In the first six levels, sofm went for the full six camp recall clear, carson going for invade. Yes, indeed, plenty of damage here towards the sword. Are they going to land the queue magical journeys away, that’s going to be helpful, miscommunication jackie love is on the wrong side, and sofm is right behind him. Where are the teleports orion’s got to come down? When can they get away flashes across everybody to run away for this one, they will live, but it burned so many resources, lots of burst image that can come through and the archangel still takes a while to stack up and get your full value from uh. You know serif shields and stuff like that, but here’s the fight big by the bottom side. They kick one back out of him, gets the ulti off the stunts aren’t going to matter, and here comes, the re, engage first blood for angel and the teleport’s already in. For ben not gon na be answered by 369, just the ult, so it’s going to be plates, taking top side angel’s alone. Now he does have teammates, but they’re. Staying in fog of war, so from now shows himself there will be a place for our reveals as well. There go over the tp. This is a five versus three. This is the comeback pencil for top e sports angel. Not gon na have an easy way out. They land the either lay in the queue it’s gon na be a stun lock.

They should get that kill, no problem, shockwave comes in and they will find a single kill, but they expended absolutely everything to find only a single kill. Here we go drake number three on the board right now. Cars is already at half. Health angel is finding the poke and he has an extra ghost to fend for himself there’s. A stun lock, though, and they’re going to instantly delete sword. Art, jackie love, gets the kill, juan fung opens up and he’s shut down, karsa a big jump right there and suddenly no jungler on tes’s side means no chance to take the drake and that’s what femme uncontested grabs. Drake number three, oh and they’re not done here. Angel throws out another bubble. Flashes in, for some damage gets the ulti off in time they can’t kick him out. There’S gon na be a re, engage, a knock up and a kill just on ejaculate, but it’s traded one for one. Now the three on three continues: 369 ulti separates the squad for now been left alone, but he’s, so tanky he’s hard to kill. Another q is going to land the drowsy as well, not going to find it just yet, though yunja gets away so far in the first game. I mean so far so good in in this one here as well, and if, if carson ever does show up oh that’s, a there’s, a flash kick: is this slow in the juan fong he’s trying to get away? But where are you going to go? Flash is into immediately slowed, then stunned, then cleanses q’s gon na come in and shockwave finally guarantees a nice big pick means the bot.

Laner is gone cdr on top lane max cdr on the 80. Carry another hole comes off tags too, and look at this health bar for hwan fungus down below half hp, but be careful of the re, engage it’s going to be young kind of marking and stuck in the 1v5 health bars running out, tries to pop block. It tries to flash to safety. Can they finish one off the swipe fight going to come through easily for carsa, and the health bars of solo sofm is in the danger zone? Is the re engage for jackie love? Enough gets him low goes in 1v3, but is stunned and shut down. That is far too much burns. The flash to die carson finds the kill on angels, though, and they do find a single kill back ulti across the wall not going to be in too much out. They walk out to the back side. Jackie love not so successful with his risky play, and this is definitely an aggressive move that you know and associate with him trying to flash in for that kill. But there it is sword. Art kills. The team on you know accidentally, but now the fight towards ben. He is slow, he’s going to be in a really bad spot. I mean he’s got flash but it’s just not going to matter. You don’t have a good way out of this. One kill comes through to 3 6 9 on that magis. After the consecutive plays here from top esports yeah 25 seconds left on the horn, he does have teleport once he arrives.

Sofm no ulti but does have smite, and they got ta be careful about what this one’s gon na look like it’s a 5v4. They found the stun on angel this time over the wall. Jackie love finds the damage. He needs easy pick right there and it’s sofm against the world. Now now ben could tp in 10 seconds some time bought by sword. Art, oh it’s, going to come through steal. The blue, i do believe – maybe some got it, but regardless the baron is still being attacked and sofm cannot join this one. Okay, 5. 000. Gold, the red bull baron. I think it’s going to be more than 1500 in this game. It feels like they’ve got what they need. Sword, art gon na, be found out, though right in front of the opposing team, but the knock up comes through for orton they’re, gon na kill, jackie love yet again. His third death of the game and it’s time to run away from poor leona ben gon na flash for the knock up, and they may just find that kill the clap almost found. He can’t quite reach this target and they will get away a shockwave on a two forces, the oats, but they could find knight he’s forced to flash away now as well. But there could be more no root just yet for juan fung knight, not gon na. Go to sleep just barely going now for tes, like the the team, fights are gon na.

Look so good for them. They’Ve got well here we go ward over the wall. Looking at sofm, they’re gon na find a lot of cc. The kick of the wall can make it easy. They can find this kill no problem, but he’s gon na get back to safety. Looking at the kill already, though, the solo on one side of the ezreal on the other sink this series so far, that is a death cap on top of that stacked metric by the way, oh, but it might not be 15 stacks anymore. He’S gon na find himself slowed, shockwave on three still killed off sword art the target carson got to go bowling yet again, but is it going to be enough? The barrels, it’s 800 damage and a flash follow and cars is here. Can he find the kill on his old teammate? They played 200 games together right now, swan fun back over the wall. He finds a low health bar. He can’t go for any more though another kill comes across sooning. Take the fight two to one. So far, two one and two still regardless stone plate their warmups coming up soon we have 95 percent crit chance for three six nine until it becomes not any higher. Sofm has to oh they’re, going to kick him out of the respite and jacqueline finds the kill plus they find a stun onto sword. Art and karsa follows he followed him to china. He’S gon na follow him for a kill if he can that’s gon na be sort of just barely living, but they’ve killed, juan fung and it’s.

Only three left alive for suning they’re running away as fast as they can just signal the end of game. Two of five thousand six thousand seven thousand gold lead. The turrets are going to fall down inside this nexus and when can the defense even begin, they find cc? They look for the target, but you don’t want to go for tank bar. They will knock down the turrets and they will go for the next itself, but angel is not fighting any damage. Ben is back on the fountain and top esports. No, they have done the job tied the series one to one and we got a series on our hands mark it off with a bingo card.