They set the record for shortest game in in in world’s history, and i believe it is fourth on the international charts, and this is if there was ever a way to get revenge tyler. This was it uh yeah. This was this was uh everything damn one could have hoped for, and more uh we’ve talked about it all tournament. Long since, even like the first episodes of wake up worlds about dam, one wants this matchup they want g2. They don’t want them in the quarters. They don’t want them in the group stages. They want them in the semis. They want them in the finals. They want to embarrass g2. They want to take everything. G2 worked for, and dry and and flush it down the drain. Essentially – and it was a serie and i i we’re gon na dive – obviously a lot more into what happened: the players, the dynamics, what we’re wrong when we’re right, but i think overall, i think we can summarize the series as a really incredible team, a an amazing Incredible talented, exciting to watch team face a team that might be one of the best of all time. Damn one might be one of the best league of legends teams of all time. G2 is not that, and i think today that level was shown and i it’s nothing taking away from g2 esports they’re, an incredible team uh one most talented teams in the world championship, uh five players who are experienced all know how to play the game at the Highest level, you could say all five are world class players, but damn one learned from what from what they were given last year by g2, they went into the workshop.

They were fueled by their embarrassment, fueled by that loss of g2 in madrid, and this year they repackaged themselves after a disappointing spring. They’Ve been utterly incredible in the summer, and they are one best of five away from being called one of the best teams of all time and and depending on how well they played in this final, it would be a debate are: are they up there of samsung Way are they up there of skt 2015 uh that’s, where they are right now they are close to that pantheon no team has gone close that pantheon since 2015 and 20 uh 25 2015 skt. Can damn won’t do that, because today g, this is not a bad g2 team. This is not a out of form g2 team. This was the g2 that smashed genji. This is the g2 that had one of the best games of all time at worlds against sooning, and they were absolutely crushed in the fastest game in world’s history by damon, who is just a special team 25 of you selected, damn juan to defeat g2, which just Goes to show you. Yes, one of us selected damn over g2, take a wild guess who predicted damn one to win. This season feels good feels good league of legends predictor. You can play for free. You can pick your choices for the finals, it’s not open. Yet obviously, but you can get there eventually and if you have the espn fantasy app, you just click on the trophy tab you can play, you can create custom groups, you can invite your friends it’s a whole lot of fun.

So going back to this series, let’s dissect lane by lane player by player, if you were to pinpoint tyler one match up in particular, that was really one of the biggest causes, if not the biggest cause for damn one to win this series, which one would it Be it’s very difficult to say it was one position all right, because the thing is dan won’t play it’s such a team focus meta where you’re playing through the jungle, where your support is unlocked from the bottom lane. Where you are, you know skirmishing throughout the jungler. You are roaming uh, making plays on a tf or another global ultimate champion to go to the top lane to go to the bottom lane. I think. Overall, it was a another kind of indication that kanan’s made for this meta, uh yinkos great player. This was not his meta to thrive in he’s, a player that enables his laners. This is a meta where most of the laners are enabling the jungler. So i don’t want to pinpoint one position and say one position just got toward uh or torn up by the rest. I think this was overall systematic uh dissection by damon, where it was from pretty much every single lane through the jungle itself. They kind of just took over it outside that game too, uh, which i don’t want to say that uh damn on trolls but it’s, very similar to how you know, uh team liquid, would be g2 in that one game in the group stage and we’re like that Was like 90 team, liquid 10 g2 kind of playing a wonky draft very similar word where that was a very confident draft by damon, basically picking the fiora into the camille uh, putting the guri on a split pusher.

