Oh no, that is bm, and let me remind you folks, for show maker and for damn one gaming. This is personable this score’s a translated quote, but he wants to crush you two into pieces as soon as possible. He said that he wanted them to be gingy. He said screw lck guaranteed in the final give me that rematch it’s just strictly worse. She is looking for the deep flank on wonder here: big arrow, oh oh, that was the biggest brain arrow we’ve, seen all tournament, my god ghost it’s, all too easy. Damn one gaming resetting some expectations, reminding g2, that not all lck teams are created equal down. One gaming gon na strike first blood in this series and not just a victory, but that one was personal. You know a lot of some fun: emotes mat, uh spam back and forth, but you know dom will reflect it on g2 yeah but fun for who fun for dom one that felt good for show maker. First, last week, after the quarter finals, he knew damon was waiting on the, and this is what dom won did after the victory just now, they’re, not just winning the game, they’re. Also, stealing your memes wow salt in the wound. Nobody uses my emotes man. I had to tip you back bro Music. Yeah enemy is unstoppable. C9. You looking for a new player or i’m going nice i’m coming i’m on the left i’m going on. Oh my let’s.

Go hey! Come here i’m, putting him to sleep yeah! We can just wake him up. Oh my god. The traveling damage is huge. Spiderman who’s gon na go in these guys are going in when i’m. Here, oh you’re all dead, you can’t run from me. Are we in korea? I, like this korea time let’s go. This is amazing, oh god, damn he’s got ta be upset. No, i am. I played kale for so long isn’t that just satisfying um i’m a nightmare part of the ace squad. Maybe no! Oh! No! Oh, no, Music, okay, Music. What my plates! God? What are you if i actually would have hit that? I would have gotten that? Yes, oh Music, do i go for this? I think i can go over the wall. Yo let’s go yo i’m, too nasty holy Applause. Wait. I got it. Music, get ready, what’s haunting me little awesome omega! Oh! Oh, my lord! If i wait for my haloblades, i actually think i can kill this guy all right, it’s up that whoops. We call that clean. I said he’s getting his are ready for what that felt. Different. Oh, oh wow, they’re left there. It is let’s, go that’s that barnard baby let’s go okay, come on he’s, so tilted i’m about to scream i’m about to scream Music tanker got him. Let me take him. I guess is that is that nice, nice, nice there you go, that was a bit greedy but it’s a much better recall, never mind’s good, ah dude, what the hell really good! Ah, Music! We can fight this huge okay, we’re opening up the play guys.