You know if there’s any updates throughout the day. I will let you know on an update which we’ve continuously kept doing a live. Update and uh, hopefully, you’ll keep up to the lead united transfer news with uh, with with with the room mill and um we’re back again with the sponsor ship bikes make sure you go check those guys out, it’ll be on screen. Now everything you can get there tailored designed and customized to each and every motorcycle uh need so make sure you go check those guys out as well guys. I have set up a patreon account in the link in the description below. If you want to check that out, if you want to help with the channel help the channel’s growth, please do check that out. Lovely excuse the exclusive streams um, all your bits and bats down there on the patreons check that out, if you’re interested, if you’re, not no problem and um yeah let’s get into it. Obviously, the discord server is in the link below as well, but the big transfer news today i’ve got a little bit of a special from a brazilian correspondent at leeds united brazilian correspondent and giovanni who is been absolutely fantastic and now i’ve been trying to figure out The the interest in arthur cabral uh he’s, the the transfer that leads, are apparently uh going in for and have actually submitted a bid as well, which is it’s huge news and something that we’ve not heard really before with legion and in terms of submitting bids.

We’Ve inquired we’ve inquired, but we’ve not submitted, and this indication this publication in brazil has has come out and said in portuguese, essentially leads have actually submitted a bid for article browse. So i wanted to get the lowdown on this and i got the help of giovanni who runs a leeds. United brazil it’s been a leads fan since league one, which i find absolutely crazy, but there you go just shows the reach of the club so i’m just going to put geo on screen now. So i hope you enjoyed guys and uh. Hopefully, this gives you a little bit of an indication of what we can expect from article brow. Could you see him um, starting above patrick bamford yeah? I don’t know, if i i guess they played similarly, but not quite exactly the same um and, of course i i can’t watch uh patrick bunford uh, as well as watching cabral some years ago um. I guess cabral has a little bit more of mobility. He could play from the wings. He could play a little uh in behind the soul, striker uh, but in this recent years, uh with basel, he played as the number nine position, which is what benford plays in leads. I guess so i i can see i can. I can see them playing uh the same position, but i can also see them playing a little bit together. Yeah, and would you describe him i’ve seen a lot of outlets describing him as a real clinical finisher is that is that what he is? Yes, i guess so uh if you watch his highlights from this um years with ciara or basil, there’s some place that he like finishes just where he should um and with great power too.

So i guess he can somehow find the space to to finish uh. Even if it’s he’s, on a run, if he receives the ball inside the box, if it’s a header, he’s a great header um, i guess he just finds the way to finish and, as you said, he’s a clinical finisher. And what would you say his main strengths? Are i guess, even for beyonce one of his great strengths is he can adapt to whatever his team is playing if his team is playing counter attack, he he’s great on runs. If his team is playing uh high pressure, he’s strong, he can um, he can get on one on one with the defender and and wins every 50 50.. So he adapts very well and he’s. Very technical um, like we said, he’s a clinical finisher. He has great great skills on the ball um. I guess this is one of his strengths that the elf is looking for, and would you say that he could fit into this league united side pretty? Well? Yes, i guess so uh i we are. We are looking forward to every signing, leads could have, but i took a bra. Was one of that got me most excited about it, because i, i really don’t think it would be the most crucial player for lee united if uh the deal goes through, but he could add a lot to the squad in terms of um being very flexible. That can play in lots of positions and technically, of course, maybe he doesn’t get the starting 11 position right at start, but um, i guess at least he would maintain the level we have on our first uh 11 team uh coming from the bench so guys.

I hope you’ve enjoyed that geo is his channel is link. Everything is in the description below. As i said, the reach is absolutely unbelievable and it just shows what an incredible club this is and the sort of levels that leads united can get to is is absolutely scary, and i hope you enjoyed that little bit of content. But he sounds like a really exciting, striker, really exciting, striker, only 22 23 years of age, and i think from what i’ve been reading it’s the prospect of playing in the premier league. I believe he only signed a new contract very very recently, and he’s got sort of got part ownership as well, which is very interesting as well, whether or not we have to uh. You know supply, i believe it is uh palmyras, i believe, with the transfer and then supplement basel as well, but it is it’s one of those deals that could be a little bit complicated just in terms of transfer fee. What money goes where, but that’s, not for us to worry about in the extra ball it was announced as well. That leads sort of have a a 75 million to 100 million pound bid transfer budget. I believe obviously go check that out the extra ball, but the square ball do some really good content, but with regards to cabral, this would fit in now, as geo said, he’s not sure if he would be a starter, but his attributes fit leeds united’s style of Play which is really good his hold up play his ability to technically link with all the other players within the legionnaires side is something that is paramount, obviously, for us to progress into the the transitional formats.

