Today we are going to discuss about one of the goat in the business leo messi. I know many people will say he is the god and some other people are going to fight about it, you’re not going to convince everybody between cristiano ronaldo and leo messi, who is the god but i’m not here for that? Okay, so save your comment here. I am going to appreciate both of them and i’m, not gon na get to all those stupidity. Why can’t? We just appreciate both players. We are lucky to be alive when those goats are doing the business in football. So everybody knows by now that leo messi been talking about leaving barcelona at the end of his contract next season and as usual, speculations are going all around the world where he’s going to sign uh next summer or whatever time that contract is going to end and Yeah every team in the world would like to have leo messi, okay. So now let’s talk about chelsea football club. Remember few years back when uh leo messi had some issues with barcelona and he start he started following chelsea following all the chelsea uh players liking their post and all that, and it created a big big debate around the world that leo messi is going to sign. For chelsea football club, it never happened. The next thing we knew is that he signed another big contract with barcelona, so that could be just tactics from messi’s camp.

To get him, you know the best contract they can and it could be his last contract with barcelona. So he need to get any penny that he can get from that contract. We all know that barcelona are going through tough moments at the moment. Okay, they are not good on the field and also outside the field with their president buying average players over aged players. You know selling players after six months, not giving the youth the opportunity to play in the first team is just shambolic. That club at the moment – and i mean many people – been accusing leo messi for being the reason why barcelona are going down because everything need to go through leo messi if he likes a player he’s coming to barcelona. If he doesn’t approve and then it’s going to be a nightmare and the player is going to be sold, cutino malcolm now, griezmann and many many other players are complaining about leo messi being the problem at barcelona, so i’m, not gon na get into that. I don’t wan na people to hate me for no reason. I am just reporting what’s going on here and what’s going on out there and i i’m just talking about it. I didn’t create any story here: i’m, just reporting, okay, so whatever you want to believe, i think you are right. You know feel free to do it to to believe on whatever you want to believe. But for me i think leo messi.

If he comes to chelsea football club, it’s gon na be a good thing. I don’t care about his age 34 years old for a quality player like messi he’s still young for me, because this guy can play until 40, 42 or even more that’s. What i believe you don’t have to believe me, but somebody like leo messi, if you just give him a role just to score goals, but run too much, but do what he can do best he’s still going to give you some quality on the field and don’t. Forget that a player like messi, no matter how much money you are going to buy him or pay him he’s going to pay himself. You know what i mean, because he will bring the whole world behind him. How many youngsters, how many young kids around the world are going to support your club and, in this case, chelsea football club just because messi plays for chelsea? You know what i mean so uh. The commercial deals are incredible that you are going to have in the team, so the money you are going to pay him is basically peanut compared to the money leonel messi is going to make for the the club, but ah don’t, get too excited for no reason, Because i don’t see this happening, i don’t see leo messi moving to another club in the world. I think he’s going to finish his career at barcelona or maybe when he’s 40, or so he can go back in argentina and play for his childhood club.

Maybe for one season just for pleasure, you know what i mean, but i think those tactics now are just to get him. You know the last big contract with barcelona and um and he has the right to do that so uh. Let me know guys: what do you think about uh leo messi anything can happen in football. Remember he might be very tired with barcelona same old, same old, every single season, and maybe he doesn’t see the future of barcelona being good. You know he would like to win the champions league, maybe for the last time, with barcelona, and if barcelona are not going to reinforce the team. Okay, make a great team to win the champions league in the next couple of seasons and then leo messi might consider to go somewhere else where he can win the champions league. Why not chelsea football club? We are building a great team at the moment. Look at timo verna kai, harvard tamiya manson mount all those players are going to get better in the future and we could have a great team that can compete for the champions league and leo messi. Can you know change his mind and say you know what let me maybe try another league, because also people have been criticizing him for playing only for barcelona and la liga and it’s too easy for him over over there and he won’t do anything in the premier League or other leagues that’s what people been saying, so maybe he would say you know what i’m going to show them, that i can do it in the premier league too.

So anything is possible in football. Keep an open mind he could play for chelsea man, united man, city, uh, bayern or psg anywhere in the world that he wan na play leo messi is going to do a lot of damage. I don’t care about his edge he’s going to succeed, and that is my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me, so the problem, also at barcelona at the moment is the age looks like everybody is 32 plus old and they are selling youngsters. They just sold outer to juventus and you know swap deal with uh piano, uh pianic yeah. So everybody is talking about barcelona being like a messy fc. Okay, everybody. There is his friend, so he wan na all his friend play game and every coach needs to listen to messi, but because you don’t upset his friends. Okay, you don’t up upset vidal. We don’t need to play even though he’s not doing good. You have to play him because he’s friends with messi and if messi is not happy, you are out of the door, it could be. You know true or false. I don’t know, but i watch a lot of barcelona fan channels and they’re pretty much uh saying the same things you know they don’t want to say it clearly, because it’s going to upset a lot of fans, you know and a lot of subs it’s going to Hurt their business, they try to hide it, but in reality, if you look at the situation at barcelona now, messi is one of the problems, so they need a strong direction.

This a strong president, a strong institution that would say messi is just a player like others. We know it’s not because leo messi is unique, but at some point they’re gon na have to make a decision and say messi. If you want lutaro martinez, it’s so expensive, we can’t afford him. Let’S go for timo verna, for example, who cost 53 million for chelsea. Only you know they had a chance to sign uh timo verna, who could really play very good in that barcelona team, because he can play from the left as a winger and as a second striker, but they prefer to go for lutaro martinez, for a hundred plus Million uh euros, so you see it’s all about leo messi connections, so that is very dangerous for the club. Anyways guys i’ve been talking too much here, just giving my opinion. Let me know what you think about everything. I’Ve spoken in this video god bless you and see you in the next one.