Just once again this evening, we delve into the topic of little messi’s future, because, quite honestly, we still need to discuss everything right now. That is going on because this right here every day now, each day that goes by it is a developing situation and, more importantly than that, this is getting more and more serious and more and more. Concerning so let’s do it because a number of reports have come out now, since ronald kuhlman met with missy, of course, they met face to face when messi quite simply said right. Now, i see myself further outside than inside. The club and messi is still not convinced. Even after that meeting with the new coach ronald kuhlman, we spoke about that of course. Yesterday, in a lot of detail and the fact that messi’s future definitely does still remain in doubt – and i want to bring you here – a report this evening from cat radio who are one of the sources in the catalan media, who, i would say, are more reliable Than others they’ve come out and said that messi’s intention right now is absolutely clear. Anybody has spoken to him. Anybody who knows him, they know what he wants. He wants a winning project. He said that now not just here, but he’s actually said that quite openly in interviews now, over the past few years, when he’s been talking about barcelona, what he’s been talking about his future he’s always said. I want to win.

Of course he does when he’s the best player in the world when you’ve got the quality that he has and the way that he’s performed year upon year upon year. You deserve to be in a very, very competitive team that is only common sense right. There cat radio go on to say that if messi was to leave the club this summer, it wouldn’t be back to argentina messi’s ambition. There is to continue playing at the highest possible level and it will be fully expected that messi would go to another club in europe to play there at the top level and ultimately compete for the biggest trophy. So messi quite clearly is still very much focused on the now on winning in europe at the top level. Cat radio also go on to say that, interestingly, even after that meeting, as we say with ronald kooman, messi remains very much unconvinced by barcelona’s sporting project, and that appears to be the problem right now. They say that messi is not really convinced with the direction with potentially the playing squad at the club right now and potential plans that he may or may not have been given information to in that meeting with ron kuhlman and interestingly, they said messi is uncomfortable with The project still being led by bartimeo, and that for me, is the key point there to pick up on it. Doesn’T matter about the new coach that comes in it doesn’t matter about the players that you bring in players, bring out all of that stuff.

When the man leading this entire operation going beyond the coach going above the coach, it is still bartimaeu. Who’S run this club into the ground, and if we can all see that you can guarantee that somebody is close to the club. Somebody within the club leading it like messi. He will see that too. He knows that bartomeo is not the right man to be leading this club, and i think quite honestly, messi, i think, will be very surprised right now that in barcelona there’s not been more protests. There’S not been more anger there towards the president, because i imagined, as soon as there was a little bit of doubt as soon as there was a talk there about messi leaving. I thought the city would be up in arms. I thought from the sochi’s we’d be hearing a lot of things there about the motion of no confidence. We’Ve hardly heard anything at all about that. I expected there to hear maybe a bit more from the potential presidential candidate for 2021, but right now it doesn’t seem as though there’s enough anger there towards the board. Because remember this is ladle messi. This is missy on the verge and he is on the verge of leaving the club where he’s been our best player ever and still. This is being allowed to go on and i can’t understand it. They go on to say there that messi’s preference as a coach would have been chavy.

Messi would have liked chavi to have come in this summer and started leading the club straight away and that’s interesting there looking ahead. Of course, the 2021 maybe chavi will come in then, but will it be too late for lil messi at the club? But i just want to say you may hear a lot of things about messi making demands messi asking for this messy asking for that, and i would just say, be very, very careful right now with what you read in the media and what you see about messi. Making those demands, because you can guarantee if messi, is serious about leaving the club the board are gon na make him look as bad as they possibly can, and let me just emphasize what i mean by that point because right here, right now esp in spain this Evening have reported something that honestly for me, is absolutely staggering and, like i say i cannot believe there’s, not more outrage over what’s going on right now, because they say that from inside the club from certain board members, they have been directly informed that, although barca do Maintain hope of convincing messi to stay espn. Spain say that some board members within the club are open to selling messi in order there to rebuild the squad and they say to reduce the wage bill. And that, for me, is staggering, because you were telling me, in order there to reduce that wage bill which is unmanageable now, why not, because of messi, but because of the board, giving massive contracts not to messi but to every other player, but instead we’re now going To get rid of what is the best player in the world? We’Re gon na ship him out, we’re gon na sell him on why so the rest of the team? There can continue to be paid well above what they should be.

You’Ve got squad players there on. Well, over 100 000, a week, you’ve got aging players on massive massive contracts, but no it’s messy who’s. The problem i’ll tell you right now: messi’s wages are high, but obviously they’re gon na be he is the best player. He therefore should be the highest paid player by some distance and missy would be paid exactly the same, if not more. If he went to another club, how many of the players in our squad, could you say the same thing about how many of the players in our squad could go somewhere else and get the same wages that we currently give them it wouldn’t happen. It would not happen because we’re overpaying, literally every one of our players and that’s not down to messi. That is down to the board, and this is the problem because they’re trying to fix now their own mess by forcing out the best player and that doesn’t sit. Well with me, because they are going to come out they’re going to make out like i say that messi is the bad guy they’re going to deflect all of that blame away from themselves. That’S. What they keep saying. Messi has a contract. Messi will stay because messi has a contract and they’re basically coming out and saying messi’s only going to go if he forces his way out. If he doesn’t want to stay here anymore, if he wants to jump ship that’s what they want to put in.

All of our minds, but we’ve got to stay strong because we know – and you guys know messi cares about this club if he didn’t he wouldn’t have even come back from his holiday. He wouldn’t have even met up with ronald kooman. He would have stayed away and he would have put a press release out and he would have said you know what i’m going goodbye the end of it and then he would have left it to all the agents to sort out a deal away from barcelona. But he clearly cares. This is a club now that he’s been at for nearly 20 years of his life. He came over here as a boy he’s grown into a man, he’s grown to the best player in the world here and his entire family is settled within the city. His sons go to school here, his wife lives here. We all know that missy loves not only the club but the city of barcelona, and he cares do not let anybody tell you differently to that and it’s, probably because he cares that honestly, seeing the club run the way it is right now and the leadership or The non existent leadership that it has i’m sure that hurts and i’m sure that he is angry so that right now guys is the latest when it comes to messi’s situation, certainly right now, this is the closest thing. We’Ve ever come to messi, leaving the club right now.

I would still say that he would be expected to stay this summer. I still do believe that messi will remain at barcelo, but by no means by no means whatsoever. Is that anything like certain? This is still very much in the air and that’s because of the idiots leading this club into the ground and messi. He is not happy with that and i’d imagine. He hasn’t been for quite some time. Please. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below guys. What do you make of this entire situation right now and the way that it’s being handled? What kind of resolution can you see there in the near future and do you believe that barca will be able to keep messy? Let me know in the comments down below thanks, as always for your support.