A coffee got yourself: a cup of tea, you’re, all wide awake for the rumor mill and uh yeah we’ve got a few things to chat about a few things that have come out: the woodwork with leeds united over the past sort of 24 48 hours that we’re Gon na develop on and um yeah. Let me know what you guys are doing in the comment section below is everyone? Okay, pinches hello, hello, um, aled come on connor i’m. Here don’t worry, uh, tony hello, hello good morning says craig good morning, says ryan, yo, yo, say hello to billy pogcho hello morning, guys ben hello and um yeah let’s let’s get into it anyway. There’S 40 of you watching guys i’m, hoping that this is gon na. Be the day as harvey richardson says where the in full swing channel hits 6 000 subscribers, which is just absolutely mental, crazy, crazy numbers. A week ago today me and my partner were celebrating us hitting 5k today, hey if you’re doing me as content. If you’re loving me as your lead source, please do me a solid and smack that subscribe button, it’s, absolutely free and um yeah. Then we can be on the road, seven, eight, nine and maybe even 10k, so hope you’re all doing really really well and um. Yeah. Thank you let’s get on with it. Shall we now this video, as always, is sponsored by ship bikes, usa, as you all know, and um yeah yeah bikes, usda, we’ve customized, some details, some tailored motorcycles to each and everyone’s uh individual need to go check.

Those guys out and um yeah, some really good stuff over there bernie’s doing some great stuff in the states so make sure you check that out and um yeah let’s get on it. Now then connor from zanty, greece, i’d love to be there right. Now mate, it’s, nice and rainy here, um, but let’s get on it anyway. So here we go. The first thing i want to talk about is brighton and ben white ben white will reject the third and final lead united offer for ben white reported to be 25 million plus, add ons, brighton, journalist, andy andy naylor, delivered the update. He’S said an update to animation from brighton that their stance has not changed. A source confirms to the athletic that a third offer has been received. As previously stated, he is not for sale. Now we know this don’t. We we’ve known this for ben white for a while. We know it’s going to be difficult with him and it’s just coming to the fore now, it’s obvious that’s, it it’s done signed, sealed and delivered he’s yours, you know in the words of stevie, wonder that is how it is: it’s it’s i’m fine with it i’m Fine with going for robin that’s what i’m gon na say, i’m, not gon na get in any innuendos in there. Robin is the one i want anyway. You know bright and fair play. You’Ve hung on to your man. You want a key. You want to keep his services respect.

You you’ve challenged him all the way and we’re going to get onto little bits in in in a second, you know. Obviously, ben white rejecting three contracts offers. Clearly he doesn’t want to be there, but brighton are not budging. They’Re going to keep him there, whatever the outcome, fair enough, they’ve held on to 25 million in this economic climate is an absolute joke as it is so. As phil haye said, i was worried that leads were going to be held to ransom, we’re, going to go even higher, but 25 million plus add ons plus add ons what you’re looking at 27 30 nah. Not for me not for me, you can we’ve got five. Other targets there are four of the targets there. There are players that leeds can get of quality value who will fit into the marcello beautiful who who are much cheaper? We do not spend that money for me in this market, it’s ridiculous, ridiculous. What they’re asking for him? You know he’s a wonderful player, but still as he is a wonderful player, we all think he can make that step up. Of course we do, but he still never proved it. He’S got a lot of potential. We all know that. I love ben white. He still would have been my number one target, but that’s life we have to move on. He’S got a lot of potential at 21 years of age, he’s going to be in the england setup.

We all know that, but i i can’t foresee how we can pay more money than that. You know what we’re going to go in going for a fourth bid of 30 35 plus add ons, not for me it’s, not for me. Let me know you guys in the comment section below anyway, um and ben, as well as wassim, says won’t hand in a transfer request and batman and robin would be a good window um, so yeah uh connor, who would you want batshuayi or rodrigo we’ll? Get onto that in a little bit, mate um is just as good. We love let’s, get cocking and yeah and that’s it there’s going to be loads of innuendos, but um, but yeah that’s, that’s that’s, just it as christopher clark says and conor is six foot. Three and lampard is six foot. If we buy the german, we can certainly tell chelsea is bigger than yours and but as as as jack says, walk away from the ben white transfer. I would it’s just silly amounts of money it’s silly it is it genuinely isn’t, as you can see, on screen here, simon stone from the bbc reported this morning as per andy naylor bh afc, a third bid from l, ufc turned down for brighton defender ben white 25 million plus add ons club repeat ben white is not for sale. Martin montoya is, though montoya is, though, and he’s talking to betis, so that’s that’s it guys for me um.

