Morello leandres has gotten a little bit more popular. All of the korean horns are like yeah they’re. All they’re all warmog’s stone plate like it’s, just it’s, it’s, bad, okay, it’s, really bad frost. Yes, wait! What do you mean? What wait? The casters are saying that the draft isn’t the problem, no there’s, no way that’s, not there’s, no way the draft’s. Actually, a major problem: this is like one of those 80 20s again yeah. Oh, this is 80 20 yeah. This is easily an 80 20., like the 20 is renekton getting an early kill or like silas, getting an early kill, plus like tf’s flash and then being able to convert it into pressure and like lilia getting kills early. I mean they didn’t, get that they honestly. Actually not right, but yeah, they did get a mid kill, but i think renekton was way too far behind in lane, for some reason: here’s, how drops the problem every single lane for g2 is losing okay. In addition to that, every single lanes counterpart is actually scaling. Better for dom one okay, that’s, a weird thing too, in addition to that, okay, the combos pretty much across the board – is also better for dom one. Okay, the control on the entire right side of the map, favors don juan and, if g2 ever tries to get control. Gangplank comes online by that point anyway, so it’s really weird how that all happened, all right, don’t toggle, i i’m, so tilted dude ls! This is, this is training for you, yeah yeah sure.

What would you like to see granny it doesn’t matter what i’d like to see cronie, i think it matters what you’d like to see. What would you like to know because we’re never gon na play they’re, never gon na play stuff like twitch, because they value the um utility much more so it’s just gon na, be us and us mean well yeah i mean you can say that hey no nemesis Isn’T here pete he’s shy and pete where’s that twitch prime all right, oh my god, just shamelessly in the same sentence. Even you don’t connie i’m, not shameless with asking for subs okay, i’m, not shameless. Okay, i see a prime. I try to collect a prime uh. Wait what what does everyone, whatever? What is everyone’s predictions by the way, what i think it’s, three zero and damn one i have to the draft? I listen. I heard you didn’t, even you didn’t predict them want to win. So i i would say free well or maybe let’s say for one i’m sure g2 can take at least three one uh. If g2 keeps drafting the same, i don’t think they’re going to take a game, but i think maybe if they mean they will adapt but g2 lost first game against uh against skt2. I think uh actually, maybe not i’m, not sure uh. They generally lose first game of bf by the way, so they’ll be really fine. I will paypal one thousand dollars.

If tim joins, he can see it. Dude he’s in i know he’s in the stream he’s in the stream. Oh, what he joined really he’s deaf in there – oh, my god, he’s deafened, but he joined okay. Okay, this this cheeky bastard. He joined the call but he’s completely deafened, please, on deaf and please understand: let’s go i’m back! I mean that’s. What the bot says right. I thought, did i not say three one i mean: maybe it will go to five games actually if they seem close right. Actually, people are gon na flame fiora for this game, but i don’t know sure pharaoh was playing a lot better in lane yeah yeah. I agree, i think he has actually played way better than camille, which team did you guys favor from draft? I think it was g2 yeah. We talked about how the only better scaling is actually nuggery, but that don juan are trying to like doppelganger the draft, but obviously like that’s, not ideal, like great graves, has a really hard time playing into these champions. Ash makes no sense, yeah she’s completely worthless. She doesn’t even win lane what’s the prediction for the next game: i’m um have to see the draft connie. I have to see the draft yeah the team’s actually closed. I think you actually see it. One guy asked: why is showmaker underperforming? He is getting somewhat outland. I would say: wait what he didn’t do any laning errors back in.

I think he misplayed his hp a lot in the first couple levels, oh yeah, but then he salvaged it and it was fine. It was nothing super, egregious in the laning phase. You know i’m saying i’m, not saying that he played terribly i’m just saying like i think caps is playing decently. I really think that okay, where’s the walls game yeah there you go yeah no show maker showmaker played uh waves, one through four insufferably, better or waves. One through five insufferably bad. That was actually just that when once you say that you played the wave like third wave through five bad, not one to two what’d, you say you played once oh you’re right. That would be a more app yeah. That would be that would be yeah yeah. That would be correct, based on like what he did on the third wave and fourth wave. It doesn’t look like he actually intentionally been on like the first first and second, this one that this one has passive. One of themes gives you ap, based on the position of mana region. I don’t know i didn’t know that wait, no that’s that’s. What i said at the very beginning of this game is that athene’s yeah, the athene’s ardent spike is two items which generally equals three but it’s because of the passive, because you get you get such steroid when you complete both yes, yes, yes, because it turns it. Yeah that this makes a lot more sense now, yes, that’s, why they’re so oppressive that passive is broken hey unless i was wondering about the pantheon pick, i know mickey didn’t play it well, but is there a good reason to pick pantheon uh seemed like a weak Link in the draft so was i back when they ended up picking pantheon.

I don’t think pantheon’s a weak link in that draft uh to be to be honest, um yeah, i don’t, i i don’t think pantheon’s bad. I mean there’s always going to be better supports. I think that maybe there’s an iron from barrel, i i don’t totally remember my prediction was correct: right yep, oh three one i mean i could always see g two winning one g at least one, because there’s still a very good team.