I just love cookies. It smells like toothpaste, it’s still like chewy, hey guys, what’s up it’s lt welcome back to another episode of ld eats. So today is a very special episode. It is national ice cream day today, i’m going to be going to five different places, um and showing you how to have the ultimate national ice cream day. So let’s go celebrate and we are at roxy’s, which is one of my absolute favorite places to get ice cream in oklahoma city. So let’s go inside Music. All right, so i don’t know if you guys have ever had one of those moments where you just have instant regrets, um but i’m having one now. So i got this ice cream in a cone because it’s, obviously more aesthetic and um i walked outside for, like literally less than a minute, and this happened um. So i just dripped it everywhere in my car – and this is a tragedy but i’m gon na eat. It anyway, it’s still ice cream, it’s still great. This is milk and cookies from roxy’s, and i don’t know that i’ve ever had this flavor, so we’re gon na try it okay, so i believe it’s vanilla, ice cream and then it has uh chunks of cookie. In there and chocolate chips and they do make their own chocolate chip cookies at roxy’s, it’s pretty good. It tastes exactly like a chocolate chip cookie that you’ve dunked in milk. There are small chunks of cookie.

I wish there were big chunks i’m. All about those big chunks, the texture is decent. I feel like it’s a little icy today, like not as smooth as i’ve had in the past. Oh here’s, some cookie chunks. Here we go now we’re talking. This is such a mess. The cookie chunks are nice and soft. The little chocolate chips add a nice little crunch. She said this was their most popular flavor. I can see why it’s really good and it’s, not too fancy it’s. Just it’s simple, you can’t, you can’t go wrong with cookies and ice cream. You just can’t so milk and cookies from roxy’s i’m gon na give this an eight out of ten. So i’ve been eating roxies a long time like since they were an ice cream truck, which was a long time ago, but now they have several locations. So it’s really awesome that they’ve been able to grow and expand and all that, but the flavor that i usually get is called cookies and cream and it’s just vanilla ice cream with golden oreos and regular oreos. I think it’s really good it’s, my favorite flavor. I pretty much get it every single time and then she also said their second best selling flavor or i guess their two top flavors. It was the milk and cookies that i got and then the salted caramel, which i’ve had the salted caramel. I would rather have an ice cream that has mix ins in it so like the cookies and um, the oreos that’s kind of more my thing, but a lot of people love the salted caramel.

I think it’s pretty good um, but it’s, not my favorite. So you should definitely come to roxy’s on national ice cream day. Usually every year they also always have like a special flavor um, so yeah check them out all right guys so we’re at stop number two and i’m at the edmond rail yard. So i had to come up north to get some things um, so i decided to stop here. There is a place called cities ice cream and it is the sister concept to capitals: ice cream, which you’ve probably heard of it’s in downtown oklahoma city, but they have pretty much the same menu pretty much the same things. So let’s go get some ice cream. So this is the little miss sunshine, it’s um, key lime pie with graham crackers and whipped cream, and hopefully i don’t get copyrighted for this music, so let’s go try this out, alright guys so i’m. Back in the car like i said this is key lime pie and it is already melted. Thank goodness, this one is in a cup. This would be a disaster in a cone i’m, not getting a super strong key lime, taste kind of just a little hint tastes. More like vanilla, ice cream, which i’m sure it is i’m sure it’s, just vanilla, with a key lime pie slice – maybe mixed in i didn’t watch them make it, but i think they put a slice of key lime pie in there and then there’s, graham crackers, whipped Cream and the lime on top, when i think of key lime, i think of like super tart, really strong lime, taste doesn’t really have that it’s still good, though at capitals and at cities.

They have like this giant tornado looking machine and they put the ice cream down in there, and then they put the top like the mix ends and whatever else, and it like all blends it together in, like this giant tornado thing, they really don’t have like mix Ins in the ice cream, because it’s, like all blended together into one thing, so it’s a little different than your traditional ice cream place. I would say just because of the way that they mix stuff in it’s very unique um, something that i hadn’t seen before. Until i went to capitals so it’s pretty cool so like the mix ins get blended up like super finely in the ice cream, but i feel like towards the bottom there’s like slightly bigger chunks, so i’m getting more of like a lime flavor down at the bottom. This flavor is very refreshing it’s such a summery flavor. If you like, key lime, pie, you’ll like it. I wish the lime flavor was a little stronger i’m going to give little miss sunshine, a 7 out of 10., so cities and capitals. They both have specials every month, so their menu is constantly rotating, but there are a few flavors that they have that stay pretty constant. I think one of them is the cookies and cream which again i love cookies and ice cream. It has um, i think, cookie, crisp chocolate, chip, cookies and oreos. You, you already know that’s my favorite one.

