He, if you notice and you follow him and you follow his news. He hasn’t spoken about chill well yet, but finally he has now before i continue like the video subscribe subscribe. I keep saying subscribe. Why don’t? I keep saying subscribe. Sorry, i am a bit excited subscribe. Uh follow me on instagram and twitter at monstar, cfc i’ve left the links down below in the description uh to both my social media channels in it um, you know also. I am gon na, not now you know later on in another. You know another period once we get the numbers up and things like that. I am going to be doing things like um i’m, going to be doing, watch alongs i’m going to be doing um i’m going to be doing open challenges on fifa. So you know me and the subscribers and everyone we just have a good time play each other on fifa. Tell each other stories talk about football, all of that stuff in it. You know i mean i just want to. I like to interact with people socialize with people get to know people. You know what i mean you know. I know you know. Life has been tough recently in terms of this. You know this uh pandemic, but it’s time to you know just just cheer people up in it, but uh, sorry for rambling um back to the chill world news so chill well is gon na be a chelsea player in the next few days.

Now i did uh. Do a do a story on this the other day i think two or three days ago it might be yeah. I think it was two or three days ago, and i said chiller will be uh chelsea’s next left back and fabricio romano has confirmed that um says it here. It says: chelsea updates bench well deal to be completed on the next days. Um he’s always been the main target. We all know that uh at left back um last details. Then here we go soon uh. He also spoke on the tiago saga, says um thiago silva talks on final answers on next week. So thiago will um give us a final answer next week, whether he wants to sign for chelsea or fiorentine or all the other clubs that you know have um offered him a contract. I believe it probably will be chelsea but we’ll see um don’t quote me on this uh habits: uh chelsea are negotiating with buyer leverkusen uh and are now preparing a new bid, because if you remember a couple days ago, they did reject our last bid, but it Was like a gap in um negotiations of about five million trust me it will. It will get done. Uh habits will be a chelsea player next season now um. If you look at that chill well, thiago silva kai habits, that is in this. In essence, our defense sorted – and i think the next probably the next um you know what next will be a goalkeeper uh, whether it’s gon na be a high profile, goalkeeper or uh.

It’S gon na be like a free transfer, goalkeeper or goalkeeper on loan. I don’t know i do not think it’s gon na be it depends. You know what let me say this. It depends on the tiago silver situation, because from what i have heard from reputable journalists, what might happen is chelsea might go in for a high profile centre. Back and then wait till next season or january to get a high uh goalkeeper, so um that might be the situation, especially if they can get tiago silver in the free. So just just keep an eye on that um. How do i feel about your bench? Oh well, he’s, not necessarily my first choice left back and i have said that before, but i am happy to to to have him at chelsea. I am not with the abuse of the guy, because at the end of days, if he does sign for us he’s going to be our player and we have to support him all this all the way we have to you know stand by him and accept that He is our left back. If you guys remember chelsea fans didn’t want frank lampard at west ham. They didn’t like him. They thought he was. He was unoverrated and that the chelsea fans didn’t like him. You know some of you might not remember because you’re a bit too young, but i remember exactly when we bought him chelsea fans didn’t like they thought he was underrated and then look what happened.

He ended up becoming the highest scoring midfielder of all freaking time, unbelievable. So you know, lampard sees something in them. Ashley cole sees something and some obviously there is something in him that these guys see that they feel might benefit the chelsea team, and you know fair play to them fair play to them. I think chihuahua would be great. Um Music let’s see if they can, if he has um cover the same way, trent and and i’ve said this before. If he has covered the same way, trent and marcelo does uh in terms of their defensive midfielders and their defenders. The way they cover them, then trust me chill will will be a great left back for years to come, mark my words, um and and that’s all i have for today. Folks, you know i mean chill well it’s. You hear it here from mr tier one himself: chiller will be a chelsea left back, he will be our new left back emerson. Alonso emerson is definitely leaving. I can tell you that alonso might be leaving and what might end up happening is ian matson is going to be promoted to as as uh promoted, as our second left back um it’s crazy. I wanted to drop another video. The next since i’ve, actually pre recorded the next installment of get him out, and i was talking about marcus alonso in that video as well, which is crazy, but this news just came out, so i had to release it in it.

So ben chillwell welcome to chelsea give him the number three we’ll be supporting you all the way mate you know. Thank you guys for all the support, all the messages. I love you guys. I i really do appreciate and i’ll always try to reply to all your messages in it um, and i try to thank some of you as well, especially on twitter. I tried to thank everyone in it. So um yeah, like the videos you guys, have been liking. It anyway, so i can’t even you know, i’m, not even gon na keep saying like subscribe to the guys that haven’t subscribed. Please subscribe. Um. Follow me on twitter and instagram at monstar.