It does look like because that’s sakura’s job robertson almost went through to celeb Applause, that corner routine very carefully thought out. Cedric gets across the face of the goal: here’s robertson, challenged by holding and referee tierney, says: that’s, a foul leaves it to robertson until they invested in the right kind of centre back. The right kind of here comes firminos through goal and money gets a proper goal and arsenal have been on the back foot and now they’re a goal back might be totally dominant for the first 20 minutes, no real surprise around the side. That’S got the first goal. Robert cerna’s Applause hesitation from allison list is van dijk with four and there he is firmino money wants it now, it’s that alex stops by chamberlain, usually plenty of goals around when these two teams do meet. Oxlade chamberlain shot might be on this time and it was spotted by granite jackery himself out as arsenal try and get in and robertson gets a bit lucky then it’s out of nelson for pressure by nelson van dyke mistake by van dyke, a gift for lacazette and Liverpool have presented arsenal with an equalizer here and having sung the praises of virgil van dijk, look what’s just happened. Applause well, kolasinac did something very similar at tottenham the other day, but we do not expect this of probably the world’s best defender, Applause, uh Applause cross, there’s, a double ricochet there into trouble in the shape of fabinho salah played in by firmino couldn’t.

Take advantage of it, Applause liverpool suddenly started making some terrible mistakes and nelson punishes another one and arsenal to general surprise leads at the champions by two goals to one it’s been kamikaze at the back from liverpool yeah two howlers two goals for the gunners. He cannot believe what he’s seeing out there Applause i’m in front, but maybe liverpool have other ideas, oxford, just offside for kaiosaka, advancing that now having produced a couple of goals from it and they get the ball and that’s going to be at least a free kick Nicola had a very good view of that he’s closer to it than the referee pulled it out in the end to robertson and then one two three four had a go at it by alderman, oxlade chamberlain at pace great cross on the run, but alexander arnold who’s Cut it back, here’s, salah and just right under his feet, really couldn’t dig out a powerful shot and martinez came up with an answer, but it’s a set move isn’t it. I use it next season. Well, i hope the premier league don’t, i thought he’d – be offside as the ball went in that area of salah and alexander arnold marne, coming in at the back, but uh in front of him, of course, he’s minomino. Oh, he got into a shooting position very cleverly. Yeah he’s gon na he leaves it for alexander. Arnold Applause might have been offside, but again and dyke is in there and uh minamino thinks he was fouled.

He didn’t quite go to ground, no teeny. I think it was just did enough in there back to fabinho, looks like it’s the goalkeepers he’s coming in from monet for sales header, but it’s, a soft one. I don’t think he thought really was going to get the ball Applause at Applause, they’re still striving for it and van dijk, coming at the far post, liverpool still trail at the emirates. Having turned up play, making really Applause Music, interesting Music, i might get caught out of the set piece: Applause, Music Applause for the north london team, firmino over after last season, perfect start to the second half yeah started. He swings out wide and it’s almost like a side, footed he’s in the move. He is really in the mood absolutely breathtaking. This is just a really really good team for yank. Another set up, torreira and arsenal do get a go back. Lucas torreira, with that fighting spirit that he brought on as a substitute six minutes to go no clean sheep for liverpool. Again, no, i think, it’s a big big goal that for arsenal, i don’t, think it’ll get anything out of the game, but it demonstrates a character and a personality that they’re going to keep going.