Well, these games are about getting players, fit both physically and mentally, but there’s also trophies to be won. Community shield take that box. I’Ve won that a couple of times i’ve also lost it a couple of times as well. It should be a cracker derrick that’s for sure number, 23 gavin, louise number 34, janet jackal Applause. Thank you for attending wonderland, enjoy the game and the game begins, and this is the arsenal starting eleven bent. Nano gets the nord in goal. David luiz starts alongside socrates in central defence. Granit xhaka plays with mohamed elneny in central midfield, and the main forward here is alex lacazette. Can they do something positive on the counter attack lead to the goal that puts them ahead? The outcome is a goal. Kick here. Let’S take a look at the liverpool starting eleven virgil van dyke plays alongside joel matip in central defense. Sadio mane starts with mohamed, salah out wide and leading the attack today as the ultimate pressing machine roberto, fiamino henderson. Well, the fans enjoyed that pass. Will he play it in Applause, good use of the ball, but can they trouble the defense lacazette others in the vicinity? Filmino, here’s, fabinho and that’s gone out of play for what will be a goal? Kick el nenny jaco with it Applause, el nenny, with it goodness. He was right on top of the situation, to get the ball back for his team henderson alexander arnold. Has it henderson it’s, with fabinho and ike rynaldum by naldum, by now, dom that basil won by granit xhaka going forward well here, mkhitaryan and that a piece of goalkeeping you’re going to see again and again and again played into the center of the box? And he failed to get it away properly.

It was never going to worry the keeper. Well, no wonder he’s. Looking a little bit sheepishly at his teammates head in a hand, sort of moment henderson has it it’s with roberto firmino. This might have potential firmino and now henderson, manet Applause. Will they be able to play it in behind the defense? It might well be scoped for them to counter attack here. Here is william opportunity to deliver the cross finishing touch while goalkeepers call the post and the crossbar their friends, not on this occasion clips the inside and goes in the back of the net Applause back underway arsenal with the lead Applause, solid play by socrates, lacazette. Moving into the advanced position and attempting to throw a ball, my goodness lee the goalkeeper had his work cut out for him, but delivered yeah that’s what they do. Look at that save a brilliant effort. Applause corner kick played over el ninny he’ll be cross with himself based on the position he had taken up well, yeah. It was poor technique. Wasn’T it thrashed out. A little bit went for power. Well, that’s a bummer. The fans won’t soon forget beautifully disguised ball. That is goalkeeping of the highest order and of the bravest order as well. Well, it’s, not all about tipping balls over the bar around the post, it’s about being brave and diving at players. Feet arsenal struggling in terms of possession, but they won’t mind they’re winning this game. And why? Because their counter attack is absolutely fantastic, not typical of willian.

To be wasteful, as he was then he’s giving the ball away here. Salah Applause, henderson, sadio manny, now good idea that particular move, but not to be mkhitaryan. Now bayern lacazette successful tackle from joel mati Applause, not much defensive, cover there on the flank. Now he must favor the cross ozil. Can he take advantage? Can they put it away, it’s with robots? Well, derek we’ve just seen a great save that might be the impetus they need as they haven’t been at the best today, an authoritative challenge: read it magnificently and intercepted henderson roberto firmino. The referee has decided that two additional minutes are in order. Individual quality coming to the four henderson might be able to produce from this position. Liverpool corner given and played short. He cuts it back, and that is the sort of tackle he had stripped and with that the first half draws to a close Applause. Other teams have switched around ready for the second half and it’s liverpool who get the ball rolling, moving forward, effectively, Applause ozil it’s got to be, and that is defending of the highest order. Applause now, william el nenny, with it Applause right, album it’s with fabinho Applause referee, has let the advantage accrue to liverpool alexander arnold. Has it henderson fabinho by naldum it’s a highly promising liverpool attack, but will there be an end product, and that was a very fine? Read will they get themselves level here for liverpool who are now on level terms? Well, when we see this again, it is a wonderful effort.

A solo effort got ta question the defenders they just back off him and he takes full advantage. Clear goal cancelled out what a piece Music this attack looks highly promising. They’Ve lost possession here arsenal. Well, this is liverpool at their best. They love possession of the ball, but they need to turn that possession into creating more chances. The forwards have been vacant today. They really have midfield, not good enough as well. The fans are expecting a lot more from this team robertson. Oh a nice looking pass by now dome Applause, fabinho, brilliant, save by ben, oh it’s, fabulous! It really is position everything everything right there opportunity to deliver. The cross Applause, a delicious and a chance for them to nudge in france, teammate in support and sergio manet finishes with aplomb Applause. Well, here it is. How do you like him in an open goal? Please no goalkeeper, no defenders! Where were they all? It will be very instructive to see how arsenal respond to that setback, giving them the gift of possession. He continues to make hay crossing possibilities well thumbs clear Applause, liverpool, obsessed with finding a forward gear. Now, what can they do from this position? Almost a second goal of this match, but the goalkeeper had his own views on that subject. Well, he’d be looking for a brace to striker not to be on that occasion and now the delivery he succeeded in getting his fist to it. Now, william Applause lacazette, william, now lacazette lost it and will it be the leveler and this time it’s in well, the offside flag has been raised, no goal.

Well, it was close, but he just went a little bit too early Applause, andrew robertson van dyke, with it matip spraying, passes around almost waiting for the opposition to make a mistake and take it away from salah failed to keep hold of it. Applause henderson by naldum. Now, salah bad challenge and now it’s up to the referee in terms of what to it’s a highly promising liverpool attack, but will there be an end product good numerical situation? Can he take advantage with what you’ve got to say was a routine stop attempting to play catch up in this second half lee? What are the priorities to be well arsenal haven’t been at the best for me, a glorious chance, Applause, fabinho Applause. Oh nice work to get past his opponents, Applause and the conditions. Look pretty good for the counter attack all hands on deck. It does appear to be opening up on the flag for arsenal here decided to come in from the flank just found wanting in terms of the finish then well just couldn’t quite keep himself on side. The flag has gone up robertson, fabinho henderson, oh he’s, given the ball away unnecessarily moving forward effectively. Aubameyang was wide now cuts in Applause and it’s a case of just five minutes left and the counter looks on here. Options available and they’ll regard that as a very disappointing end to the move, Applause, space afforded him Applause and a very good challenge; Applause! Well, listen to that derek! They think he was a nailed on pen, the ref didn’t, though Applause here’s, oxlade chamberlain.

I just couldn’t keep the ball. The fourth official is in between the official word. There will be a minimum of two added minutes now with aubameyang lacazette time and the scoreline most satisfying a victory in the curtain racer to the season. Well, the trophy derrick is a trophy and they’ve deserved that today played very well. They won’t mind his pre season at all, not in the slightest Applause Applause and now the players posing for the images that will be sent around the world late yeah absolutely enjoy it. At five minutes enjoying these moments, but it is pre season, got ta.