You know, if leads need to go along, we can go along, we don’t do it often, but if we need to we can, which is something that you know. For example, brentford have been managed to have been able to do with watkins. I think that’d be a development of leeds’s game that would get us out of potential trouble in the premier league and and coping with pressure. If we can’t, you know deal with the press at some points, i think cabral would be able to make that he’s. Very. Very strong, very, very strong and and the big one i wanted to get out of that interview with jio was how clinical he is now. He sounds like an absolute beast in terms of strength, but how clinical he is and how he’s able to finish chances is something that i’m very, very excited about, and something that i think, would warrant a 20 million negotiation fee. I think they were priced at about 16 to 18 million um, just in terms of in terms of the the ballpark fee. So i don’t know whether or not that’s going to rise, but we’ll have to wait and see, but he’s he’s got a decent record. A very decent record in in europe 18 goals in ‘ appearances setting up six and a lot of people are saying you know: can he make that transition? Can he make that transition? Well? The only way we can make that transition is if leeds do get that deal done and if we’re able to see you know, can he make that transition well, let’s see let’s get him in the premier league there’s been so many players.

Who’Ve come from europe, who’ve managed to sink into the premier league very well and marcelo bielsa, and this leeds united team and backroom staff would not be going for a player who wouldn’t fit in with this squad. It just wouldn’t happen and, like i was saying, with mitchie batshuayi, the other night it’s it’s about egos and then they’ll know that the leads back room staff or you know, kenya, bielsa, etc. They’Ll know that it’s about egos in this side and it’s getting the right people in at the right time, and i think they’ve had problems with that with people like jka, but people like um cabral, i presume there’s gon na be more intensive, scouting work, not only On the individual and how he plays football, but his personality can he fit into the changing room, and i feel that that is the whole ball. The ballpark of leaders, recruitment, which i think that adds an extra strand of quality and um and something that we can. We can definitely uh look at as a favorable strand to our recruitment because you know it’s not just about the tactics on the field it’s about off the field as well. I think it is vital, absolutely vital, but yeah, obviously within brazil being brazilian, i thought geo would give a really good um insight and as well apparently he’s dire he’s directly involved in a goal. Every 106 minutes, which is a staggering statistic, an absolutely staggering statistic and something that we’ve got to keep our eye on in terms of if he can do that in the premier league, now, obviously he’s doing it in the in the top league in switzerland, but the Levels are completely different, but i think it is one of those where um we we could get that done and and if he does come to leeds, it would be very interesting to see if that was the strike search over with we’ve seen loads of stuff about Nico gonzalez 20 million pounds.

We definitely know who’s at the changing uh. Sorry thought so, whether or not that’s going to get done. We don’t know about that. Could it be cabral and could it be nico gonzalez as well, because apparently he was there looking around the ground as well and seeing seeing what was going on there so that’s that’s, definitely something very interesting to look out for as well, so yeah guys the next Room that i wanted to touch on is robin cock, um joke, as you will um, but yeah it’s, apparently, a really good player, apparently he’s a definitive alternative we’re. Looking at in terms of if ben white doesn’t work out now he’s, only young featured heavily um for freiburg and apparently he’s, going to be very, very, very intertwined with the german national team going forward. As that a lot of suitors, tottenham, benfica and many others are still looking at to acquire his services, but if leads go absolutely hammer and tong. If the ben white signature doesn’t happen, that’s a wonderful bit of business. For me, a really good bit of business i’ve been doing a little bit of research on him. He’S, a big lad, six foot, three six foot four depends on your tape measure and but it’s only his third season in bundesliga football, and apparently he is one of the standouts in terms of defensive football, he’s, very good at passing out from the back 89 passing Rate – and you can see straight away there with that statistic, why leads are interested could help us as well? Aerially i mean aerial is something that we’ve not been good at for years, but if someone like him comes in, he could fit that mold of those actually being dangerous from corners actually having a target man with cabral there as well an absolute unit, a strong unit.