I highly recommend that one i’ve also had one called the teddy roosevelt. It had bananas, nilla, wafers and caramel, and i think there was something else in it too, but it is good. The banana and um banana, oh teddy grams, gosh that’s. Why it’s called that? So yeah capitals is down in midtown and then cities is here at the edmond rail yard, both of them super solid. I really enjoy capitals and cities every time i come. They have such a unique concept and um it’s, just it’s different. I enjoy their ice cream. So capitals usually has a special flavor for national ice cream day. I don’t know if they will this year or not, but one year they had this flavor that had frosted animal cookies in it. It was amazing, so if they have that, definitely get it but check out capitals, it’s it’s a great place, all right guys, so we’re stop number three and we’re in downtown norman. So i bet you can guess where we’re going that’s right, we’re going to rusty’s custard factory and it is my favorite ice cream place um. You can probably guess my order too. Honestly, if you know it make sure you leave a comment down below um, but this is my favorite place to come and i get the same thing every time. It’S, delicious let’s go get some ice cream and masks are now required in the city of norman, which i fully support.

Wear a mask. I’Ve been wearing masks like everywhere that i’ve gone. I just haven’t shown you guys, but i really just want to encourage you. Wear a mask protects, you protects others thanks, let’s go Music and wash your hands so for those of you who don’t know mart rusty’s order, it is a kitty vanilla with heath bar and chocolate flakes and they loaded it up. Today. I love this ice cream man. So it’s melting rapidly, but the consistency and the texture of the custard at rusty’s is just you. Can’T beat it. You just can’t the crunch from the toffee unique bar and the fudge flakes just it adds a lot. I mean look at that bite. This is my favorite ice cream for sure hands down. This is where i would choose to come every single time. The ice cream i got from rock season from capitals like i could stop myself from eating. I had self control, but with this one i just i find it hard to have self control with this one it’s it’s just too good. I wish it hadn’t, melted so fast, but can’t control it who made national ice cream day in july. Do i even have to tell you guys my rating with this custard from rusty’s custard factory 10 out of 10. on their menu? They have one called the foreman which i like really well. It has like peanut butter, reese’s and chalk. Some type of chocolate might have fudge in the middle.

I don’t remember but it’s like peanut butter, chocolate then there’s another one called the flying, elvis it has bananas and i think brownies and then i add peanut butter to it. That one’s, really good and the game day is also really good. It’S, vanilla with strawberries and bananas, so those are all really good choices as well. They usually have like a little party on national ice cream day last year. They had like live music and stuff. I don’t know what they’re going to do this year, but definitely come check them out. You won’t be disappointed all right, so we’re at stop number four. We are at brahms and you might be thinking lauren seriously, brahms on national ice cream day yeah, because they have good ice cream, and you know what i mentioned this in my brahms video, which you, if you haven’t watched, that, where i review all six of the New flavors make sure you go watch. It i’m gon na link it down below um, but they have this new flavor called confetti cookie, and it was so amazing. It tastes exactly like the funfetti cake batter. I really enjoyed it. So i said that i was going to get it in a shake form: yeah that’s, exactly what i’m going to do i’m going to get the confetti cookie shake. This is pre workout, which is why i changed. I promise this is the same day. Um. My stomach is um slightly a little bit, not very happy that i’ve eaten on this dairy, but it’s totally fine, and you guys should also eat this much dairy on national ice cream day let’s go get it welcome to bronze order when you’re ready hi.

Can i please get a junior confetti cookie shake okay. I’M. Sorry, we don’t have confetti cookies, oh no, so they were out of confetti cookies. She told me they just ran out, so i decided to get the salted caramel truffle, which it was my second favorite of the new six new flavors, so um. I decided to try this one as a shake, a really good shake. If you haven’t tried, it is the cookie monster, it’s, the blue ice cream with the cookie dough and oreo surprise. Surprise right, very caramely, just tastes straight up: caramel, oh shoot i’m such an idiot. I just i should have gotten a spoon there’s one of those truffles. I know what this tastes, like. You know those little um, those little dippable caramel things that you can buy at the store to dip like apples in or whatever the fruit of your choice in or just eat. I guess if you want that’s what it tastes like it just tastes like it in more of a liquid form, there is a hint of salt, but not too much. I don’t, i don’t, really feel like it’s more sweet than anything. My complaint with this is that these these truffles are too big to fit through the straw, so it’s there’s, probably like a ton of them at the bottom, but i don’t i don’t, have a spoon. I probably wouldn’t get this as a shake again they’re, all at the bottom, because they’re they’re square and they didn’t get blended up enough in the shake to fit through the straw that’s a bummer.

