I just want to uh to give a tribute for his birthday today. So when i check vanessa bryan’s ig i’m, so very tearful. When i read the love letter to him, so i just want to read here on my blog that love letter so let’s start guys: Music Applause, Music, her alarm goes off and she gets up to watch the morning. News doesn’t work, no more Music, happy birthday! I love you and i miss you more than i can ever explain. I wish you and gigi we’re here to celebrate you. I wish i could make you your favorite food or a favorite cake with my gigi. I miss your hug. I miss your big hug. Your kisses, your smile, your loud ass, dip, lap, i miss teasing you making you laugh and bursting you bubbles. I miss you sitting on my lap, like my big baby, that you are, i think, about your tenderness and patience all the time. I think about everything you would do in situation to help me deal with everything thrown my way. Thank you for growing up with me and teaching me how to be strong, how to try to see the best in people but cut out the bs. Your thoughtful gesture and the amazing way you made us all feel it’s extremely miss a picture. Your smile and white, big, welcoming hug daily god. I miss you both so much Music. Our lives feel so empty without you and gigi i’ve been completely broken inside.

As much as i want to cry, i put a smile on my face to make our daughters shine a little brighter Music i’m, not the strong one. They are they’re, strong and recently i’m sure you’re, proud of them, then put a smile on my face every day. I wish i could wake from this horrible nightmare. I wish i could surprise our girl and welcome you and gigi home to us i’m mad. I did not go first. I always wanted to go first, so that i shall peacefully did not have to feel these heartaches. You were supposed to miss me. Gigi was supposed to be here with her sister. It should be me there’s, so much i wish i could tell you and show you in gg, so many things you would both be happy to see and to be a part of so many milestones for our girl. So many things you would be proud of i’m. So thankful, i have a piece of heaven here on earth to wake up poor Music. Thank you for loving me enough to the last several lifetimes in every lifetime. I will choose you. Thank you for showing me what tree love is. Thank you for everything. I know my gigi is celebrating you like. She always has on our special day. I miss my thoughtful friends as much Music, natalia gianna, bianca capri, and i wish you a happy birthday, my love. I love you for now forever and for always so tearful love letter from the wife who really miss his sweet husband, that is our kobe bryant, but now i think kobe bryant’s also miss them all, but now in a nice place, so i create – and i make This video – because i just want to have a tribute for my idol, kobe bryant and thank you so much for always keeping um Music update like what’s, going on uh to go to brian’s family um i’m.

The follower of vanessa bryan’s and uh i’m always happy to see that she’s strong, because, like he’s like she said on the letter, he must do because of her daughters for natalia gianna and bianca in capris, so it’s a sad but Music. We know that kobe bryant in a nice place and also gigi, so i just want to great a happy birthday for my idol copy brian black mamba. For us, we always a part of our life life and we always be in our heart that you are very kind person a helpful not only in your uh country, but also in the philippines. So, thank you so much for being, like your wife, said, you’re so very help helpful person. So thank you. Thank you. We always pray for you. You’Re sold happy birthday once again, kobe bryant and guys. Thank you.