That is it, and i think i think you know what what can we do? It’S just life, you know, we’ve got all the targets. We’Ve got other people on on the mar. On the on the on the line. Haven’T we so that’s yeah, just move on and let’s get let’s get let’s get robin in and then let’s see what we can do from there um but yeah. So this is the next rumor as well guys. The newly promoted premier league club, being leeds united, have also made inquiries about ac milan spearhead raphael lau. Now, raphael lao and football manager is extremely good he’s one of the youngsters that’s making absolute waves in serie at this moment in time, brazilian and he’s seen as an absolute star over there, an incredible footballer six foot, two center forward, extremely quick, very good at link Up play very good in the air and apparently league united, are very much interested. A lot of reports stating that leads, are looking to combine 50 million to get that to get two center forwards or someone in that forward bracket alone. What leads to looking at whether or not that’s gon na be 25 for rodrigo 25 for rafael raphael potentially, but he looks like an extremely talented player and since patrick catron’s departure is the move and that arguably paved the way for lau’s arrival. It seems fitting that now his stats stack up against each other, the portuguese style, netted five more goals and controlling the league last season, despite playing over 140 minutes less and had one more assist notching a combined 11 goal.

Involvements lao also averages more shots per game. 1.5 to one and more aerial, jules won 1.2 to 0.5 and that this was a comparison between control, no obviously move. I was coming in to ac milan setup, so he looks like a very, very good player. Leeds will do extremely well to require his services, but that’s definitely one to keep an eye on uh let’s, see what some of you guys are saying, and a lot of um people talking about robin and love ben. But we need to agree to move on i’d. Agree with you, i think, as max says as well: he’s, portuguese, not brazilian there. You go you’re right max and just had a quick checkup on that rudy says and the exact same as portuguese, not brazilian. You can obviously see the um see the the correlation there. Both speaking that the same language but yeah portuguese terms of laos, so yeah that looks really exciting. That looks like something that could move very very quickly and um. Yeah there’s been a lot of. He started a sport in lisbon, which is the portuguese link, of course, and i’ll flash up in a second just what people were saying about him at sporting lisbon in terms of his the backroom staff, the trainers, but it looks like a very, very promising individual. So um yeah so interesting. The thiago fernandez, who worked at sports youth academy, told liqui that the player was better than cristiano ronaldo.

At the same stage, i pushed her hey, um jesus used to take him in the first team and said to him. Yes, gelson martin’s. As talent, but raphael is the best player in the level he was better than cristiano. I mean that is some praise. I mean i remember back in the day when you know they were looking at portuguese talent. I think the lisbon academy, it might have been fernandez, actually was actually quoted. As saying charisma was better than ronaldo as well, which is you know, it was talent wise at that moment in time you know prodigy wise, he was an excellent player, was charesma and apparently just technically. He was better than ronaldo, but obviously we know with cristiano ronaldo his progression in himself. How he’s built himself as an athlete a robot is something that no we’ve never ever seen in football in terms, so you can players who apparently has that same trajectory if he’s working hard, he’s only young and that portuguese set up so yeah it’s just watch this Space, if police can acquire his services, what an incredible and what incredible signing he would be um. What else have we got here then let’s have a quick look and um we’ve got basel arta cabral, eric ramirez and array. Coma have tested positive for kovid, 19 and they’ll be quarantined for at least 10 days and campo, who is on holiday with them and will also be quarantined for the same duration.

