How you doing man stop celebrating the league yeah, no, not really just kind of walking down the street and then i’m, like, yes, we’re champions champions of england. Finally, after 30 years, oh man, i want to get that feeling back again man. I want to get that feeling back what was it been like? Actually winning that, but not being there to you know you know like when you guys lifted it, no one being there to celebrate it. I saw some fans obviously turn up outside, but it’s still not the same. I mean i could imagine. The streets of liverpool would have been ridiculous. A proper you know parade in that it’s um it’s bittersweet, like it’s sweet. Obviously, but there is a tinge of regret there as well. I think you know what you saw the year before there were 750 000 people on the streets when we brought the european cup home – and you know it would have been more than that. It’D have been a million, a million people in a city of 500, 000 that’s. What you know the global appeal of liverpool now and the party would have gone on for days and days and days, and you know i think for for me. I was sad for the for the for the players, i mean they deserved the adulation of the fans in the stadium or whatever you know what i mean and seeing them lift the trophy and they didn’t get any of that, and i think they did a really Good job to be fair of making that the trophy lift as good and as different as as maybe this year warranted and but certainly there’s a sadness.

Now personally, i was watching that city chelsea game. We were doing a live watch along, so we had 20 000 people watching us live and in one way that was cool. That was like yes, they’re, not with us with us, but they were with us and they kind of celebrated it with us, and we got to live that a little bit with people. So it was good for me and the lockdown was just easy and then wasn’t it where you could have a few people in the garden and stuff. So straight after here me and the lads went back to ours and we sat up till stupid. The clock drinking and stuff we had a good old celebrate afterwards and stuff meeting it’s been it’s been good, but i think i want we want to do it again, because we want to do it in stadiums this year, yeah yeah. Hopefully we can get back into stadiums, um, of course, the reason why we’re playing this um each other is because we won the fa cup uh. Obviously, you guys are the winners of the league, and the tradition says that opener for the season which has come around like like lightning, is the winners of the league versus the winners of the fa cup in the community shield on saturday. What sort of team liverpool going to play because you have had a couple of friendlies already haven’t you yeah we’ve, played them, but funnily enough, the interesting thing in a different thing again about this season.

To any other days, we’ve put out two strong sides and our first two friendlies, and that never happens. You know. Normally we played samia like we do that every year with samia and it’s, it’s kids and you barely know it there’s, not hardly any other faces. In fact, they’re not even there sally’s on his break normally, because he’s had international football, marnie they’re all on breaks, but this time around you know alison’s play van dyke’s played in both of them gomez. You know robertson, they’ve all played and the three strikers, but they played so it’s so strange, but it seems to me that then what that means is against arsenal at the weekend. It’S going to be exactly the same. You know i think it’s going to be alison. I think nico williams started for trent gomez, van dyke, robertson, nail start and then fabinho. Why now them kate salamani? For me, you know that that’s that’s going to be the side. I reckon jeez wrong, that’s, literally like the first team, yeah and that’s. What we’ve been playing? We played stuttgart now, admittedly, they got 45 minutes and then the old deal changed, but the last game you know normally the liverpool are the same as arsenal. I think they go 40 like when they go come back. It’S 45 minutes then it’s. Another 45 minutes then it’s, maybe 50 60, but they went 45 minutes 60 and i’m expecting now 60 70, because you can make six subs in this game in the community shield can’t yeah from the seven.

So i imagine we’re going to play the first team for 60 to 70 minutes and then make a few changes towards the end. Wow wow that’s that’s because i don’t i don’t think arsenal will be that strong, well, not as strong as that, because we’ve only played one friendly, which is against mk dons, and you know yeah bamiyang played in it um, who else kiran tierney bernd leno was back In goal um after his injury, so he was back jacka played, but apart from that, i suppose you put sakura into that as well. But apart from that, it was a lot of players. Like you know, players like muhammad elneny he’s just come back off of loan and there was no luck. Yeah um, so yeah it’s going to be really it’s going to be really strange to see what type of is, you know, be really fascinating. Should i say to see what sort of team arsenal do put out? Do they play players like willian um, maybe even for just one half, and even if they do play these guys can be like their first first game with the team kind of thing. So it could be really interesting to see what type of team we put out. But if you’re saying you’re going to be going in, maybe i need to uh revisit my prediction of 2 1 to arsenal if it’s gon na be that strong, a liverpool team, because i i didn’t realize you’d go down what about the new guy you’ve bought, you Think you’ll get a run out.

Jimmy cash, no probably not like he come on he’s, come on as a sub um in the friendlies that we’ve had so far and he looked all right. Um he’s, not you know, he’s, obviously not integrated in the squad. You might have seen the videos of milner absolutely giving it to him for making a mistake like milner doesn’t care, doesn’t care, if it’s, your debut and you’ve come on as a sub milner gave them down the banks and because there’s no fans there, you could hate It and it made it into the video and stuff like that of the of the broadcast, and so i don’t think he’ll start. I think he might be one of those lads that you bring into the game, but you know with nico williams being on the right hand, side. I think if you go in strong, you probably do want andy robertson on the left. Now the question is: can liverpool play the same way as he played last year without trying to alexander arnold in the side and nico williams is a good player he plays on the front foot. You mentioned yourself when you’ve seen him play robbie. He plays like trends. In fact, the one thing he does more like trent gets into those david beckham areas to take across. You know like 30 yards out, because his delivery, so good nico williams, goes past. Him goes to the byline and whips the ball in. So he actually goes even more attacking, maybe than cents now he’s got a long way to go, but i do think he’s a really good prospect for the future.