It could offer a different dimension to leeds united’s offensive play and if we can get something like that sorted and get that over the line, that would be something i’d be you know, i’d be really excited because it’s, a different element of player that leads can um Leads can leads, can you know use utilize, but he played for in the bundesliga 2 from 16 to 17, very effective and uh. One thing i’ve got on my notes here, which is really interesting. The freiburg number five is averaging 65 for aerial challenges, so he’s an absolute monster but um a lot of players who’s been compared to the natural one is javi martinez, which is uh just i think, it’s in terms of his range of passing his versatility along the Back line as well, but the fact that he gets the ball looks to go forward continuously that keyword. I love maraud he’s able to marauder at the defense and cause other teams, problems create space for his midfield players, he’s attacking players and obviously hitting the balls at the wings. So the wingers can go at the full backs, it’s something that if we can do that transitionally very very quickly, then you know that’s going to be something that surprises a lot of um premier league teams. But what i liked, when i was doing a little bit of research on on robin cock, is the fact that his continuous uh there was a continuous reference for him and it is the enforcer the enforcer which i love.

You know i remember back in the day that was what vinnie jones was referred to as but um he sort of has a tremendous willingness to get stuck in now, whether or not that’s going to come unstuck for him. With regards to var in the premier league that could you know i spoke earlier about that that hindering calvin, i think that you know is he’s. The ability to get stuck in is brilliant, but var is just so timid. I think that he’d send you off for absolutely anything we’ve seen with calvin’s tackles at qpr, and you know all the sorts that he has got that in his locker liam cooper said you take that out of his game, you ruined a little bit of of calvin Phillips and maybe that’s the same thing with um robin cock, but but it’s. One of those things that if, if leads, can get these two deals over the line. That could be something that’s going to be extremely exciting for leeds fans everywhere, because these two have got serious promise and as well guys there’s been an interesting development with ben white. Obviously, speaking about robin cock there, but it’s been an interesting development in terms of apparently graham potter has come out and said that he wants to see ben white play before he makes his decision on whether or not to offer him a new and improved. I presume they’re going to sort of double his contract: that’s what’s been rumored um and whether or not he’s good in training.

Obviously we knows leeds fans, i presume he’s, going to be excellent in training, but the development as well. The extensive development is the fact that lewis dunk, apparently not according to the you know credible sources for me, but apparently chelsea have put 40 million bid in i’ve. Seen a lot of fans saying that dunk could play at a very high level. So, whether or not i’ve not seen enough of lewis dunk, so i couldn’t give you sort of that validation, but apparently he’s, very, very uh, close to a move to a different club. You know – and i don’t know whether or not brighton resigned to that. Let me know in the comment section below brighton fans: if you are watching what you think of lewis, dunks potential move, but is ben white going to be that seamless, um replacement for dunk? I mean i personally think he would be excellent at the back good we’re. Good at passing the ball out from the back as well. This this whole potter ball. They all go on about so i don’t know whether or not ben white’s been looked at. Is that future and i’d understand why to be honest with england sniffing around as well? But apparently it is looking likely that it is going to be. There is going to be a new contract offered for brighton, a very extensive contract offer. So whether or not we don’t know if ben white was just upset with the contract, offer and denied it or whether or not he actually doesn’t want to be a brighton player but watch this space.

I think leeds are going to have some clear understanding of how that’s going to go forward very, very soon and um. A really interesting one to just end on really ivan perisic, 13.5 million and apparently tottenham and leeds are massively massively interested. As you would be. I mean scoring the night against barcelona in the semi finals. It would be a laugh wouldn’t it if you just randomly came to leeds, but it wouldn’t surprise me it’s, just it’s just how it works in in transfer windows. You know you get some stunning moves and perisic to leads would be obviously so versatile that word that we always talk about here on the in full swing with conor mcgilligan youtube channel versatility with bielsa is something that is uh just founded in all of his values. Ethics, morals, playing style, et cetera, et cetera, so versatility is something that perisics is known for left right up front center. Second midfield he’s playing in center midfield as well in his career he’s, been at some top top club. So whether or not these can get that over the line, i have no idea, but that will be an interesting and very decent signing and that’s. It guys that’s it so far. Hopefully, we’re gon na hear something um throughout the week and i’ll keep you updated with a few live streams as well that are gon na you know sort of wet in your lips.