I felt like those were the shining star of this ice cream and in the shake they’re just at the bottom, just sitting there waiting to be discovered, it’s really unfortunate, because they’re amazing, as an ice cream scoop. I think i gave this like an eight out of ten, which i stand by 100, but as a shake i’m gon na give this a six out of ten it’s, because the truffles don’t really fit through the straw and it’s super caramely and really rich and just Get the cookie monster shake all right, because that one ten out of ten, but this one six out of ten, but i really think that brahms is such a great place to go for ice cream. They have solid flavors. The texture is always good. They have a lot of options and it’s affordable who doesn’t love, bronze. Everybody loves prom, so make sure you stop by brahms and check out the new flavors, especially the confetti cookie, all right guys, so we are back at my apartment. This is stop number five of the day um i did go to the store and i decided to get a pint from the store. So a lot of times. People will ask me what my favorite ice cream is. I feel like ben and jerry’s is just always a solid go to, and i was looking for um one of my favorite pints that they make, which is called milk and cookies. Guess what i haven’t had in a while.

I think it has chocolate chip cookies and like an oreo swirl in it, they didn’t have it. So i had to settle for a different one and i don’t really recommend settling for many things in life, but you will be safe if you settle for a different ben jerry’s flavor. I promise you so this one is called gim me s’more. I haven’t had this one in a long time, but it is such a good pint. This is toasted marshmallow ice cream with chocolate, cookie swirls, graham cracker swirls, and fudge flakes we’re gon na go ahead and taste this, of course, when i decide to open it on camera, i can’t get it open. I just want you to take a look at this. For a minute just admire the beauty in this typically, i don’t eat straight out of the pint, but since we’re celebrating national ice cream day, we’re just gon na go for it. Today, you only live once right, that’s. What they tell me anyway, all right here we go so this toasted marshmallow base is not as good as i remember. I don’t really feel like it tastes like marshmallow. I mean there might be a little hint of marshmallow, but it doesn’t really taste like marshmallow on me. Let me tell you something, though: i live for these ben and jerry’s pints with this uh chocolate, cookie, swirl love the chocolate cookie, swirl love it. These cookie swirls are why i like the ice cream it’s, not because of this toasted marshmallow base.

When i tried this flavor previously, i feel, like my taste buds, were a little bit more inexperienced, so i probably gave this a higher rating than i should have. The graham cracker swirl does a really good job of breaking up the chocolate between the chocolate fudge flakes and the chocolate swirl kind of balances out the flavor i’m gon na stop eating this. So overall, this is a solid pint. The marshmallow base just kind of leaves like a weird aftertaste in your mouth, but the cookie swirls make it worth it honestly um i feel like previously. I would have said this is one of my favorite pints. I don’t know that i feel that same way, anymore. It’S still pretty good, i, like milk and cookies, better honestly, so we’re gon na give this one a seven out of ten i’m gon na be honest with y’all. I could not end my national ice cream day with a seven out of ten that just hurts my heart, so you saw this in a different video, my review video. This is ben and jerry’s netflix and chilled – and this is a peanut butter, ice cream with sweet and salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownies um. I think this pint is so good. I love the pretzel swirl and the peanut butter base and look at that fudge. Brownie. So i am just gon na just enjoy a few bites of this to make up for the fact that the other one wasn’t as good as i had remembered so i mean.

Can you just appreciate that i love this peanut butter base and i really really love this uh pretzel swirl, my biggest critique with this one was that there were not enough fudge brownies. I think i gave this one an eight there’s like a huge pretzel swirl over here. I just really love the whole sweet and salty thing just trying to find the fudge brownies. Oh there’s one. If this had my more fudge brownies, i swear it would be a 10 out of 10. but it’s an eight and it’s really good. So i just want to wish you guys a happy national ice cream day again. This is one of my favorite food holidays, um. So i originally started doing reviews of ice cream on my instagram stories and then it kind of morphed into having a youtube channel, so national ice cream day is kind of special to me. I really hope that you guys celebrated that you got some ice cream today and that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure you hit that like button, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, make sure that you do if you have any recommendations of ice creams, you want me to try products. You want me to review restaurants. You want me to go to make sure you leave a comment down below or send me a dm on instagram.