I actually did have a pre recorded video planned for this second upload of the day, but this just happened on the timeline and i honestly thought it was too exciting not to talk about on the channel pretty entertaining stuff once again from the call of duty community. There is never a dull moment on the timeline in the cod scene and even though this season might have been the best for a number of reasons, the entertainment factor in terms of the drama and the player back and forth, i suppose, has been better than ever. In my opinion, good for the channel, of course like, if you guys enjoyed the video subscribe if you’re new. As always, i would greatly appreciate it make sure you don’t miss any of the upcoming content over the next few days and, of course, my coverage of the world championship weekends coming up august 29th august 30th, only a couple of days away as you guys watch this Video, i imagine, if you’re, watching it relatively close to the upload time, as most of you do let’s jump into things then, before we get into this drama that went down. I wanted to mention this, as you can see on screen from charlie intel, the caller duty league has teamed up with designer sharon barber to create this actual throne. Now only one of these is being created rather than five. I thought maybe they were creating one for every single team.

It was pretty funny right. I was kind of mind blown when i saw this it’s going to look something like this. It hasn’t actually been a made like it. The actual one hasn’t been created yet but it’s going to look something like this octane sound then says people are winning a throne for sitting in their herman miller’s at home on the toy like on the playstation, and some people are replying to this saying like. Oh, you know if a beezy and symbol whatever, if the face guy guys win it, then their feet, won’t even touch the floor or whatever and well that was kind of personal really given what we’re about to discuss in a couple of minutes time here also some Stuff on the world championship um at least the plans for the world championship weekends at the end of the video but let’s. Firstly, talk about this a little bit of drama that went down a few minutes ago. We get this from waskin and stream will be starting late because we are starting a scrim at 45 minutes late, see you shortly and um. Well, you know talking about who he’s been screaming and we talked the other day about some of these pro teams. Of course, london, world ravens in the final four champs we’ve got atlanta phase dallas empire in the winners finals, chicago huntsman, will be playing against the royal ravens in the very first match of in that kind of losers.

Semi finals, the winner of that, will go on to play the loser of atlanta face dallas and the winner of that goes on to rematch the winner, who went all the way through winners bracket in the grand finals. As we have discussed so difficult time for london. But they have been screaming against the likes of atlanta phase, the likes of dallas empire because they’re not playing them immediately in the tournaments. They certainly wouldn’t want to scrim against chicago huntsman for anything they might potentially give away. We also talked about how some of these pro teams are playing, some of the top amateur guys like parasites, team and that’s, but um yeah. We weren’t exactly clear exactly who he was talking about being late to scrims, but then it became increasingly obvious. Simp then replies just had to get you guys back for the thousands of times. You guys showed up late to ask him. Sorry, brother, triple estimation mark two wrongs: don’t make a right, bro come on man and um, then don’t tweet about a scream being late. When you know damn well every time we play you guys in the scrim, you guys are always late. So some comment at the neck here of waskin, but then of course, um. The real deal is when a beezy starts piping back in the thread you chalked one set of scrims a couple of weeks ago to go, play a war zone. Tony come on brother and um i’m gon na talking about this wool zone tony a few weekends ago, and they they well apparently skip the scrims against the face clan to actually play that tournament and as waskin then says, we now start finals in three days.

That is the difference this time around and a beezy of course comes back in reply. We didn’t know – or we wouldn’t have been this late – not exactly sure what it means we didn’t know. Maybe he didn’t know it was scheduled for that time, because i mean they. Obviously know that finals are in three days. This is the first time this year we have ever been late. Couldn’T say the name can say the same for your team. Let me restate this: you chalked scrims with a week left until playoffs to play a war zone. Tourney and um, you know waskin. There says a week left 23 days ago, so whiskey got ta, get out the receipts. I suppose stop talking trash, you midgets, so it was good, absolutely uh, going off on this one and then, of course the beezy not wanting to go down lightly comes back with his own receipts, hate to say it brother, but your career against me has been an Utter embarrassment and he brings out twelve reciprocity versus a united in the black ops four season. 6 0 series. Total 18 and three map counts a lot of three o’s couple of three ones. Well, one three one, one three, two against the reciprocity squad last season. Then he brings out what it looks like this season for london royal ravens against the atlanta phase, three one: three: zero three one over the course of it, so um yeah, i mean obesity – is coming back at this and then of course, oh well.

