It is the starting eleven prediction show, and i am here to predict the starting eleven for liverpool versus arsenal in the community shield. It’S been less than a month since arsenal lifted the fa cup. It has been less than i don’t know how long it’s been since the lifted, the premier league, so if it doesn’t seem that long ago anyway, but we are back and again, we are sponsored by one football big. Thank you to them and if you wouldn’t mind showing your support for one football for the backing that they’ve given us throughout lockdown as well, one of the companies that stayed with us through lockdown, please do download their app. The link is in the description. It is an absolutely belter football. I promise you, you can get all your news transfer news, especially in fact there’s a whole transfer tab which keeps you up to date with everything new contracts transfers. Everything they’ve got all the news: that’s full of lionel messi stuff at the moment, and you’ve got your stats for each individual game and a belter feature. I really hope they’re bringing this back for this season and when the lineup is announced for the game, you can then go into this like augmented reality, lineup thing through there. So, like i got the i got the liverpool one out last time and like i projected it onto our table and you can walk around it’s, absolutely brilliant. Please download the app they’ve supported those.

Please your show your support for them by downloading the app the link is in the description anyway. I am here for the start, 11 prediction and i think liverpool are going to put out a strong side. Yeagen, i think, will want to put out the starting eleven as best we can. Obviously, we know we’ve got a few injuries, a couple of concerns, probably people that won’t make it. So this is the team that i think jaegan will go with and we’ll go through. The substitutes bench as well um, so in goal no messing around it’s going to be alison becker he’s got to start, i don’t think louise carries makes the bench spoilers and so alice and beckett in goal left back. I think it’s as simple as andrew robertson. I think virgil van dijk he’s going to he’s gon na probably play with a plaster um or some kind of stitching or something but i’m sure he’s gon na be fit and available and alongside him in the heart of the defense, it’s gon na be joe gomez. The question mark, of course, over the right back chance, alexander arnold, it doesn’t look like he’s, going to be fit and available for this one. Obviously hasn’t taken any part in the two friendlies that we’ve had so far. In fact, nico williams has started with the rest of the back four each time, so i think nico williams comes in there unless jagan throws a surprise and throws james miller on there.

James milner, aubameyang peace, not peace, not sure that would be the right way. We trust nico williams, there’s a reason we didn’t offer nathaniel cline a new contract and that’s, because we’ve got trust in nico williams at the base of the midfield, and i do think it’s going to be a 4 3 3. I think fabinho comes in there. We know he made a bit of mistake as with joe gomez, uh in in the salisbury game, but we know what type of a clash player the fabinho is. I want him sitting at the back dictate and play and ahead of him, i think it’s going to be nabby cater and genie wine, album i’d love to see kate jones in this formation as well. But i do think that this is going to be the midfield. Three, i think we’ll see kate jones at some point uh during the afternoon, but that’s the midfield three i’m going with then you’ve got the front three it’s sadio mane it’s mo saleh and it’s bobby fimino up top i’m gon na get into your comments, and let Me know if any of these players differ on your starting eleven prediction: uh, so i’ll get into the comments straight after i’ve done the substitutes and stuff, and for starters i mentioned no luis carrier, so adrian’s gon na be in there and excuse me i’m sure. The comments already go mad. Why haven’t? You got the night kit, because we’re useless um, so we’ve got the okay, but i promise you by the time the premier league rolls around everybody will be in chimacast’s kit, which is the nikon and it’s resplendent.

Actually, by comparison to these pictures and it’s got the little head tilted. He’S got it going on, but i do think that he’s going to be a substitute, then we’ve got an even older kit for nat phillips. Apologies on that one matt phillips. I do think we’ll probably make the nod as a as a center half option on the bench we can play. I believe seven substitutes uh on the bench and we can actually play six of them during the game. I think jimmy milner is probably one of the players, although it would surprise me if he starts, but if you’re looking for leadership because there’s no jordan henderson, then maybe james milner does get a role in the midfield. Three um k jones, as i mentioned, uh he’s in an old kit as well um takumi min amino. I think he starts on the bench and i’m going to throw rian brewster on the bench as well. No harvey elliott on my bench, hopefully rhiann’s still around. Hopefully we look at him, maybe until the end of um, a transfer window, hopefully doesn’t go out, gets a chance to come on, maybe score another goal and stuff, but that’s my starting eleven anyway. Thank you to everybody. Who’S joined us by the way um lad. Great uh gr8 says no genie. He is not good, so i disagree. I think, ginny when adam’s a really good footballer. I think you know there’s so much talk of of of tiago, alcantara and genuine aldom at the moment that we’re, forgetting that do you know, i know them jordan, anderson for being here with the lads that took us to a european title and a premier league title.

You don’t get to play in jake and clapton with field if you’re, not a good player. Now you might say he’s, not creative enough, for you i’d understand that, but to just say, he’s, not good. Look, no premier league player is not good they’re, just it’s just they’re, not they’re, all very good for polish. Now they might not always shoot the system, they might not always play to the best of their ability, but you know why now them has proved for me over his tenure at liverpool that he’s a great player and we they’ll be missed if him, when he does Go um where’s, shaq, exactly conroll that’s that’s. What everyone’s thinking about he’s played no part in pre season, friendlies that i’ve seen and so right now, i’m like well shaquille he’s, not going to make the bench divaka righty’s not played anything any part really in the preseason. Friendlies, so i haven’t put him on the bench either that’s why i put rayan brewster on there and so that answers ian rush in russia’s mustache as well nice, one for coming back ian um or mr mustache, as you should say, uh karen b, just says: genie’s Been excellent with us mobile gaming, just as brewster needs to start chris i’d love to see him start. I really would, but this is a game that i think jaeger is going to want to win and and therefore the front three go in and let’s be honest.

