I kind of predicted domwan just looked very, very dominant over g2 and i was actually uh. I was wrong about the chinese side of the bracket in which soon in gaming won a series that i thought was really entertaining as well. So brings us, i guess, to our finals: sooning versus uh, damon there’s been a bit of a meta or like a template on how a lot of the team compositions have been built. So a lot of carry junglers with graves and kindred and italy coming through um. Often the mid pick would be a roaming, mid, laner or an active mid lane, or something that matched the jungler right for combos and often because you have a carry. Jungler teams would opt for a lot of tank top matchups oren was very confessive. For example, um. There was a lot of scion whenever enemies would pick double 80 compositions uh. What i liked about the sooning first top esports set is you saw this kind of break a bit partially because of a lot of jungle bands, but we also got to see things like um the shen and we got to see the jarvan. We saw lee sin priority in a lot of the games and what some of these play making jungles does is. It opens up the solo laners to play a lot of different champions as well, and the combos just end up looking different. Like, for example, you saw a jax in in the last game like that’s, something that wouldn’t really work as well with a lot of the other jungler picks that were were happening.

So i thought this series was very interesting. Tommy sports is bottling, jackie love. He was. He was really dying a lot again, making a lot of mistakes where i feel like he can play a lot better than that, and i thought that soonings mid laner angel really stepped it up. I was very impressed by this play. Yeah i’ll be really interested to see in the finals if sooning has even more takes and counters on specific meta picks, because it i really like seeing teams that just not only play the strong champions at the tournament, but also try and punish some of the weaknesses Or take the lee sin into kindred matchup, for example, or play azir versus kindred or zoe risk android like things that counter it or, for example, when enemy picks the mobile carries compositions with orianna and ash like bless out the jarvan, which was a big pick in The lpl but like doesn’t, fit like the the world’s meta, thus far dom on versus g2. On the other hand, i think stayed a lot more true to what worlds has been thus far like metawise, and it just felt to me watching this down one versus g2 series that don won just played these compositions better showmaker just had an advantage in mid lane. In a lot of the games, they just had jungle advantages, mid advantages. It just seemed like in almost every lane they were doing better. Uh g2 had, i think, some early game openings that were very strong, like um.

Some of these, like, for example, in the game where they tried to dive ash when it fails like this, is a good set early plan, uh with like a scion top side playing weak side, but they just kept failing the execution. They failed. These dive, spotlight and caps getting solo killed mid. It was a lot of a more mirrored style, wise set and when it came to pigs, badamon just looked so so much more dominant and better at the execution aspect of it. I don’t feel like throughout the series it was a big adaptation failure or even, i would say, a huge draft failure in a lot of the games. I just feel like, although g2 was decisive in a lot of the plays, they chose they’re, often doing it from a situation in which they’re losing lanes or they’re getting pushed in top lane and they’re. Getting pushed in mid lane like they’re playing something like a kali and akali just doesn’t have push so when they go for a punish somewhere or try and make their play. They don’t have their mid moving to to make this a bigger play. They don’t have these advantages that really snowball it out of control, whereas when dom gets something because they’re already kind of have an advantage on the map, they were able to get so much more and that’s why their games looked much more dominant than g2’s win before I get into my thoughts and predictions for the finals.

We also asked our players here at shelka for their predictions, so here they are oh hello there. Well, i think sooning has looked like a really good team and the team player has been so great to look at, but darwin has just been so dominating. I think that the better team, by far i think, they’re going to take it all. The series is really hard to predict because both teams look very good. They have their strengths and different. I think really different play styles, but i think dumb ones going to take it three two, i think diamond gaming is gon na win because i think suny gaming. There really rely on their mechanics on their draft pattern and i think diamond players are just better. So i think that one gaming will just 3 0 them. Honestly, i think damon is gon na win three to one in the final. They have shown to be more dominant throughout the entire tournament, and i think they play better together as a team. So i think most people will predict dumb one to win, but sooning is one of my favorite teams in the tournament, so i think bin and one thing will 2 8 and the score will be 3 1 and sooning will win gg easy, hey guys. I think someone will take it three. Two one uh sooning will win one game because of the one fang storyline buff, but uh. I think that one is just too good at this tournament, guys it’s, neil here and uh.

My prediction for the world’s finals is uh through zero for damn one hello, guys um. So my final prediction is three one down one and the reasoning is someone just looks kind of unbeatable in the b05 right now. Uh canyon and showmaker have been performing out of their minds and i don’t really see any weaknesses in that team uh, but i have to say tuning for sure has uh has a x factor in sofm and an angel these guys have been performing super. Well, this tournament so that’s why i think they will take one game or maybe two games of dumb one, but in the end dumb one will raise the cup so enjoy the match. The finals to me is a really interesting one. I, what i really love about this finals matchups is these were the two teams that all of the players have said in interviews were just demolishing everyone in scrims, behind the scenes, sooning was famous in china for being really really dominant in scrims, even leading up to The summer playoffs, but they faltered, right and didn’t win the championships, whereas dom on everybody behind the scenes has been saying: they’re, probably the best team in the world for most of the year. So i think it’s not too often that you get these matchups in the actual finals of worlds, where it’s not just the two best teams that are playing on stage in the tournament. But what i think are probably the two most skilled teams at the tournament.

So it means like the ceiling on the gameplay we’ll get to see is so much higher and so much interesting before group stages before bracket stages. I predicted damon would be the winners of the world championships, mainly based on showmaker, who, i think, is the best player right now and their ability to just play like clean league of legends. Through their mid lane. I have to go with uh damon uh winning the world championships. That being said, i wouldn’t be surprised if this series was kind of a stomp one way or the other. Often, when you get to the end of the world championships, it’s been such a long grind and it takes so much out of you, and you also have this situation where there’s two sides of the bracket where there could have been better teams right that were on One one side of the bracket like, for example, maybe top esports, was actually stronger than dom one, but they just the brackets didn’t work out this way. So often by the time you get to the world finals, like teams are really battling with burnouts. In addition to that, uh often it’s, not even the two teams that are at the strongest right now, so my guess is dom one i would say like three, oh or or three one i’ll go with three one, because uh sooning, i think it’s playing quite good. But honestly, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just a stomp, the other way, because that’s often how these things sort of work.

So i think it’s really obvious to most people watching this world’s finals, that the thing to watch is going to be the jungles and the mid laners. I think the way angel showmaker sofm in particular have been playing have been just absolutely unreal and it’s. What everyone’s going to be looking at something else, i’ll be looking at, is just how damon chooses to play the game if they just stick to this refined style of carry junglers um strong roaming, mid laners, and using this, like with with solid solo lanes, to kind Of take over the game, or if we will see tsunami come out with counters to this or different takes on the meta and different junglers and different kind of combos, with their solo, laners like it might just be.