This doesn’t seem long since i last spoke to you just before a trip to wembley it’s only been a few weeks. I just wanted to ask you really about what’s that how hard is it mentally for you and the squad to switch on to a new season when it’s literally only been three weeks since the end of the last well it’s, not hard, because we really like our Job and we have the privilege to work in this industry, but yeah we needed some some time to just reflect on what we did and as well to put our minds a little bit away from football, and i think we have the chance to do it. Not as we normally do, but enough and the players seem in good condition mentally and physically, so we are ready to start to go. We have no choice. We have a cop to play on saturday. Obviously you saw you in action against mk dons on tuesday night. A lot of attention on certainly on social media was on william seliger’s performance. What have you made of him the way he’s settled into the squad since he’s since you’ve had a chance to look at him properly? Well, he’s been training really hard. He has stayed here in london to do a better preparation and – and you can tell that he looks ready. Obviously, there are a lot of things that are new for him and he will need to adapt, but certainly he has the the right qualities for this football club and as well the right attitude and to keep improving and showing the play that he can be for Our future thanks, michael thanks, rob uh before we go to john from bbc, just to confirm that the embargo for this first section is 3 30.

Today um. So we go over to uh john southall from bbc hello cal. How are you hi mckenna? Can you hear me hello, um, you, you briefly touched on it there, but what? What kind of shape of the of the squad in you haven’t had much time to prepare for the game? Um match sharpness, presumably they’re they’re, still quite a way off that. Are they uh? Well, we had two training sessions, so you can imagine that this game comes straight in the middle of our mini precision but as well. We haven’t had much time to lose a lot of the competition, but obviously it’s not an ideal moment to play this final, but um. The players are motivated, obviously it’s another opportunity to win a trophy and we will go for it and in terms of the code for testing, is anybody in quarantine? Has anybody failed a test since they came back no we’ve been through all different moments? You know with all the restrictions and all the rules from government premier league testing it’s, always so unexpected what’s going to happen. The next day we are trying to adapt and and get the team in the best possible way to compete on saturday and looking at uh. The players in the squad, obviously a lot of talk about uh pierre emerick aubameyang. Where are you with uh with his contract? Is he? Is he close to signing a new deal? Well, i keep being positive and we have some really good talks with with him and his agents and – and i am pretty confident that we’re gon na find an agreement soon that’s my feeling again, which will be a massive lift to everybody won’t it absolutely and for Him as well, i think i think he should be very happy if he is able to stay at the club for a long time, and i think he will be delighted with with those news, obviously you’re, building a side here at arsenal.

You do you think, with this squad you’ve got and who you’re hoping to bring in that you’re now ready for a really serious challenge of of top four, maybe beyond next season. Well, let’s see how we we look like at the end of the transfer window. We just started everything, looks uh pretty slow at the moment, not many teams moving aggressively. So a lot of things are going to happen from now to the 6th of october, so i will probably be in in a very condition, but it doesn’t matter the square. We have, we will challenge for the top 100. Thank you good luck. Thank you. Thanks john we’ll move to ena perham. Some talk, sport, hi mikael. How are you hi, um we’ve, heard today about paul pogba testing, positive for the caring of iris and various players? Other clubs in the premier league three or four other clubs i mean it does go to show that the virus is still a real danger to the sport isn’t it yeah that is still not in football in our society, and we need to be aware of that And the fact something that you go on holidays makes you think that everything is gone. You know, and but we have to start back. You know being really cautious, like maintaining our distances, all the security measurements that we have in place and we are able to provide that we shown ourselves and and to the world that we can create safe environments for our athletes.

So hopefully we can continue doing that. I thought you’ve had a couple of players. One you’ve already signed one that hopefully, for your point of view, will be signing soon. Uh willian quoted saying he joined because you think she’s in the champions league, with you uh and gabrielle um coming in as well. You just talked about the smiling about willian, but i mean about willian and gabrielle, well, it’s, the right spirit. I want players that they are optimistic and unwilling and they want to win for for our club that’s. The feeling i got since the first day i met william that he’s not satisfied with what he’s done in his career, which is a lot and he’s going to bring some special qualities for our team and the type of attitude and mentality that you just mentioned. On your question regarding gabriel, we cannot announce anything yet. The deal is not finalized and you all know that it’s a play that we following for a long time and and hopefully we can get it done. You mentioned only a couple of times. You’Ve only had a very short summer holiday as it were, but other players still fit because they had that time off during lockdown and when they came back they kind of had a pre season, then so are they still carrying that kind of fitness into the season? Yes, what we don’t know is how they’re going to react when they start to play every three days and it gets to november december january.