They’Ve had the run out in the preseason friendlies and i think that’s, why isn’t it and imagine we get to 60 65 minutes before we make a few changes in this game. Uh, obviously, notwithstanding any unforeseen things, uh aaron spencer says jones should be in the starting eleven and i think i’d understand that now are you likely to see a caterer jones midfield pairing with fabinho, maybe you’re likely to see why now them with jones? Probably, although that’s probably not what people want to see if he is going to start and then would he start on the right hand, side with nico williams, we know he’s had a relationship coming through the ranks with him and so yeah jones could could well start. He could well start i’d, just go for the more experience or i’ve gone. I should say for the more experienced nabby keita jeannie whale we know. Am i gon na fall off for a while um that’s, because we’ve not done any shows for a while brewster in the nine, with bobby in the ten fab and genie double period. Pivot is eric. Forbes he’s, a red men, tv member andy’s, got the yellow badge big shout out to eric forbes. Thank you very much for that one. If you want to be um a redmond tv member, then just join up there’s a little join button. Under this video, you get the use of custom remote as well, which eric’s not used yet, but i have seen a few of them throughout the chat and obviously at the uh, the higher levels.

Then you get like the final, weird videos and stuff like that: it’s the reds transfer roundup, actually at the moment that we’ve been putting out on there uh uncle such as his glitch where’s grewich. Interestingly, i think ac milan have been interested in marco gruich at the moment. Haven’T they um, so maybe growing does get some kind of a spot here. But if it is true, if there is just seven substitution with google there, then i don’t see a space for grewatch redmond tv. In the comments why nwa showing off those customer modes well in ross, you legends millie, instead of williams, is pretty time dem. Now that is something that you know. We we joked about actually we’ve just done. The on center match build up show earlier this morning and we we kind of had a little joke about backers. I think milner wants to be in the midfield from now on and wouldn’t it be yeah yeah, james yeah yeah. Of course, mate you’re going to be in the center you’re. Definitely definitely first game of the season right back. I think you’ve got for me i’d understand why you’d want to play milner there, and i and i would as well because i’m, not someone who wants to risk everything, even if it is just the friendly. But when you’re trying to build a lad up and niko williams, i think you are to be the replacement for chance alexander arnold, should he get injured or anything like the backup should say not replacement, then you’ve got to trust them in big games.

You know we all remember, turns alexander arnold, coming in away from home against manchester united at old trafford and standing up and was counted. Nico williams has done well since the restart back in the last season, and this will be a big opportunity for him. Can he do what sent alexander arnold does in a big game on a big stay in a big stadium? Be a really good learning curve, good experience for him there um what time is club’s press conference tomorrow says the invader 97 and yes, you’ve got the yellow badge as well. I’Ve, no idea, um, i’m sure ross will know. Um barcelona want money for 108 million. If no chance, hey conor kelly, what mate do i get with the club legend level? Well, you get a choice. I think it is it’s two a season, and so you get it after you’ve been subscribed for a little while we’ll reach out to you, and then you get a choice of whatever piece of merchandise. You want kind of. Thank you very much for joining up really appreciate that um daniel johnson just says thiago’s going to start if he joins before the game. If he joins before the game, man is he still on his two weeks holiday it wasn’t that long ago he won the champions league i’m. Sure he’ll have a little bit of a holiday, but then come in mate you’re fit you’re ready to go slot into that midfield and take us to our second premier league title back to back.

Thank you very much would love a little bit of that abisali murali. Just says min amino i’ve said that with confidence like, i knew that that’s, how you say it abasali murali. Let me know if i said that one right uh minami no question mark minamino’s on the bench. For me, i don’t see that he gets to starting place. Just yet hey ty robertson says where’s chance, he’s injured at the moment as he’s jordan, henderson john matip’s, a fitness doubt as well, um just to bring you up to speed there uh a b say so says four, two three one, please capo, four, two three one: Four: two: three one just to join up with two, my what you’re saying i’m doing a warehouse that’s, how lazy i am walking around in front of a board there’s now a workout for me. Well, i agree. I agree. I agree there’s your four two, three one! There’S tiago’s spot that’s how you get brewster in the side, firmino in the tent lovely jubbly. I like it. I like it a lot so there we go. Um, johnny walker, um, what’s, johnny been saying hello johnny. Where are you mate, um bill sanders says curtis jones has a brilliant season. Why not start him? Why not, indeed, why not, indeed, will jaeger start him? I don’t know i’m. Guessing, though, that it is wine album, and it is navigator in the stars, i’d like to see curtis jones i’ll, just say that once again, this is what me predicting.

What jaeger would do not me saying what i would like to see and but if you do want to know for a fact what side is starting, then you have to come back on saturday before the game we’ll be going, live, we’re doing a live watch along Again and so make sure you turn the notification bells on on the channel when we go live you’ll be notified, should be 35 minutes, 45 minutes or 30 minutes before the game. We’Ll be going, live, build up into the live fan zone commentary. Half time show seconds off, hopefully a trophy lift as well and then obviously we’ve got all the normal post match content. So thank you very much for watching. As i say, please do go and check out that one football app they have supported us throughout lockdown it’s been a big help from them. We really appreciate it, the app’s brilliant as well it’s, something that we can get behind.