I don’t know we like to take it uh one year at a time because marcelo i mean he’s um he’s 65 years old, he is from argentina he’s far away. His wife is often in argentina. His family too so uh we like to take it like this one year at a time and and continue in this way and so far is working well. So we have a very transparent relationship and communication it’s, okay, yeah yeah, but i think with him. We have achieved something important. We we that i wanted it was to change the culture of this club now to continue in the future, even without marcelo will be much easier than what we have done before, because we need to identify – and we have it already in mind – uh coaches, none that Are we are interested now in them, but we have identified coaches that represent the same methodology of work or culture and it’s easier to continue and keep the legacy with. What we have built was much more difficult to to change from the past and that one maxella acive and i’m very pleased with him and i’m thankful and grateful for his job. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Goodbye. Well, i think it’s a it’s, a very detailed. Our man professional, is our worker. He work. He cares about his job, a lot he’s very meticulous, and i think we have a good respect between each other and i i try to obviously to don’t enter in his area and he i like to delegate to everyone.

His role and i expect the same uh from him so that he respect the club and my role and for me the club come above everyone, including marcelo, bielso myself. So the club is the most important uh um thing and is the top of my agenda. Yes very meticulous, but i always try to advise him to relax because he brings a lot of stress in his daily life and i think stress is never positive. We need to have a good positive pressure, so i i was really surprised when, in in a conversation with him to how we pay attention about this concept, that to did to diverse um differentiate, the positive pressure that is very important and is the uh. What drive to success from negative and stress and pressure that could be really a big enemy, so it was an interesting conversation we had so i i all the time i remind him to try to relax a little bit more at the end, when you have done Your job well at the the training ground when the uh, you know your player following you there’s, no reason to to to stress the the mesh day. So i think it’s like the night before the exam. Obviously your steps, but when you have done your job well, then you need to go there and relax and enjoy and that’s what i try. I know it’s difficult but i’m trying to to to pass all the time to the message that i mean honestly.

I i one of the few players, probably me and victor that they are not afraid to speak very directly openly to him uh, obviously for for different reasons, but um i’m fine i’m actually like to confront myself to with him i’m learning about football. More with him and at the same time i i’m happy to to share my ideas and to even in some cases advise him when i think is, is good to for the for the team or for the process. Oh Music ugh go crazy.