com at uk who’s, going to give us a little bit of a profile on rodrigo leeds, obviously massively interested in rodrigo at valencia. Valencia in a massive trouble. At the minute, with financial implications, which is leeds fans, we know all about from um, past endeavors, so we’ve got we’ve got reuben with us here reuben. How are you doing mate yeah? Very well, thanks yourself, yeah, not too bad, not too bad. So i guess the first question ruben with regards to rodrigo is well on a basic level. What could we expect if he, if he um, if he moves to leeds united um well, you’d, be getting a very a very good striker? First and foremost, he um? I think the best thing about him that would suit leeds is that he’s very complete as a player um back when he first joined valencia. He played often from the wing occasionally as a lone striker, quite often in the last three years as um. One of the front two alongside camaro or maxi gomez, so he can do a bit of everything: um he’s, he’s, 29. So he’s i mean you know he’s pretty much in his peak years, but he’s quick. He works very hard off the ball, which is obviously very important for leeds, and his link up play is very good. So if you’re looking for a cheap uh upgrade on bamford, then i can’t see many strikers better than rodrigo for that job, and you just mentioned that something that’s obviously going to be in a lot of teams, mantra right now and it’s, the it’s, the economic price Of a lot of players, i constantly talk about the with this pandemic.

Now us offering clubs a lot less, because you know, clubs naturally cannot afford to be shelling out millions and millions of pounds. So, with regards to rodrigo, i think his market value sort of 25 to 30 million, but surely you’d be expecting him to potentially even go for 15 wouldn’t. You yeah, i mean looking at the players at valencia, have already let go this season. Um ferran torres has gone to man city for around 20 25 mil and he had a release clause of 100 million euros so that’s how desperate valencia are in this situation to get rid of any basically anyone to get their their wages off the books. I mean they’re in such financial, dire straits that they’ve offered players ious in in lieu of actual payment at the moment, because they’re they’re struggling that much they let danny parecho their captain go to villarreal for free, so they won’t they don’t have the leverage to dig Their heels in and demand a big fee, basically so yeah you’re looking at i would, i would predict around 15 to 20 million um and you know, assuming leads, have got that money and and are willing to spend it like. That would be very good investment from these i reckon yeah and and that’s that’s. I mean it’s it’s, encouraging to hear to be honest, reuben with regards to just getting some of a cheap value and and obviously with them being such a good player.

Now, with regards to him being 29, do you still think he can deliver at the top stage? Even at that age yeah i mean it’s it’s, one of those ages, where you buy a player where you think we might not be able to sell him on for more. Although that depends what happens to the market, you have here if he has two great years at leeds and then suddenly the market starts growing again um, who knows who might come in and pay a little bit more for him. So i think it’s relatively low risk in that sense um, but at 29 he’s, not he’s, not slowing down at all really um he’s he’s still got plenty of pace and plenty of energy. So i think i think there’s you know two or three very good years. Left in his legs um at least so yeah, i don’t think his age is really is really a problem to be honest and um. Obviously, the uh, the the encyclopedia for all football knowledge is whose and have said reuben that he has no weaknesses. So i don’t know i don’t know if you can elaborate on that, but what from what i’ve? From what i’ve seen he, i watched a fair few youtube things on him as well. I’Ve seen him play a couple of times. He looks the complete player going forward. Yeah that’s what i was saying earlier, i mean he is very complete.

I think back to when i first started watching him play for valencia around 2014, when he was on loan. I think from benfica and then joined permanently um. If you were going to identify a weakness, you’d probably say it’s his his goal return. If you look at his pure numbers, hasn’t been great, but context is obviously very important. So at the start he was playing from the right wing when they uh valencia had paco, alcathea and negredo, believe it or not ahead of him in the in the number nine role and then they moved on and he moved into the center for a bit. He’S. Also played as a 10 he’s played from the left, he’s played in the front two so being moved around like that is going to mean that you don’t score 25 goals every season. But if you look at his stats over the past two or three years, i think let me just check, i think it was 17 18 um. He scored 16 goals in la liga um in a front two for a team that you know are sort of challenging for were challenging for champions league football, so that’s a pretty good return and i think the way leeds play would obviously suit that uh. That would probably help him get those numbers up, um the amount of chances that they’re going to create um and yeah. I mean whether he has a weakness or not he’s very he’s, very left footed, but i’ve seen him score some goals with his right foot.

So i i wouldn’t disagree with who scored there it’s just a matter of um, getting those chances created for him, and he should. I don’t know what constitutes a good goal: return for a striker on a newly promoted side. What 15 goals in the premier league sort of you want? You know you can’t see bamford doing that. What did he get 16 in the championship, um, so yeah? I think he doesn’t really have any weaknesses and that’s why bielsa is probably so keen to bring him in and within the obviously, within the the the style that let’s play. We can deploy a 3 3 1 3 formation, but naturally i think we’re going to be playing the 4 1 4 1 as a lone striker bamford has improved, but i would agree with you: it doesn’t, i don’t think there’s any sort of chance that he’s going To get 16 goals in the premier league for me um, but with regards to rodrigo, do you think he could come in and play that that lone striker role well obviously there’ll be times in the premier league, where he’s completely isolated? Do you think he could do that sort of role yeah? I do, i think, he’ll, never he’ll, never tire of of the pressing that he’ll have to do off the ball, um and and he’s he’s, more than capable of playing his lone strike. He’S done it for spain a lot i don’t know whether he saw the spain squad announced yesterday.

