Just a pre season warm up. How significant do you think the result is in arsenal winning this trophy how’s it going significant? What how significant was the result and arsenal winning the trophy, even though some people would say it’s more of a pre season warm up match? I cannot answer the question for arsenal. To be honest, i hope you asked that so um we were here to win the the game. I hope um, that was obvious um and we didn’t win the game that we lost. Didn’T lose the game, but we lost the competition, obviously um because of penalty shoot and because we um conceded a goal for young didn’t obama. Didn’T use our chances and that’s. The new game is open, scored late, which is not a problem but could have scored earlier and that would have helped and um yeah. I had the game then in the right direction, i would say, but then um the time was not enough and um, so that that’s, how it is so, but what it means for us – and i have no idea so, were you overall pleased with what you saw From your players, or how do you feel with parts but parts of the game i was, i was obviously pleased um because um i know in which situation we are what we did in training and all this stuff. What i expected today from a physical point of view, from a tactical point of view and for the the game we had to play today here against the defensive block, the 541 um, you need to have 100 percent fresh legs decision making needs to be um.

On top – and so that was not, we were not the freshest legs, but it was fresher than three four days ago: that’s all normal um. So we have another two weeks to prepare the the the next season um. But when you then concede the goal, we conceded then, of course, that doesn’t help at all, and so we had um to get control back of the game. I would say we had that in the second half, with a constant threat, obviously with the counter um and all these things and um arsenal had a good had a good build up. They didn’t really create chances with that. So anybody any point on the in the on the pitch. We won the ball then, but it we had to work hard for that and that’s how it is and then um. But we had our two three big moments, which we didn’t finish off: that’s. What then that’s besides games, we know that and um so that’s the reason for the result. Yes, thanks your time. Thank you nick. Thank you. Anyone else with a question, you’re sure press conference. If people haven’t got anything to ask, thank you, okay. Oh there we go paul, joyce paul yeagen um. Could they ask you about the the five substitutes rule uh that’s, going to be debated next week? Are you in favor of that? Yes, i know that discussion. The discussion will then go again if it’s an advantage for the bigger clubs.

Um look. I cannot. I don’t discuss it from that point of view. I don’t i don’t want to happen advantage in the in the in the competition or whatever it’s about it will be the we have 38 premier league games in for in a four week shorter season that says it all and um all the other competitions will be Pretty much the same as far as i know and um. That means just that you that these these things would help, but i can imagine that for uh that other teams see it differently so but it’s, never because having an advantage. I saw it last year as well in the last, when we played the last line game last nine games of the season. It thought. Oh good city brings five players, but it’s um it’s, all it’s, all about uh. How can we, how can we get through this season and not how who gets a little advantage here, a little advantage there it’s? Really? How can we get through the season? I think for getting in a good way through the season for the sake of of um, the football players and the performance levels. I think it would make sense, but i don’t make the decision. Okay, we’ve got don king, followed by john cross and matt dunn, so don king first possible yeah yeah again and just wanted to talk to you about uh tacky and the goal that he’s good um there can be.

Players can have sort of turning points and lift off from from big moments like how sort of bigger day do you think that is for him, always that was big for him and big for us, because um, that was the only thing, but what he liked him Now, since he’s with us that he didn’t that he didn’t score a goal, he had situation, it was close and in plenty of moments, um that helps, of course, but um in the shape he’s in is obviously good. I think that could everybody see when he came on um he um so but then the the goal is more more or less the logical, um step after after performing on level. He performs now since um, especially in the pre season, so i’m very pleased for him. Yeah, it was was very important for us to to to stay in the game and for him just to make this first important step. Thank you john cross and then we’ll finish with matt donovan there’s, no further ones. John hi yoga thanks thanks for doing this uh, i i just um just filling it on from milamino i mean. Sometimes it takes a it takes a while doesn’t it for a player to become adjusted to english football there’s. So much talk about kind of the clamor for signings, but you know: can he come in and and really um be like that that new signing and maybe make the bigger impact now that he’s sort of acclimatized to english football, and indeed liverpool, your team? Yes, you can have an impact that’s why we signed him that’s easy.

I said i don’t want to put down after one or two really good performances in the preseason um massive pressure on this world who has absolutely need for um. We have a good football team. It’S difficult to come in a team anyway um, but he is a player we which is really useful for us. Let me say it like this: it was not only the goal today: he’s in between he’s in closing small space is really good. His first touch is exceptional um he’s, then, in these, in this decision, making between the lines really quick, um, um and that that helps as well. So, yes, he can be a real player for us. That was always clear um. He came in in the most difficult period of all our lives, i would say, is they had to adapt to different things being alone in england in the lockdown and all that stuff that’s, all not something it’s all nice and uh so, but he deals really well With it, because he’s a super, professional and so i’m really pleased for him that he could score a goal today and that’s another big step back. Thank you, john. I think matt don will be our last question unless there’s anyone else who um uh intimates before we finish matt over to you, hi hi, jorgen, um yeah, you made a big call with brewster on the penalties. Um. Have you had a chance to speak to him about how that went and in a weird way, can that be a positive for him in the long term of his career and something he can learn from yeah yeah? How we all we constantly have to learn and then to prove then again that we can deal with defeats we’ll be lost today as a team, the competition and then is a part of that.

So if he would have, he would have scored with the penalty and somebody else uh would have missed it. That would have been the same opinion pretty much. I get it again, it’s different than you are the one i was in a situation myself as a player. Obviously, that’s not nice, but there are bigger catastrophes than that. It’S just part of the deal um, i think, with uh with his technique, shooting finishing technique. Um, i don’t think ever in his life there will be a goalie in touch with the ball around the penalty, but missing it like this is possible because he takes full risk um. I didn’t see him ever finish: uh missing a penalty since uh, since we worked together um today, it happened that can happen, that’s how it is, and um yeah dealing with with um with defeats is in football, a very, very important lesson, always and we’re. All not perfect in it, but this will not harm him because we will not let it happen. If somebody who is to blame for that it’s me because i made that decision, it was obvious. We do it for the penalty to china and we did it for the penalty shoot, but i wanted him in that in a position because i knew he said or no he’s a natural confident boy is he’s, a real finisher. His penalties are really good, usually and today, not so that’s that happens in in football and in life, no problem so just just to fill up.

You said it happened to you. Does that mean that you’ll talk to him and you can use your own experiences to? Perhaps deal with it, i don’t i, i rarely join or share my football experiences with the boys because it’s too long ago and everything but i’m, not the only one who missed a penalty in my life in the team. So the boys pick him up it’s, not about me that will make it bigger than it is. He missed the penalty. He had a few words directly when, when he left the pitch that’s all fine uh, nothing to apologize for or whatever that’s football, no problem. We should if we would have won them but wanted to win the game. Then we should have scored during the 92 minutes. We didn’t do that, often enough and that’s. Why we it came to uh, it came to um parachute and it’s a lottery. We know that it’s not about who is the best. Who is that? Who is that it’s? Just you, you have to score, and we did that four times really well and this penalty was not the worst i ever saw. It was just a little bit too high. It was absolutely no chance for the goalie just too high and that’s why we uh why it happened, how it happened and what was the occasion when you missed jurgen? Sorry, sorry, what was the occasion when you missed it’s too long ago? I don’t know anymore, but it was for sure in the cup game, whenever i don’t know it’s really too long ago.

Sorry would like to help you. Thank you guys, thanks again, bye, bye. Thank you.