All the boys stare can’t, help it it’s a habit, clothes that she wears short skirt and a jacket. I just want to get her all alone on a mattress. I just wan na have it: i just got ta Music, so i need a private session. If you get what but she’s got me captivated, so the game i’m gon na play it yeah Music baby show me baby. Show me: Music, Music, oh Music. I heard you had a couple boyfriends. I heard they didn’t treat you right. I heard you’re hated by your girlfriends cause. All the guys want you tonight, yeah they say she’s too hot. They say she’s too cold. Where she came from. Nobody really knows they said she looks young, but since she jackson from everything i’ve heard she gets out of, she was sent control, the heavens but i’m, not too sure that this girl is a blessing. She’S got the devil’s eyes and they’ll cut you like a weapon. She’S stuck in my mind, like a bad obsession, got bad intentions. She’S got a body like a coke Music baby show me Music, oh Music, Music, i’m Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music yeah. They say that she’s alive yeah, the whispers all around say she has a reputation.