As uh tradition, we react to the teaser that uh riot has blessed us with now in preparation for sooning top esports, sorry, sooning and diamond gaming, as if we need any help getting hyped for this game. Do we need any help? Well, i doubt it but let’s hit it anyway. Let’S just started the thing behind your head is upside down. Please fix it. I’M, not gon na. Do it just to annoy you just to annoy i’m, not gon na. Do it let’s begin Music? You know he says i see fire, i see dmca coming for me, but let’s, just let’s go Music thunder thunder so have done the impossible, the most impressive run of the world. So far you beat everyone else. What a baller three! What does three mean? What does it mean with three youtube comments? What’S up what’s up man had a collapsed lung collapsed lung man collapsed long and he’s performing as goody as he is man jack’s three fingers three upstairs in a row. Jack’S three fingers sooning three zero. Third lpl titan. Everything is three guys. Everything is three. How many fingers am i holding up right now, three boom? Three. How many eyes do i have three? How many ears three everything’s three to keep the riftal alive jesus? He kept the rift around alive with kindred just to take a big dump on on g2 here and for the first time in three years, the lck will advance to the humongous brains, Music.

Thank you. Thank you very much for that subscription. Someone asked me: were you expecting a 19 minute game, for i expected the very one side of the game because the draft was pretty boom, but i didn’t expect uh showmaker the solo kill level four and i didn’t expect barrel to roam top and win a 2v2 That wasn’t supposed to be one and then the game was over. I didn’t expect that if um, oh, what happened what’s on earth, why did this just open up yo? What the hell? Where did this come from? Jesus? Okay? I don’t know where runescape just why runescape? Just attacked me like that, but okay, okay, so Music Applause, foreign, nice guys, i don’t know. If you see this, do you see my goosebumps see my hair? How it’s up goosebumps, yeah goosebumps holy moly man holy moly, showmaker yo, and to believe this moment got almost ruined by mother flipping rune escape it’s, just so crazy. After seeing that one play, oh i’m scared, yo i’m in it it’s just so crazy. After seeing that one plate, they just look scarier and scarier, and i didn’t think that that was possible. I feel like sooning, you really need to deliver something beautiful. Can you keep the teammates alive angel’s in he’s, not going to kill 2 0 Music? Look at that damage tan one gaming sweeping g2 off the map. Can you take a name? Okay cannot be trifled with black.

The shield flash the spot under the turret and that’s gon na be a kill, picked up, it might be been going down. No, are you kidding me style of me on the dmc, the video nuts from show maker man? This is dirty bro, Music, oh nice, nice let’s. Copyright strike them right now hook me up valenti. How do we do this thing? Obviously, i’m. Joking. This was honestly show maker mentioning faker and uh paying respect that is pump that into my veins man. I love like that man. I love things like that. Man show maker, you guys, you guys know, show maker, has uh k pop star boost man’s got k pop star boost, i think, or maybe, as an actress like some superstar, 10 million followers on instagram wore a showmaker shirt, nothing else. I am a showmaker fan. She said she’s a singer: okay, she’s a singer. Forgive me how opi is that man broken, make lck great great again, well, that’s what what’s mad you know the mindset and how some of these lck teams are built like, for example, damn one. You know that one. If they win tomorrow, that’s only the beginning, they’re going to walk away from that victory and then boom they’re going to Music freaking. What should we call it think about how they need to win the next one lck world champions don’t only win one. One is not enough: they need to win two, they need to beat three if they want to be the greatest they need to win.

Four in the case of lck lck is a dragon that is awoken. I’M, excited i’m excited not only for the match that we have tomorrow, but also the implications it’s going to have for the future. Damon was a three year project as a perfect example of management success. Well, the thing is, though, they changed coach three times during that time, they had coach kim. That was a switch basically coach, kim wasn’t, dumb in 2019, right after coach kim won worlds with ig and then 2020 was with no fee and no face seems to have found. A perfect home ghost seems to have found. Such a home makes me bitter because sandbox used to have him, you know i could have. I could have had ghost ghost. Is a fantastic player i’m excited for what’s to come? I truly am, i hope you guys are too. I hope my viewers are fans of great league legends that’s. What i’m a fan of i am biased towards great league of legends, and i am happily happily admitting that imagine. If griffin stayed together like damn one yeah, what are your bets for tomorrow? Three one wait did i say no fe. I said wrong name. Forgive me it’s zepha. I forgot super cone korea ice cream. I want to do what a super cone. I want to show you guys. This is ice cream here. I don’t know. If you see it, i don’t know for uh for korean fans that are in the chat.

You know this ice cream. I thought this was no way. No, not no zephyr. Sorry, i thought this was zephyr. I was i was like zephyr. Has this ice cream faker ice cream, zephyr ice cream? I thought it was very broken. Then it turns out. This is a different famous man, but this was my favorite favorite ice cream. When i was in korea, i said this is zepha cone, this choco and mint chocolate chip, jesus best ice cream, sorry faker ice cream, but you have nothing on this ice cream. This this ice cream right here is so so insane best ice cream in the world. Zephyr ice cream i drafted against dhamma, i thought holy. I have no chance against a man who has ice cream after him, this ice cream cheese, this choco right here this mint choco chip and choco, my goodness there is no ice cream that comes close to the taste. These two ice creams are so goddamn good. So damn delicious and this turned into an ice cream review, but this is how we do it man. This is uh. It is what it is uh, not sponsored, not sponsored at all. I wish i was sponsored by these guys: zephyr cone, there’s, faker cone and then zephyr comb. Do you think damon will prepare a counter against jax? Yes, yes, 100, 100 and then soon me show maker. Look at that broken show maker fan so open. You guys! No chance shall waker buff is too strong, he’s doing it for faker he’s doing it for himself, but he’s also doing it for her no chance.

Thank you so much for subscribing pengo soldier. I appreciate it also like her. Thank you very much for if you sneezed, you know, if you sneeze during this video, bless you and bless your face. I’Ll catch you guys on the world’s endless broadcast check out the preview of this series.