We wish them all a swift recovery now this is regarding uh cabral, who leads apparently had an offer accepted for so who knows whether or not that is gon na that is gon na go through, but yeah that that that’s very disappointing, obviously with cabral. We hope he’s, okay, we hope his family’s okay, but that is one of those things that that i mean it’s. Just one of those unforeseen circumstances – isn’t it and but yeah, but we’ll we’ll just have to we’ll just have to we’ll, have to see whether or not we um we pursue with that one but um. Obviously the main one is rodrigo now rodrigo elaine ballard. What a proposition valencia’s rodrigo leads as reported, the player will be more than happy to play for bielsa and for a club scorer hard worker without the ball spanish international, perfect for bielsa. If the interest is pursued now, this is this is something that is is being you know, it’s been something that is continuing overnight and rodrigo he’s one of these players, that is on another level. You know the caliber of player and the caliber of player that he is is a as a market market level up to what we used to an extremely good player: spanish international 22 appearances, eight goals, very, very good. A lot of people talking about his goal scoring record but that’s, not just what we have at least united. The goal scoring record is something but it’s the hard work for the team it’s the amount of assist it’s everything else he can offer and he can offer a hell of a lot rodrigo is a very nine years of age.

So he’s on the he’s on the uh sort of different age bracket which we’re used to in terms of signing players, we normally sign players with potential but rodrigo fitting into a premier league outfit if he was to come in with raphael laughs the rafael, much younger. He could learn off rodrigo and rodrigo is an extremely good player, extremely good. I was really shocked to see a lot of fans saying i wouldn’t be happy with him once again. If you’ve not watched spanish football, please go and check him out when he played for real madrid bc. The spanish international side and valencia he’s had many spells at valencia over 140 caps and he’s, a very, very good player. Obviously, recently 34 caps and eight goals 11 assists and genuinely he’s a very, very good player check. His highlights um yeah, i don’t know what more to say he can play in that cam roll as well. He can play up front, he can play on the wing versatility once again, which is what leads are looking for in this market and yeah very, very good, very, very talented and somebody who i’d be extremely excited to get um raphael allowed a bit of the bottoms. His leads are making progress with that pursuit of rodrigo 29 as valencia are looking to cash in on some of their top stars to raise much needed funds. The 22 time span. Spain international has a 30 million price tag, but united are hopeful of negotiating a lower fee for the proven marksman.

Now this is another point as well. Valencia are in turmoil, they’re an absolute financial turmoil, so this isn’t going to be a fee where leads, are paying um ridiculous amounts of money. This isn’t going to be 25 30 million. For me. Obviously, i’ve never put it in the title of this video but that’s his market value, apparently it’s 25 to 30. But with regards to leeds bringing him so the prices we’re going to be getting in for a much lower fee. So that’s that’s that’s the that’s going to be the positive aspects of it um. But i reckon as as ryan says there, it is going to be sort of a. It is sort of going to be a 15 million max and i think i think we’ll just have to have to see if that, if that carries on, but yeah i’m excited to see if, if we get rodrigo, but he looks like a very very good player And this is just something i flashed up as well. This is just the potential of vlad. This was only six months ago, rodrigo moreno, welcome to psg, and a lot of fans make um sort of uh compilations on youtube with regards to players when they come into clubs, and this is the sort of value this guy was looking for replacement for luis suarez Rodrigo was top of the list they couldn’t get it done, and but at that moment in time i think valencia were okay, financially, but obviously now they’re in peril, but um yeah, that’s that’s the level we’re playing as you can see here, you know rodrigo welcome to Barcelona – and this is the sort of play we’re looking at here, so an extremely talented player and someone who i would be very very happy with leeds if we’re able to acquire the services of um but yeah well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now. This was where the the signing well, the the interest, was sort of solidified leeds united, are keen to add rodrigo moreno to their ranks this summer, according to guan luca dimazio, who suggested his latest piece that he could be ellen, wrote bound valencia on the transfer list. The leads have asked the question regarding the hitman boss: marcelo bielsa will be desperate to add some firepower to his ranks with patrick bamford, the only senior striker on the books at the west yorkshire club now as well. A lot of people are talking about um, the replacement for ben white, which obviously i wanted to touch on and um we’ve got here with robin cog. I mean look at him, the german destroyer here he is playing for the national team and you know he’s he’s. Some player he looks like some some player. There is with neuer and co just at the back there and timo werner, and this is the new blood with and also muller they’ve told and all the old guard ozil that they will not be featuring again in the german national team in terms of competition wise. So players, like robin players like team over the future – and this was a really interesting. This is a really interesting topic of conversation with the german journalists which i will be releasing tomorrow on the um on the in full swing with conor mcgregor youtube channel. But it was a really interesting conversation.