He’S the only number nine in the squad, so spain obviously trust him to play that role um. Obviously, they will actually no it’s, not obvious, because they’re going to be playing germany, so i was going to say: they’ll have loads of the ball, but they probably won’t so um. I think it is a good indication that rodrigo is trusted by other managers to play as a lone striker. The fact that he’s, the only shuriken spain squad um and would definitely be able to do so for leads – i mean uh you’ll – know better than me, but was roof was never was he always a natural number nine. He ended up playing as a lone striker. For you guys didn’t he, but he was converted from elsewhere, no yeah yeah, so so the season prior he sort of acted as a well used as a winger, and then he was put front. I don’t think he ever really knew his place, at least. To be honest, yeah, so yeah rodrigo will definitely be able to to do that role. Um another aspect of his game that he’s left, footed and so is bamford, and i don’t know whether that’s complete coincidence or whether it’s something that be elsa being as meticulous as he is in every detail of preparation. Whether he wants a left, footed, striker um. I don’t know whether that’s completely irrelevant or not, but um there’s that similarity as well and uh, and you know you could also you could you could also trust him to to take a good set piece if he given the fluidity of how leeds play? I think if he ended up on the wing a lot um with other players filling in the gaps that he leaves through the middle he can he can whip in a good cross, so um yeah.

Honestly, i think i think it’d be perfect. It’D be sad to see him leave valencia um because it’s very indicative of their their terrible situation, that no offense to leads a newly promoted premier league side can take a player from from a club like valencia, who have been in la liga for, for god knows How long but um yeah, i think, honestly, i think, would be great signing yeah and with his versatility, which it sounds like i mean that’s a huge thing for bielsa, knowing that you know, if that’s, why, like? He naturally likes a small squad as well, because if he, if he needs to put a player in another position, they’ll be able to cover that, and he obviously result with an athletic build bow with just that small squad and players moving here there and everywhere is Rodriguez rodrigo able to play sort of anywhere along that front line if needs be yeah, definitely um he’s, as i say, he’s left, footed and he’s a striker. So if you’re going to play him on the wing, you’d probably want to play him on the right so that he can cut in onto his strong foot um a lot like uh howard acosta. Does that for you guys right yeah, so he could play he could play across the front line um and i’m, not sure how many forwards you guys have got in your squad at the moment i know jack harrison. Staying um but yeah that added versatility would would definitely be a bonus for you guys and with the set the spain squad as well.

You know we’re just talking about uh, you know levels in in this game. I mean just being picked in the spain squad. The other day i mean how highly regarded is he in that spanish setup yeah, i mean he’s he’s very popular he’s, been in quite a lot of spain for spain squads. Recently he was, he went to the world cup um. Obviously, there’s been a lot of competition for that place in the spain squad uh over the past few years, sort of in the post via torres uh years there’s been there diego costa for a little bit, didn’t really fit them. They’Ve tried morata they’ve tried paco alcathea. They even had iago aspas, who um after that terrible spell at liverpool, turned into one of the best strikers in la liga at celta, vigo um. But despite all of that, competition, um he’s managed to sort of maintain a place in the squad, probably down to his versatility, because they don’t really have that many natural wingers either um, so yeah he’s, very highly regarded in spain that’s. Why he keeps on getting back into the national squad and, despite their you know, the large number of strikers at their disposal he’s, the only one that’s been picked for their upcoming friendlies um, which i think is a very good sign, yeah, brilliant and so overall. Just to end this sort of um little player profile ruben, you think that he would fit in very well.

This leads united side and would be the man to fire us into the europa league yeah yeah. No, definitely i mean leeds want to finish in the top 10 right. I think they can definitely do a wolves so to speak and um. You know we saw how leeds played against arsenal in the cup, which was a nice little window into their their game. For a lot of um premier league fans, so if leads want to be ambitious, this is the perfect signing for them to upgrade in that in that forward area and sort of guarantee a few more goals than you would be. Otherwise, because the danger of not signing a player like this for leeds would be to go into, the premier league dominate quite a lot of games and just not quite get over the line, because you know, as you know, the defenses in the premier league are they’re. Going to be tougher to down the top break down defenses in the championship as good as leads are, and someone like rodrigo um will definitely help them. Do that and um, as somebody who has affiliations towards valencia, it’s it’s, very it’s, very sad to to see a player go like that um, but it’s it’s been happening all summer and we’ll continue to do so.