Waskin comes back again and says i ain’t denying how good you are on the six, and that was never part of the conversation have a good day. My g and scraps then says i haven’t had it absolutely rattled, so he starts talking because i am in tears. So i’m yeah just great entertainment once again and of course the the consequence of this, i suppose, is looking at the potential of these guys matching up. We did talk a couple of weeks ago about this, exceed versus um well exceed on the minnesota, rocker and then draza and the other guys really tj and co on the up to gaming, los angeles squad. Looking at when xc talked about the scrims and then minnesota were dominating up to gaming, los angeles and scrims and then just a couple of weekends later they do play a champ. So we talked about that drama at the time and the possibility of those two teams matching up. We said that probably new york were favorites against minnesota in round one. Probably oglea are favorites against lag and the losers round one and therefore that’s, probably a likely match up, it does happen and we get the consequences of that when oh well, that whole drama went on down on twitter a few days ago. Now, who knows whether this happens? Maybe it’s not overwhelmingly likely i mean phase versus empire and the winners brackets and obviously ibiza is a phenomenal player. Right like he was one he would be one of the very first players.

I would pick up onto my franchise team if i got the luxury of creating one but um yeah. I mean, of course, him on the face clown with all those other guys. They’Re gon na be a tough squad to be i’m. Definitely gon na be talking about predictions on probably the saturday just before some of the matches go live but yeah. This is certainly a matchup which fazer, maybe slight favorites in, but you know i’m kind of thinking. This weekend that maybe empire, maybe we saw that clip at the end of the video a couple of days ago. Now maybe it was yesterday with a closer hyping up hook and that kind of a camaraderie, maybe doesn’t, exactly exist on phase to the same degree, and maybe when it comes down to crunch time and you need clay string, crimson the kind of veterans to step up At a world championship, they might do so so i’m, almost kind of favoring empire going into this one, and maybe it’s only a 55 45 or something like that and then of course, royal ravens have to get past huntsman. If this drama in this matchup was to happen, um – which of course, would be pretty exciting, i’m, not exactly sure they will get past huntsman, i feel like another game. Five win for the huntsman definitely could be on the cards here. But who knows right? Ravens have been decent in their game, fives as well.

The clutch factor seems to be coming back. I mean shawnee’s been playing fantastic huntsman don’t want to challenge him on over mazda right now, zero’s playing better and better. So definitely, royal ravens. Look like a scary force and huntsman could underestimate them to some degree. It’S not out of the question huntsman go into this one, concentrating on that loser’s final match and maybe ravens get the better of them on a couple of the respawns and closes out in a game. Five or something like that. Not out of the realm is a possibility. These guys have had relatively close matchups in the past, so if ravens do get through and they were having to play faze what would happen then right i mean looking at the uh, i suppose the receipts that are busy brought it’s going to be a tough job For wasking to the boys to get past the atlanta phase um, you know they haven’t lost too well. I was gon na have to beat at a busy at ages or whatever and, as you said in this tweet thread here, you know your career has been an utter embarrassment against me. Probably that would continue, i suppose, if it does go to the losers finals, to be honest because i’m, not predicting anyone that i’m not predicting raven’s a big phase in that matchup, but who knows right? Whichever way it goes probably going to be some stuff on twitter, if that does happen, of course, ibiza then quickly follows up with hope.

Everyone is having a great day, and just before we finish the video. I wanted to continue that theme really of talking about the um. I suppose the throw that was created at the start of the video and people were also talking about how you know thrown fit for a king right like his company gon na, come through and make it who knows, and that’ll be a pretty cool storyline as well. But this is what cod gamepedia comes out to say from this article from the verge, which i will leave, links down below cdl champs broadcast will feature a virtual bunker miles and some of the other casters we’re talking about some of the things they’re really excited for Going into the world championship, at least from a viewing perspective, and this may be one of them – the bunker will broadcast talent as they go over the competition in between games. It will also be home to a virtual trophy celebration in you, of course, the in person. One this is the screenshot and it’s full of full glory. I suppose glory isn’t, given here on the left and right hand, side virtual, trophy in the middle, not exactly sure what’s going on here or exactly how they’re gon na make this work, but it’s being hosted. Like virtually in a bunker in the dance, the city, i suppose in which war zone is based, so yeah, really quite interesting, stuff, i’m, not exactly sure how this is going to work out.

Am i going to have to like drop into warzone and go into the bunker, and no one else is going to be able to kill me or something like that to make it work, or will this also be available as like an online virtual thing, or i Can just go to a website and experience the same thing. I would if i was in game still pretty cool stuff, not exactly sure how they’re going to work the trophy celebration, but still somehow well some more details to be determined hope you guys enjoyed the video like if you did subscribe, if you’re new, as always i’d Greatly appreciate it, thank you very much for watching and i will see you next time. Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, um Applause; next hardpoint let’s go enemies taking the secure Applause; oh Applause, Applause.