Messi is already disappointed with kuman ibrahimovic informed milan about his future. A part of boss’s management wants to sell, messi will barsakib messi what was maguire arrested for how come mourinho insulted, psg, whoa there’s. A lot of shocking news in football today subscribe on our channel ring the bell and you won’t miss anything guys. We are done with the europa league, but the champions league is waiting for us. Write your predictions about who’s gon na be the main hero of the finals. In the comments below and now press like and let’s get started done. Let’S go manchester united’s. Captain harry maguire was arrested by the police on a greek island called mykonos for a fight with tourists near the bar. Barcelona will sell midfielder rafinha to lazio for 12 million euros. Manchester city is interested in austin villa’s, leader jack grillish wright’s, athletic juventus leads in the battle for leon’s playmaker. Hussain awar barcelona started the negotiations with don evan the biggs agent. The catalan club offers a six year contract to the player. Juventus broke the contract with gonzalo iguain and sammy hedira chelsea is actively negotiating with thiago silva. A brazilian may move to the blues as a free agent right after the champions league finals, milan and tottenham are going to agree soon on a transfer of oria affirms the times. Burusa dortmund’s players are sure that sancho will stay in the club for a new season. Wolverhampton is interested in sevilla’s, winger, lucas, akampas sky sport informs marseilles midfielder, dimitri payet has coronavirus.

Barcelona announced that henrik larson will become a part of ronald kuhlman’s. Coaching staff chelsea has almost signed, leicester’s left back ben chilwell. The athletic informs roma hopes to make a buy out of chris smalling from man united and buy napoli’s defender nicola maximovic liverpool hopes to sell health back marco gruwich for 20 million pounds and spend his money on tiago contrast. Transfer cristiano has been missing: karim, benzema, juventus, raul, jimenez perfectly fits this role thanks, uva’s former coach fabio capello, diego simeone is afraid that atletico will lose thomas party and yanno blocked this transfer window. I think it’s a failure that they didn’t win it in the two seasons before, because for five or six years the investment is crazy. Things tottenham’s, head coach, jose mourinho, kuman, informed alba, busquets and suarez that they are not in his plans. Milan will extend the contract with ibrahimovic for a year a swedish will earn 6 million euros a year, plus bonuses, bayern scored 40 goals in one ucl season that’s. The second best result in the history of the tournament manchester united is ready to fight for kante. If chelsea will decide to sell, a french writes, mirror igor tudor. The head coach of high dog became a dry peerless assistant in juventus. Serge gnabry was named the best player of the champions league this week. Bayley is wasting his time at real madrid. I would love gareth bale to return to tottenham german national teams. Axe head coach, jurgen klinsmann fiorentina is going to loan david zappacosta from chelsea for next season.

Musa dembele is willing to leave lyon. If manchester united will come for him again. Real madrid will resume an interest in mbappe only next year us informs chelsea and russian national team’s. Former coach who’s hitting took the lead of kurosawa national team, the europa league finals and league ones opening took place yesterday. The results are in front of you and now let’s switch to the main news of the episode. Are you still with us? Let’S go sevilla beat entering the europa league finals with a 3 2 score. A spanish club became the winner of this tournament for the record. Sixth time the teams played the first half on high speed and with a bright score of 2 2 in cone, the score was opened by romelu lukaku in the 5th minute of the match, then luke deyoung scored twice and his team was ahead, but diego godin quickly, Equaled the score till half time in the second half of the game, the teams fought till the end, but in the 74th minute diego carlos struck with a bicycle, kick and scored a winning goal. By the way, spanish’s strike was precise because of romelu lukaku, who scored in his own net. Although this goal was recorded on a spanish centre back that’s, how sevilla won the europa league again and left antonio conte’s team without a trophy, it was a magnificent final. The head coach of the spanish team, julian lapateggi, commented on the game. These guys never give up.

They would be great even if they lost in the finals, but we want this very important title in a tough game. Interest manager, antonia contes, said this. It was all about the details, lukaku wasn’t, lucky with an own goal. In the next two or three days we will meet with the management and discuss the plans for the future, with or without me. In any case, inter had a great season and now let’s talk about a heated scuffle that appeared during the match between inter and sevilla, the head coach of the club from milan antonia conte almost had a fight with the midfielder of the spanish team ever banega. In the 18th minute of the match, when the score was 1, 1 konta demanded another penalty in the opponent’s net. The referee, danny mckinley, ignored the italian and showed him a yellow card. The emotions of a passionate italian definitely annoyed cbs healthback ever banega. They had a scuffle in which the player gave a hint that he will deal with conte by tearing his hair off enough shut up. We’Ll see later, if your hair real said, banega conte responded, i’ll, wait for you after the game. It was a very hot night in germany, lionel messi wasn’t impressed with kuman’s assignment as a head coach of barcelona. According to ok diario, the leader of blogranas thinks that the style of the game that cummons prefers doesn’t fit for the team and the cv of the dutch specialist looks unconvincing.

The source adds that an argentinian tends to leave barcelona more especially including manchester city’s interest. Also lionel feels anger towards the president, jose bertomo. He thinks that he is guilty for the club’s failures. Splunk runners bosses are different. Some people think that an argentinian has to be in the team. Whatever happens, others think that selling messi will help to shorten the club’s payroll and give bars an opportunity to buy a number of new players. What side do you choose write in the comments guys if you want more quality content and actual news subscribe to our project called we know football. The link on the video is in front of you, click and watch that is all for today.