Instead of just putting him on a lulu or something safer to team fight with like kennen, maybe – and they took the uh, the reverse matchup, with silas versus tf, a very kind of arrogant draft that kind of came into their kind of you know blew up in Their face and then the next two games played uh back to their normal style. Didn’T, take anything for granted it kind of dominated both of those games. So i just think through from one to five, it was just damon being the better team. I don’t i mean obviously mickey x had some blunders, but it it’s like it’s, not just one player’s fault. When you get destroyed in uh 19 minutes when you lose the fastest game in world’s history, it’s, not one player’s fault, you don’t just lose through one lane. You threw you lose through all the lanes and in game four uh the mental floor, two that we’ve been talking about that you’ve been preaching upon with g2 and how they don’t. You know within their back circuits it wasn’t there. They had a just a disaster of game where they were trying to find those skirmishes. They were trying to play that jazz music art. They were trying to find those uh, uh, improvised solos and try to make those you know chaotic plays, but while they were trying to take those chaotic plays ghost was in the bottom lane free farming on caitlyn, getting five flights, and it was just kind of a Summarization of uh the calamity of that series, where, by the end of it gamol had just kind of broken g2, i don’t think you’ve ever seen it.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen g2 that broken, you could have the greatest orchestra in the entire world. But if your instruments are out of tune, you won’t sound good and it just felt like g2’s instruments were out of tune in this series. It felt like exactly to your point. They just could game two as much trolling as there was. I thought that was gon na be the point where g2 was gon na get themselves mentally back into it. Okay, we got the victory here. Maybe we can use this momentum and snowball, but then it was as if damon did that intentionally just to hammer the point down that, even after a loss we are going to outplay you in every way shape or form capped off by the way that they absolutely Decimated them in game four, and so that was just a a sublime performance. Okay, let me turn my attention to caps, then, because we saw collapse in the quarterfinals, we didn’t see collapse in the semifinals. So what was it specifically about caps’s play here that he just couldn’t get out of the gates in this series? It was that damn one prepared for him well and where gen g were very keen on kind of handshaking, all right, we’re gon na play around ruler. We’Re, okay, giving you your spacecast we’ll. Let you win lane we’ll, give you a priority. We’Ll! Let you roam around the map? We’Ll, let you have freeway in the jungle we’re going to.

Let you do what you want to do. You can freestyle on us as long as we can try to keep ruler somewhat intact, damn one we were expecting everything that kind of cast was doing. There was one point uh in the kali game. That was very specific, and i think everyone will remember this. If you watch the series where catholics goes afk for about 30 seconds he’s in the top side, brush uh on top side waiting for kanye to do krugs waiting for him to do crux, so he can 1v1 solo, kill him move on his merry way. Get some gold in his pocket and get that momentum rolling, arta that interview in a gen g series, another series and other group stage matches where we saw much more chaotic play. We would have seen this happen where you know you know canon goes to krugs. Oh there’s caps out of nowhere cass blows him up, but in this instance they knew where he was they knew this play was coming and they had showmaker shadow canyon up into that top lane doing krugs. They find out caps, 2v1 him and he’s dead and all that momentum that they were trying to get was totally squandered and that minute of him, just afk in the bush, totally wasted it. Just kind of kind of you know personified the series and they try to have these crazy skirmishing plays, and it did work in game two when they were doing trying to play with the fiora and had that wonky draft.

But when damn one had the the uh global ultimates like the tf and how uh superbly showmaker played throughout the series kind of shadowing caps, he was never able to kind of get his own. He was never able to kind of feel free. He has. He was kind of like a bird in a cage where couch is at his best when he’s flying free when he feels like he has all this space to work with when he has all this, you know canvas to paint, but when he is locked down and Neutralized and they know where he is every second of the map – of how superb the the vision, control of barrel and canyon, r, and with how good shadow uh showmaker was of shadowing caps. Throughout the series. He was never able to kind of breathe and when you have a an artist like caps and you don’t give him his space, he kind of can overextend and try to do those hero plays which he did in the series and those hero plays turned into embarrassing. Uh uh craps moment wherein you know in the final game game four uh. We tried to see him 1v1 maker on silas and give the first blood in a solo, kill and it’s, just really well done by damon, to show that they can play a myriad of styles and they cannot only bludgeon you in 20 minute games, but they can Also, just bleed you out and kind of control the entire jungle like a old school south korean juggernaut, so damon is all is everything they they are.