitch and that’s the inaugural second, six of the day. Applause plays that shot. Well, dean elgat picked the right delivery as well. He didn’t try and overheat the ball.