Our first build video ever on the channel, but y’all boys bro. I’M. Sorry that the video came out earlier, because you know saying your boys start school today, boo yeah, you know i’m saying we started school today, bro which is it’s trash, but you know what i’m saying it’s whatever but i’m, still trying to record these vids for y’all. This week probably be dropping videos almost every day. I want to drop them around 12.. Some around there, i don’t know i’m, probably gon na drop this every day for y’all and and later in this video. I i stay tuned to the end i’m gon na tell more details about the giveaway and, yes, it did and or it is ending today, so you still have until 12 to do all the stuff, but i’m gon na tell more i’m gon na talk about it. More at the end, but but what’s my name subscribe to. I still look so omar. Oh, oh yeah! I think i look y’all loki just up to him. You know what i’m saying but you’re telling me so let’s go into this y’all. 2K did add some new pie, charts believe it or not like if y’all can’t tell this was the bp um build and y’all too they they nerfed some builds like and if y’all boys want me to post the top three nerf builds. I got y’all boys with that, but you always let me know in the comment section if i really should upload that video or make that video.

You know what i’m saying, but but this one’s different too, but the one we’re going with today is the one from this. The play making shot creator pie chart the sharps the big one about somebody show you the best dropship playmaker. You know i’m saying and of course, you’re picking the most speed, of course, but y’all make sure to make it exactly how i’ll make it bro. So how does not send everything up right there, air up where everything’s shooting, except for post fade except for post, fade and put free, throw down one or you could keep it up low key doesn’t, really matter, it’s, not really going to change. Nothing put both of these up just only pass accuracy and ball handle then i’m gon na sell your defensive, rebounding maximum interior perimeter, lateral still and then just to get that eighth badge max out your offensive rebound. You know i’m saying y’all, look at this bro. We have all this good play, making and shooting, and we have defense bro and we have defense. We well. One thing we missing is finishing, but we’re, not even missing finishing like that it’s just our our stats are good it’s. Just we don’t have the badges, but we even got the badges for defense, so you better go crazy on that got ta make him compact. You know i’m saying you: don’t have to that’s all always up to you. I’M gon na make them compact bro i’m.

Making my build 6’5 a lot of people like to have smaller point guards, but i love having a big point guard because it’s just i don’t know, i feel like this better. Have a bigger point guard. You know what i’m saying i know you already be. Like 84 ball handle you can’t speed, booster, guys, looking sweet boots out there, making like one shot and either way you can be a speed boost off rip. If you, even just hitting 96 you’re, going to be at a speed, boost off rip which is going to be lit, all you got to do is not saying: go crazy, go just get up to 96 and be experienced, offer it. But even even though i see, even though, even without that, you’re still going to be able to speed boost after making a shot or even making a layup we’re going to go all the way down to 180, get that extra speed and acceleration i’m saying we have Guards so we got to get that extra speed, acceleration we’re going to keep the wingspan exactly how it is because we’re not touching none of that other stuff. You know i’m saying because look we go up. Don’T want to touch the shooting it it like nah i’m, trying to i’m trying to get to the point actually loki think about it. Y’All boys, nah we’re, not doing that. Actually, we is doing this. We doing just like this just cause simple fact that think about it.

Think about it, like this and 99 nope we’re not doing that nah we’re not doing that we’re keeping it we’re keeping it default. Wingspan and i know a lot of people – don’t want to go sharp. I was really thinking about sharp heavy. I was like man start taking us i’m. Definitely not slashing, but this build definitely not is either one of these three and if y’all, if y’all be in my streams, you know i love my spin jumper, so i have to go. I have to go shot green again, bro see y’all boys. We have made a playmaking shot creator, not saying steph, curry, steve nash, malcolm those don’t, even really matter. Why people believe that so much that, if or whatever it says there, that means what you’re, what your bill is a comparison to. No, it kind of like steph curry, but you saw malcolm brought them steve nash. On there come on now. You know we only got one we’re gon na go, let’s go contact, might as well and y’all the thing about shooting this year. Bro, you don’t need green machine that high that how we was doing it before you know i’m saying ranger center that’s hall of fame hot zone hall of fame, dead eye hall of fame. Tell me y’all, and this year we have. We we don’t have no know what you call it. We have no um, no uh quick job bruh, we have, we don’t have no quick draw this year, so we don’t have to worry about no quick job, bro and y’all boys.

All these badges could vary. You could decide what you want to do, but low key. I might have to go like this or also i’m thinking about going like this, but for right now, actually right now, i’m, keeping like that i’m keeping like that play making. I got ta help my teammates so i’m going for general. A lot of people want to put diamond floor general, but i’ll. Look you think about the pencil i play with and stuff i mean depends who i’m playing with at the moment. What i’ll do got ta play that quick, first step, putting this over what i’m saying and then space creator? Actually, no, we put tight handles, then our defensive, badges, clamps gold, not saying i got to put that the highest. You can go ten later gold and it said they’re, silver, simple, so y’all, but all together we have eight hall of fame, badges, four gold, badges, two silver and one brahms. I was gon na do gameplay for y’all, but then i thought i was like bro bro. We we we don’t, have our own jump shot. We don’t have the jump shot that we want. So i was like bro, you know what i would do it, but i would just i’m just you know what i’m saying hold out the gameplay or if you already do want the gameplay. Let me know because i’m still recording some more stuff. Let’S start more videos for y’all to do but yeah yeah boys so basically not saying oh yeah i’m.

Here to give away details. Look so y’all boys bro, we gon na be uploading or i’m trying or the plan is to upload the 1k q a on saturday quarter friday, upload saturday because, like i said i’m going to be dropping drop and build this every day record chord demo. I said demo recorder with the only 1k q a on friday, upload saturday. I need y’all boys to send me more questions. We only have like 11 questions. I need more questions bro, but uh, but the winners will be announced on saturday or that’s. What the target is target is to get that bid out on saturday brad. You know what i’m saying you always make sure to share the vid for the for i and i’m gon na keep making more vids for y’all more especially more build. This and y’all boys tell me what nba players you want me to do when the game really comes out. I’M gon na drop all types of build vids on players like kyrie, steph, lebron, luca giannis. You know what i’m saying but and bro i’m telling you that tell me y’all boys got a topley nerf build video if y’all really want that. Vid. Just tell me in the comment section you always let me know in the comment section.