This is what he was talking about. He was talking about similarities of of robin and ben white, but he was saying i don’t know why lee so don’t go full throttle for robin in terms of his german international experience. In terms of his his technical ability and he’s, definitely somebody with leeds should be looking at in the in the very very near future, and i think i think it’s it’s it’s it’s something it’s, something that i am going to be extremely excited for. If, if we manage to get if we managed to get him – and i think he’s definitely going to be the next target for leeds – you can see it, you’ve heard it with phil, hey as well. You’Ve seen it with loads of outlets. That leads are definitely going to be going in for robin so keep an eye on this space, apparently we’re very close as well signing someone according to angus canaan. Could it be robin now as well rangers not long ago, steven gerrard and talking about ryan kent? Here now we want the player to see here. Let’S do the ball, the fans love him. All leads need to respect to really think hard if they want to clean i’ve spoken to ryan, obviously ryan, being kent and he’s totally focused on the match tomorrow. Now this is obviously a mid interest that leeds united have lodged a bid for um for uh ryan kent. Now that is going to be something that would be very interesting to see.

We didn’t realize whether or not leeds had actually placed the bid looks like we have, and i think that that is going to be something that that leads. Keep close tabs on. I don’t know obviously we’re interested in last summer. With regards to the wing position, it was between him and ketia into in terms of signings that we’re going to be making going forward leeds made that sign in with inception instead of ryan ken and we progressed from there. But ryan kent does sort of fit the mold he’s, also he’s, obviously still quite young as well so it’s interesting. That leads have lodged a bit we’re. Clearly just putting the feelers out in terms of right we’re going to offer a low bid. Then we might go in with a high bid, but yeah steven gerrard not happy with the fact that leads have gone in, but his next quote was quite interesting. For me, ryan kent is a player. We admire very much him we’ve seen him develop um he’s progressing. Very quickly and as a player we want to keep hold of, we very quickly rejected an opening bid that was nowhere near his valuation now. This is something that i i found really interesting. With regards to jeff gerard’s comment: no he’s not out there they’re going to reject him, but he said we’ve rejected the opening bid because it wasn’t acceptable now. Does that mean that leeds united can go in for a second a third bid? We don’t want this to drag on, obviously we’ve seen that with ben y shay adams, dan james in the past as well, but can leads get one over the lines.

The scottish league, especially in the pandemic, the the economic crisis we’re in at this moment in time. They’Re not going to be holding out for 30 35 million it’s not going to happen. So who knows, i reckon lead sub offer of 10 million to be honest but 15 to 20. Is that something you guys would like to see? Um yeah let’s have a look through some of your comments: um yeah yeah yeah it’s, sam whitey lufc, trying to get me trying to get me not getting me again. They got me yesterday with the names too smart for it guys. You got me yesterday. It’Ll never happen again um, but yeah there’s. A lot of comments coming in about uh sam dunk says he doesn’t want to leave rangers. So we just move on. We don’t know mate. We don’t know we really don’t know whether or not he does want to move on, but we’ll just have to have to see on that front, but um yeah and uh the the latest. This is what was talking about with ben white, and this was when we were talking about gabrielle gabriella successfully passed his medical ahead of a 27 million pound move to arsenal, and this is just what i wanted to talk about in terms of the fee. The fee for and ben white we’re talking about what 25 million arsenal are buying, uh an absolutely unbelievable center back by all accounts for 27 million, and they will not go any higher than that and that’s all been signed, sealed and delivered.

So you look at the market value and it’s just completely off what brighton are offering and – and i wanted to sort of finish on this as well guys with regards to rodrigo moreno and rodrigo moreno characteristics. A lot of people were talking about. You know how how bad he is at finishing and all this sort of stuff. If you just look at this now rodrigo moreno’s characteristics holding on to the ball passing key passes, dribbling likes to link long balls, counter attack to do layoffs, so he’s he’s out he’s. Everything leads need really in a player going forward and he’s very good across all fronts, and i think it would be a really good signing so guys we’re hitting the 20 minute mark now and – and this is going to be it for the rumor mill today. I hope you’re all doing fantastically well have a great day let’s get to 6 000 subscribers.