The fixture list that was uh released and it turns out the newcastle leaks were completely wrong. Couldn’T be couldn’t have been further from from the truth. Our first fixture is going to be away at liverpool. Oh, oh now see i’m pretty sure i stated in in my in my vid that a team like a liverpool is is the last team that i want to uh start the campaign off against and that’s, not because you know there’s such a good outfit and they’re. Probably going to batter us completely, i actually think it’s going to be the opposite. I think the start of the season is the best time to play one of these uh one of these kind of frighteningly frightening frighteningly good teams. We saw it with norwich and man city at the start of the season. There is more of a chance for these big teams to slip up and trip over we’ll be more of a banana skin. They’Re, not you know, they’re not up to speed yeah they’re, not in kind of a flow, and there are still kind of this unknown quantity about leads. So i think it’s a good time to play liverpool if we’re looking to get something out of that, i reckon we could you know we are just as likely to win as we are to lose. That – and i mean a draw – is never likely with the marcelo bls aside, but i don’t think it’s necessarily a bad time to play.

Liverpool i’m, not scared of them. Not at this point in the season uh, i i think we will be a banana skin. They won’t be on a on a completely dominant winning run. Obviously you need to take into account the fact that liverpool, they you know they were unbeaten last year up until watford uh in in the latter, half latter half of the season. So you would be a fool you, you you’re deluded, if you think that it’s going to be an easy game, of course, it’s going to be tough, but we have a chance nursing. The reason i’m disappointed is because this was a fixture that i wanted to be. I wanted to be there, i wanted to be in the ground and i have the opportunity to out sing the liverpool uh, the liverpool fans, because you know i hear i hear a lot of um. A lot of a lot of fancy are making fun of leads and and hating on us and it’s a good thing. A lot of them are jealous they’re jealous because they’re, not us, but our fan base is the best thing about this club and you know consistently know going rain or shine going to these away days and showing showing the boys the love that we do. The premier league needs that, and they needs to see this so for the games at anfield old trafford, the emirates, to have to have us there supporting, supporting, leads and out singing all those home fans.

I think it will be such a special moment so that’s. Why i’m really disappointed that we’ve got liverpool? First, let me know, let me know in the comments whether or not you think we’ll be able to. You know, pull out a win. I think it’s definitely possible, but i’ll do a preview closer to the time and i’ll go more in depth there. But we’re going to jump straight into the transfer news of the morning now and it’s uh it’s come out that leeds have had our third bid for ben white turned down by brighton. They haven’t changed their start, it’s the same view. This bid was 25 mil. With add ons that would have taken it closer to 30 and breitner said you know: we’re not interested jog on ben white also reportedly turned down a third contract offer from from brian. You know at this point there are you you’ve got to start looking objectively at the price, what other players are available for 30 mil thiago from buy munich, that’s 30 mil player that liverpool were looking at and – and the topic i wanted to kind of talk about – Is you know is: is benway overhyped? Is he over hyped because he’s british we’ve seen very recently that british players tend to inflate prices? I mean look at the look at the robbery that man united have have gone through spending 80 million on mcguire 50 million on aaron, juan pasaka they’re, looking to spend over 100 million on jaden sancho when it comes to british players in the premier league, the price Inflates now i’m not trying to come across, as you know, bitter that that we’re not going to be able to kind of get ben white or get that deal across like.

I think he is a phenomenal player and i would love him as part of our team. But you know i think, at this price you know we’re looking uh robin cook, uh and he’s available. I mean. Let me let me read you this uh angus kinney did an interview with bbc radio leads and in it he we asked him about uh cook and, although he wasn’t kind of addressed by name directly, he said if it’s not been white, we have other options that Are at advanced stages, and we will be closing in on one of them soon, and these this is the ben y alternative. It looks like hoga is interested in coming over to leeds here’s, something else that kenya said on it we’re in a good position. People want to play for leeds in the premier league and we can attract a different caliber of player. We’Re talking about a german international we’re working hard on it and fans should be confident that we’ve got strong plans in the pipeline. So it’s looking very possible that this this could get done and it needs to be done sooner rather than later. You know. Coke could be available for 15 million, which is half the price of ben white for arguably ability wise a player that is of the same caliber of the same quality. Obviously, it’s going to take him more time to get used to bielsa’s system and adapt to the style of play, but he will get there be also will coach him to be just as good? Are we paying 15 million pound extra on top of that for ben white, because he’s british? Why is ben? Why 30 mil and coke is only valued at around 15.

? I think it’s time to bring in the free book defender. I would love to see him uh partnered up with coops, obviously it’s gon na take a little bit of time for them to gel, but when they do it’s gon na be a pretty fierce and defensive combination and just think about the extra 15 mil that we Would have then to put towards another player it’s starting to make sense to move away from ben white. For me, the other big news that happened overnight is the leads appear to be in for rodrigo from valencia. Now valencia, going through a complete financial crisis. At the moment, it was reported that they haven’t been able to pay their players all year, and as a result of that, we are we’re kind of jumping in there looking to poach some players and rodrigo is the main one named, and this is this is quite A staggering uh: this is quite a staggering a project, a bit of ambition from leeds. Just a year ago, rodrigo was valued at 60 million, with barcelona in for him and with the whole situations, that’s been going on, he’s lost 60 percent of value and he’s worth about 25 million. Now we can very easily move to sign him. What a coup that would be, i think, rodrigo himself stated that he wanted to play for a top tier european club, but if we’re able to meet the kind of the demands that valencia need i’m, not sure they’re in a position to turn it down and it Doesn’T at the moment, look as if there are any other teams in the race for him rodrigo is a little bit injury prone.

He was sidelined towards the end of the season with an injury, but you know the stats are good, he’s. Incredibly, pacey um seven goals, something like that, and it all comes back to what we’re talking about with leeds now being able to attract a different caliber of player. We’Re able to attract a little bit of extra quality and all the reports now are coming are now stating that leads are closing in on several deals. The bielsa deal you know with fingers crossed that it’s happening by this week. It doesn’t look like ben white is going to be happening, so coke, robin coke is an alternative. Can we get rodrigo over the line? Yeah, the valencia striker looks like we’re in there we’re making moves for these players that’s going to be it for me today, a quick little dive back into the to some of the transfer news. Please, let me know if you enjoyed the video leave a like comment.