Some of the players had only one session with us, but um. They still show the the courage and the ambition and the way they want to compete for this football club. And can you maintain this for the two week break before the re election starts? Well, i don’t know is very unusual: uh mini precision and now we’re gon na lose a lot of players as well, because they are leaving tomorrow with the national teams. But we will try to try to adapt as well as we can to try to keep our players in the best possible condition and get into the first game against fulham ready to go. Cheers thanks. Thank you, charles watts, from goal michael hello, um, it’s, another excellent performance from emmy martinez today, we’ve seen some reports that he might be wanting to move or arsenal might be ready to sell him. Can you talk a little bit about that situation? Is? Are you thinking of selling emmy? Well, we are in the market. Obviously, and there is a lot of speculation i think emmy has shown in the last few months. What is able to do for this football club? I am convinced that he has the level to play for us consistently at that level. He showed them today in a final, but i cannot stop the speculation and someday. I cannot stop um. What other people can write about us? Has there been any offers for emmy? This summer i don’t know i’m, not gon na disclose publicly what it’s happening with our place and just on any maintenance.

He was named a match. Today. Obviously we spoke in the week. He’S been linked with moved to walls, a lot of arsenal fans are, you know, desperate for him to stay and really don’t want you to sell him and it, it just seems with his performances now it’s, surely you you can’t, be considering selling a player of that Quality well, he has to be able to to convince me every day in training and that he can compete at this level, but not once every three months, but every three days and the way he’s playing at the moment is showing me that he can do it. His mentality and then the way it’s going about every single detail about the preparation of a football game is much better than before and i’m delighted and very happy for him. Because he’s really changing a lot of things around him and to become the player that he can be in his interview, he said he’s an arsenal player until he’s told otherwise so is that is it is all in your court really regarding his future. Well, the best way to show a player that’s how his manager thinks about him, i think, is to give him the chance to play or not, and today, in a final again, he has started and he played the 19 minutes like he did against ct on the Semi final against chelsea, as well in the final thanks mikael. Thank you, simon peach, hi, michael congratulations, um, another wembley display by your captain, another fine wembley display.

What is there left to say about him? Can you give us another? I know it’s a tired question, but is there any update on this contract? No – and i keep saying the same thing, i try to do my job, which is convincing that he is at the right place and he has the right environment here to produce the moments like he’s done today and he’s done here three weeks ago and um and I’M very positive that he’s going to sign, but at all the time, a lot of things involved in a contract deal and we are trying to solve them and also what about his overall performance. Obviously that first goal he will take the credit for but yeah. I think the move from the team was really really good and, and he put the ball all the time there where he belongs, which is in the in the back of the net as well. The way he took the last penalty, he wanted to take the last one and he took it really well and and another trophy for us so i’m delighted with his performance with and without the ball as well rob draper hi, michael um. How quickly do you need pierre emerick’s situation to be sorted out to start a season without sort of the worry that this might drag on for any longer? I don’t know i’m not worried because we can try to do as much as possible to convince the player or tell them what we think about him and put all the cards on the table to try to keep him here.

But after is the part of the player and the agent that has to agree to that. I think we build a really good relationship between us and and hopefully we can do it so now. I am confident i’m happy. I see how he behaves every day and how how much he is miles in training and believe me with over that’s a really good sign um. Could i also just ask: how do you turn these excellent one off performances at wembley in cup games into sustained premier league season, where you’re in the top four yeah that’s a different chance? I don’t think it’s a one off either when you beat the teams that we beat in the last two months consistently, but obviously after 10 months and the table showed last season that we are very very far away and the gap is enormous and we have to Try that gap as quick as possible really really short, and in order to do that, we there are a lot of aspects in the game that we have to improve.