You know, because we put a lot of demands to them and obviously the kobe previous was a stop and then full gas starts and obviously um. You could see the injury rates and everything when crazy up and then we don’t know we’re gon na try to protect them much as possible. Give them everything we can from the science and physical point of view for them to be in the best condition to perform, and last one from me, obviously you’ll be playing again at wembley. Empty would be stadium, but on friday or so on, saturday, elsewhere brighton are hosting a game uh where there are limited amount of fans. Two and a half thousand fans gon na be at the amex, possibly a start of return to fans coming back to football. We all hope so we know how different the games are without them, so we can do it again, providing safe and healthy of our people. Great let’s. Do it and let’s try how it works thanks, michael good luck, thank you. Thanks ian we’ll move now to keith downey from sky sports, hi, mikhail um, you mentioned um gabriel. There is everything okay with with that deal. Well, everything is okay. When both parties sign the clubs and the players agree, the terms – and he goes through the medical and sometimes that in the last final stages, is, is not as easy as his look. But again we are pretty positive that that we can do.

It sounds michael as though you’ve beaten off a lot of competition to get him. You must be pleased with that again when we get it. I will be very pleased and is a player that we followed and we were very determined that um. It was the right profile for us to to improve our squad and and if we are able to finalize it, we will be delighted. Are you able to bring us up to date, um with ainsley, maitland niles and where you are there there’s been some reports that there’s been a bid rejected from wolves, yeah and we’re reading a lot of news about our players, which is not bad, that other clubs Want him with ainsley is a player. I said that he started at the end of the season since i joined here that i really like and the best way to show. That is that i play him in the most important games of the season and he responded really well so that’s, where we are with the player. Would you be open to to let him go, though, if he has an opportunity, elsewhere, i’m always open to listen. While the player is feeling you know at every stage of their career, and then i give them my opinion of how i see them. What i expect from them, and if we have the right understanding, we have to move forward together, you know and and if there is something that it doesn’t work.

Obviously, we have to assess it with the player and the club and and then find the right decision for both of them. Um. Can i ask you, when mikhail about the black lives matter, movement we’ve seen so much good work done towards the end of last season? After lockdown, obviously, the players took a knee and in all those matches, how are our arsenal – and i suppose, the other clubs as well looking to keep that momentum going into the new campaign. Yeah there’s been some communication between the clubs and the premier league and the fa. How we’re going to continue to support that course and and i’m sure in the next few days. You’Ll have some news about how we’re going to handle that and final word from me, mikhail the big story of the week, leonel messi, what have you? What have you made of that? Looking from from outside, look again that he’s been linked everywhere, you know he has a more club than any other player in history after him and i’ve been a barcelona fans when i was young, you know so it’s always sad to see which is, in my opinion, Has been the best player in football history leave that football club, but i don’t know let’s see what happens and if he comes to england, we are going to enjoy that even if it’s against arsenal it doesn’t matter, it’s good for football, you know we’ll have to Find a way if he’s, not there, we might find him in champions league.

We don’t never know so you you want the best players in your league for me, that’s the best thing as an athlete to have the most competitive league in the world and and the premier league always had that and the times with ronaldo i played against him And it was great, you know, because it raises the level of every individual and every team as well. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks keith uh we’ll move next to mark man, brian from the press association good afternoon, mikhail um. Can i just check in terms of gabrielle? Is the medical been had or, and are we now just waiting for things to be signed? Is that how close it is? We are trying to finalize the deal that’s? What i’m? I can tell you at the moment cool you seem to have got your defense. Now, almost to a point where you are happy with it, but um in midfield, can i just ask um when he’s fit and available, will you be looking to reintegrate matteo guendouzi into the first team squad for the start of the new season? Well, i’ve been really clear that everybody starts um from zero all the time in full. What you did two weeks ago or two years ago, it doesn’t really matter, is what you are able to contribute to the team now so everybody’s going to have the same opportunities and they have to show with their performance and the attitude that they are better than Their teammate or they are um somehow contributing with what we want to achieve this season.

