Four more. That was a half folly about two stumps wide of off stump pots ball the tighter line this time here he comes and that’s up in the air and that’s over nathan remington at mid off, and that is four more so this is an expensive over three fours. In a row in the bob willis match, he comes pots again and that’s drilled back past him for four more straight past the stumps at the bowler’s end just misses the pile of sawdust near the discs. This trophy and t20 games as remington comes in and balls to davis, and he chops the ball over point and down towards the boundaries got four runs for that. Well, that’s thumped hard by jennings and it’s a way wide of mid off javascript again balls jennings, plays that up into the air but it’s safe out towards deep midwicket and uh it’s gone for four movies on strike here, as remington returns to the attack. All nearly a chance, nearly a chance, not vasquez to jennings a reverse, sweeping he middles it for four that’s. A nice shot going off towards the east stand here, comes that cast back into jennings who’s lofting the ball through the on side. Is it clear middle? Yes, he had a deep midwick. It was a very valiant effort. There mark wood has come back into the attack balling to jennings hits it back over the ball. His head thumps, it down remington balls back of length, delivery, slow ball as well, which jennings pulls beautifully for top and blue trousers with the towel.

The back of his trousers flapping away in the breezes he balls fold a bit wider off stone from very acutely played by davis, squeezing the ball through third man pots into the attack and that’s slammed back past him by keaton jennings for durham into jennings. James goes high over long on and goes for. Six. The flood lights barely comes back in and balls. The steel always balling, pretty comprehensively too off stompers up bailey halfway into his first over clark on strike with a slip in place. It’S angling towards the pads of clark and the ball is disappearing down towards the final up to the stumps from the lumley and it’s short and that’s spliced up into the air by clark and lands on the discs on the legs side and now we’re going to See a run out, clark has gotten a total mix. Up with alex lee’s could be precise, yorkshire against knots, it’s bailey right him over the wicket balls flicked away through the onside by bending them, rather spectacular, five six to win it was liam hurt back into the depth from the finkel ender that’s clubbed down the ground For four that moves in balls, slow, ball back of a length, and these rocks back and pulls the ball through the on side. Oh gets full, for it might be four more. It is down towards the final leg bound. We just drift left arm round two betting. Him bending him drives down the field and uh that’s gone for four froft comes back into the attack and uh bowls and gets his first wicket as well.

Benning him coming down the pitch going for a big gets swapped through the offs at the onside. His off stump is leaning back at a slightly unfortunate angle and bellingham departs for 33 and croft with his cap on back to front picks up his first wicket stumped by alex davis, with the bowling of crawford 33 croft in the left arm. Spin of hartley lee’s weights comes down. The pitching goes for a big shot through the on side. That’S. A great hit that’s six subverter here is lamb in the bowling that’s flicked away into the on side of courts. Liam hurts kate cross instantly raising her fingers. She knew that hurt, would get forward and take a diving catch time between the two and he’s going down the track again and clubs that one towards hurt and is out caught at long off. A relatively long line of left arm spinners for lancashire late as parkinson continues his leg spin. This is clubbing down the ground by cars. That’S big hit that’s gone from maker, and the czech republic must now quarantine coming into the uk parkinson to coughlin who’s gone big he’s gone high, but not enough on it on this occasion and bannon’s, underneath it to take the to take the catch coming around from Long off in the gloom comes the bowler and that’s up in the air and that’s probably going to be out, and it is that’s the end of bride and cars.

It’S uh liam hurt to deliver it travascus on strike.