So then, with the days continuing to fly past this summer, transfer window leicester city is still yet to really make any business. So far and it’s, fair to say, i’m, getting very, very concerned that leicester city i’m not going to make a single signing this summer transfer window. However, with that being said, the rumors continue to come in thick and fast at the king powell stadium this summer. Play has been liquid, moved to leicester, city and players being linked with a move away from the king powell stadium this summer. So in today’s video i’ll be discussing all the letters latest transfer news over the past couple of days is ben chiwell off to chelsea who’s. Going to replace ventura if he decides to go to franklin postman is puppy monday. Islam sumani ready to depart leicester this summer and our leicester city in search of a new center half, but just before we get into mr big thumbs up down below on today’s video. If you guys going to enjoy today’s video as i go through all the lessons latest transfer rumors this summer, i know it’s a different type of video, but if you guys going to enjoy it, let me know by dropping a like: can we go for 50 likes On today’s video that’d be absolutely incredible if we could hit that also subscribe. I’Ve seen my face on your screen before when i wrote one thousand three hundred subscribers and we’re getting there.

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To be honest with you guys, i’m kind of happy that chihuahua is leaving because this trance rumor has been going on for way too long and it’s about time that this transfer rumor has been finally confirmed. Well, it still hasn’t been confirmed as i’m recording this, but you know it looks highly highly likely that chiro is going to be joining. Chelsea looks like the official transfer is going to be announced in the next couple of days. Chiro is set to join chelsea on a five year contract and for a fee of 52 million euros which, to be honest, is a very, very good fee. In my opinion, allow less to reinvest that money into the squad going into next season and possibly replace chiro with possibly an even better left back. Shiro hasn’t been the best of plays this season. In my opinion, for the foxes, of course, he’s still a very good player, we have to be honest about that he’s in england. This internationally, probably he would probably do well at chelsea, but overall, to get 52 million for a player like chiro who, in fairness, hasn’t performed very well this season at all. I think it’s a very good fee for leicester and i think the foxes have done well once again with the transfers. Of course, lester haven’t signed a single play in the whole of this summer transfer window. However, as soon as being shield departs the club officially, i can see a lot of players coming in and out of the club and they can really start leicester’s transfer window.

In my opinion, it’s a shame to lose ben chill he’s been in the club for all of his career. He started his career off in the leicester academy, but fair play to the man. He’S got his he’s got his move to chelsea he’s, going to be playing the champions league football next season and, to be honest, i’m, quite interested to see how true or absolutely we’ll do at chelsea will she will do as well as maguire’s done at man, united Or will she will be the next danny drinkwater? Of course, the deal hasn’t been confirmed as i’m. Recording this but it’s, basically, all set it’s been heavily hell reported that the deal is basically doing. Chelsea will be announcing the signing of ben chiro in the next 48 hours, Music, so moving on. Who will be replacing ben chu well, this summer transfer window so then, with ben cyril all but confirmed to be departed from the king powell stadium in the coming days. The race to sign a left back to replace ben sherwood starts right now for the foxes, so it looks to be like nicholas tagalofico is the number one target for leicester city to replace venture? Well, according to fabrice ceramano, who is a very, very reliable journalist, have been reported that leicester have been in contact with nicholas taglifico’s agent, so it’s looking highly likely that nicholas tagging the thicker, the argentinian left back from ice is the number one target to replace ventura For leicester city, however, it has been reported that tagalog fico is interested in only joining a champions league club.

However he’s considering leicester city as a possible move to summer courts of those in the europa league is that step down from the champions league horse. Tagliafico is a very experienced player at the champions league level and it would be a step down for him. However, if tagalog figure could join last day, he could propel leicester into possible champions league space next season, i’ve made a full video on nicholas tagaloffico’s possible transfer to leicester city. So if you haven’t seen that video just yet, if you want to see more in depth, video on nicholas tagliafico make sure you watch that video. If you want it, it’d be one in the corners right now and also be a link to that video. In the description down below norwich left back, jamal lewis has also been linked with apostle move to leicester city, of course, lefico jamal lewis. In my opinion, tagliafico of course, is the better player, but i’ll definitely take jamal lewis. If taglifico isn’t an option, make sure you tell me which left back, you want to see replace ben chiro, is it taglinfico? Is it jamal lewis or is it someone else? Let me know in the comment section down below a left: back replacement is definitely needed for ben chill it’s, a matter of who it is and when that signing does come, i think lester’s you’re, definitely gon na be signing a left back replacement either. That could be tagaloffico jamalus or it could be someone with completely of a different left back.