Have you had talks with matteo in in in this offseason? Yes and you’re? Happy with what we’ve watched to tell them exactly that that he’s going to be part of the team and at the moment, he’s uh, like any other player in our squad, and he deserves festival, to be treated exactly the same. And i will do that. To my best capability, another midfielder, you had last season that we’re not sure about the future is danny. Ceballos are you? Are you making a move to try and bring him back on loan for another season? Well, we have some talks. Danny knows really well what i think about him um. He was pretty clear with me as well that his intention was to remain with us, but obviously real madrid is involved there. I don’t know yet what they want to do with the player, but obviously it’s a play that we are interested in, because we really saw the last few months of the season. What he’s capable of bringing to us someone you definitely you already have available, is mohamed. Elneny um does he have a place in your squad moving forward? Well, i know more really. Well, i play with him, so i know what he can be. I know his strengths and weaknesses really well he’s a really positive character to have around. He has some really good qualities as well and, like anybody else, it’s in the moment that he’s with us, he will be giving all our support and the best possible environment for them to perform as high as they can do.

You expect him to stay beyond the end of the transfer window. We don’t know the 6th of october is still too far, as i said, and it’s pretty unpredictable to know, what’s going to happen and then just finally for me, mikhail m, i believe emmy martin has he’s quarantining it at the minute, so probably means that bernd will Start in goal against liverpool: does that mean he? He starts the season as you’re number one. Well, i love to have two goalkeepers at the level of burn and emmy. You know last year, when ben got injured. If somebody had some doubts about them, his character or qualities, he’s shown what he’s able to do, and he didn’t do it for one game. He did it for 10 11 games in a row and i’m delighted to have both of them, but they both know that first day in preseason, you start again fight for your plays and and show us who is the the one who deserves the chance to start Is it possible to keep them both happy? Do you think i don’t want to keep them both happy? I want the one that is not playing to be upset but upset and then challenge the next player to make him better or, if not earn his place. To do that and it’s not different, i i don’t see personally any difference with goalkeepers with full backs. You know, so they know that i’ve been really clear with them about that and hopefully they can make each other better and, most importantly, the team better great.

Thank you michael. Thank you. Thanks mark we’ll, move on to nick hallow from haters hi michael i’m. Talking about the goalkeeper situation is berno fully fit and ready to come in against liverpool. The weekend yeah bernie’s is fit. He was almost fit to be fed for the last and again against chelsea in the ethical final. We didn’t want to take the risk even to get him involved in the squad, but he’s been training throughout the summer and he’s in perfect condition. Now so the way emmy played, he must be very upset that he’s not able to play this weekend. He’S not upset. I think he’s really happy because he really understands as well emmy’s position and he knows emmy’s history at this football club and how patient and how much he’s been fighting to end his place and then the right that’s. Now everybody likes him and and bernie is such a great character as well for us and he’s, not someone that’s gon na be upset about the situation. No sir i’m saying that emmy must be upset if he’s quarantining and unable for to be able to selection. Well, that would be the case uh probably, but we obviously had a plan with all the players to make sure that we have as many as possible available how many of your new signings in terms of especially willian slieber, can arsenal fans expect to see playing against Liverpool, well, i don’t know how to make the decision tomorrow who is going to play, who is going to be involved but for sure they’re going to see our signings playing a lot of minutes this season, so it’s not a hurry to see him in one game.

I know they will be excited and desperate to see them, but they will see plenty of them this year. Just finally, it’s not long since you played liverpool in the league at home, which was quite a pivotal, win wasn’t it because liverpool had a lot of the game, but you managed to really battle through that match. How important was that game in terms of giving the players confidence that they could be successful? Yeah you’re right, i think um. It gave us a big platform of confidence and believe that we could challenge and play against the top teams at that level as well and and beat them. You know and always finding a way to win a game and after we did it with man city and we did it with uh chelsea. But i agree that that moment probably was a a moment where the team clicked a little bit and went into a more believe mode. Okay, cheers thanks for coming! Thank you thanks, nick just a reminder that section is embargoed until 3 30 p.m.