But overall my opinion, tagliafico would be the perfect man to replace ventura moving on then is islam sumani and the police mendy ready to leave leicester city this summer? So, according to telefool islam, sumani is on his way to stadiums. Of course, he spent the season on loan at monaco in the french league and he’s looking to make a permanent move to differentiating it’s been harry, reported that stadio lens are the club to take on islam slimani islam. Solomonia has been out on loan to a number of different clubs in the past couple of seasons. I don’t really blame the man for trying to make a permanent move to a different club, like i said, of course, he’s been on loan to monaco this season. In the franchise and he’s looking to make a permanent move to the french league, in my opinion, that would be the perfect move. This season he’s made 16 goalkeep contributions to monaco in 19 games, which is a good stat, and, to be perfectly honest, i think the french league is probably just right for islam. Solomon it’s been reported that the fifa islam sumani, is only going to be seven million pounds when we bought him for around 30 minutes. So it’s gon na be a massive loss for leicester city. However, if you keep learning them out, it’s not doing less than good or slim only good as a place overall thing just lets them only go just just just to get off the way she feel will just benefit.

Leicester and simone leicester are missing the target man up front, that plan b and islam. Sumani is exactly like. However, brenda rogers has came out and said that islam samani is probably never going to play for leicester city again. So, to be honest, if i was somali and leicester, i would just make that permanent transfer to the french league and someone who can move on just with another club in his career, moving on to nepalese mendy’s possible departure from leicester this summer. So this one is a very, very weird one. In my opinion, it’s been reported that lester have offered the police mandy contract and he has rejected it. So if he doesn’t sign his contract, he’s going to be a free agent, it’s been reported that that puppy mandy is going to be on a move to syed in qatar. I don’t have a clue what club that is, but apparently he’s been linked with a club in the qatar league, which makes absolutely no sense to me. The club which the palus mende is linked to is managed by barcelona. Legend javi santi has also joined the club. This summer, so it does make a kind of bit of sense, but, to be honest, is napoli smendy going to ruin his career going to qatar 100. Of course, papi mende is not going to get first in football at the king power stadium. He replaced that wolferin. Underneath hamza chowdhury in the squad, however, i think he moved to maybe a lower team in the premier league and moved to the championship would would it would benefit the party spending but moved to qatar it’s.

Just in my opinion, it is not the right move. In my opinion, for him it’s a very weird one, in my opinion, some people have been reporting that he’s rejected the new contract. Some people are saying that let’s say you’re likely to make him sign a new contract it’s, a very, very weird one. In my opinion, it would be a shame if he leaves, of course, if he doesn’t sign his contract. He’Ll be a free agent unless he’ll get no money from it, and i think the only reason why he wants to go to qatar is because he’ll be on a very, very high wage outlet. If papi mandy does decide to leave this summer is a cdn replacement needed for the foxes this summer, of course, it’s only wolfe from delhi and hamza children in the squad. In my opinion, another cdm is probably needed for the fox and it’s going to cause another transfer problem for leicester this summer. However, papi mandy mandy’s not getting first team football at the kingpower stadium. So if he wants to progress in his career and get first team, football, qatar could be the right move. However, if he went to a different country or maybe stayed in england, the movement to a championship club or might move out to the french league or something it would be better for him, but moving to guitar it’s, just a bit of an odd one. In my opinion, finally, our leicester city, about to sign a new centre back so over the past couple of days, has been heavily reported.

That leicester city are interested in signing shaoka center, half aussie quebec, so ozin cabash. I definitely just butchered his name. However, he has played alongside kagler soon she was a turkish international currently playing his football in the bundesliga at schalke. It’S been a weird one for me, but leicester city have been reported that they are interested in signing the player this summer, of course, with wes morgan. Being a very, very asian backup centre back and johnny evans also agent, please like philip benkovic, who is probably going to leave leicester city this summer. In my opinion, he sounds like he’s probably needed it in my opinion and could ozzing quebec be the perfect man. The turkish international is definitely one for the future he’s. Only 20 years old he’s got experience in the turkish international team alongside kagame soon. So good luck to bring the turkish brick wall at the back to the kingpower stadium this summer, of course, with an agent johnny evans alongside kagler soon it’s surprisingly, johnny evans has been linked with a move away from the foxes as well this summer. In my opinion, center actually is probably needed this this summer for the foxes. Yes, if johnny evans stays, he might be the backup for a few seasons, but when johnny evans is too old and he’s not going to be able to play fester, no more oz and kabak could be the perfect players along, hopefully alongside caglar, so young it’s.

Definitely one for the future we’ve only been 20 years old and playing in the shelter team in the turkish international team. He looks to be quite a good young talent. To be perfectly honest, i don’t really care who left to sign. I just wanted to sign one player, and i mean that sent about currently worse than ron bennett, so leicester just signing up because he can’t do any worse than that absolute clown. Let me know your thoughts on this possible signing in the comment section down below it’s. Definitely one for the future and is the santa fact needed this summer transfer window. Let me know in the comment section down below so the boys and girls that is it for today’s video in today’s video. I discussed all the leicester, city’s latest transfer rumors for this summer, make sure you, let me know your thoughts on these possible signings on these departures in the comment section down below.