Um yeah it’s gon na be um. What about jones, because he’s playing he’s the number one game remember when we played you guys in the in the league cup? Obviously he had a really good game. I think he’ll play. I think he’ll come on and now there are a lot of liverpool fans who think he’ll start. I think he deserves a start and he probably does deserve a start and he looks. I know. It’S only been like five weeks since we’ve seen the lads, but he looks like he’s bumped up even in five weeks. He just looks a little bit stronger and you know we saw at the end of last season, he’s a premier league player. Now, whether he’s a starter in a premier league challenging side, not 100 sure, yet i think he’s got it. I think he can go and do that and i think in a couple of years he’ll be a mainstay in this liverpool side because he’s full of confidence he’s, you know one of the lads said he’s got sauce and i think that is he’s a direct player. He likes to dribble, he brings players in and he’s not he’s fearless like he’ll go beyond the psyche. He’Ll go inside and get goals, he’s a really good player, he’s a scouser as well. So i love him and liverpool fans love him for that, and then i i think he gets probably takes over adam milano’s role in the squad.

For us, this season of silence gone out to brighton, now, hasn’t. He so i think i think he probably gets 15 to 25 appearances, this season kit, as maybe one of those first subs but there’s – an opportunity, and we know with young glads um it’s a sliding doors moment. Sometimes an injury is all they need like like even like the likes of mason greenwood phil foden yeah they’ve been around. He just got one chance. Second, you get into that size. Don’T relinquish it trent did that when client went in got injured and he never and we’ve our clients left our club now, because jen just got in there as a midfielder played right back, took it to a new level and klein had to basically leave the club Because he didn’t have a job, no more trends will be looking for something like sorry. Characters would be looking for something like that: alex oxide chamberlain’s injured again, so maybe that’s his spot. That he’s got his eye on. Maybe he goes i’ll get in there and oxford’s gon na struggle getting back in yeah, yeah, um there’s, a player as well that you got the. I remember um, a friend of mine, mims he’s, a big arsenal fan big on social media. He told me about this. Kid a couple of seasons ago actually – and he said robert – you go hey this kid is the real deal. I haven’t really broken into liverpool’s side been out on loan, but bruce i’m talking about rea and brewster.

I saw him score. He was. He got the two goals for you the other day in the comeback against salzburg. Um. Do you think he’ll play at the weekend there’s a lot of rumors that he might actually go out on loan to a premier league side and sheffield united are really interested in him? I think i think it’d be a little bit strange to let him go out now when the transfer window can go on. You can leave him in and around the squad for a bit and see how he fits in now. Interestingly, klopp and and angie ronaldo have both spoken about him this week and it’s. What they’re saying is he’s a great finisher and you know he’s a real number, nine and liverpool don’t play with that roberto, mino isn’t, a number nine he’s, not a brilliant finisher, so it’s, whether he can add those other things to his game. That liverpool need to get the best out of salah and to get the best out of money. Now i think he’s got talent bags of time when he went to swansea the manager at swansea was the kid it was the fellow who managed the under 17s in the world cup, so he knew brewster. He was a shining light in that side, so it was a really good situation for him to go into i’d like to see him, because i think he’s, a generational talent i’d like to see him there fighting for the place at liverpool, but i just don’t know Whether it’s the right move for him right now, because is he good enough right now to get the games that he needs to become the player that we all think he can be so it’s a tough one? I don’t know i think he’ll get a few minutes in this game.

I do, i think, he’ll be on the bench whether he stays at the pool this season. I hope he does, but i think he’ll go on low okay. Now let me just remind you something here: the last time we played in the league chasing the 100 points, be a great record break. We beat you yeah you’re, bastard and we’ve got a great record at wembley as well. So i mean it won’t be the easiest games for you guys. You know, i know you’ve been flying. I know you’re champions, but you know if fossil do go into quite a strong team. I mean when you look at the arsenal team. What what are you looking at and thinking where’s the areas that you fear where the areas you think? What who are the players that you think could hurt? Liverpool, it’s obama, young mate, he’s, just brilliant isn’t? He and he just doesn’t – need to have a good game to score goals. He doesn’t need to be involved, he’s, one of those strikers and fully i was listening to do you remember when tyrion reed went on jamie carrick’s podcast. Did you listen to that and now him and him and carrick were saying like kind of was like? Oh you know, he used to give me nightmares and all that he went. The mad thing is, though, when you’re a striker – and he said it in his french english accent – i’m – not going to even pretend to do one he’s like you.

Could you could stop me 30 times, but everyone will remember that goal. I scored in the 89th minute that won us. The game and i’ve had a great game and and that’s what aubameyang does you know? Even if he’s not involved, you know at any point, the ball can be played into him. He could skin a man and he’ll bend that ball into the net, so he’s the player that you fear, because even when he’s having a bad game, he can change the game, and so for me, it’s him and other than that. I do like lacazette liverpool were for the longest time interested in him, and so we always had our eye on alexander lacazette and he’s a good player, and i really rate willian, and i know he hasn’t put on the shit yet for you. But whenever chelsea play osman, he used to give us a torrid time, he’s just a good player. Now is he 33 years old, i’d assigned him on a free? Personally, i decided i wanted liverpool to kind of have a little pop in him. This way he just might have been difficult for us, but yeah, so it’s obama, it’s, always aubameyang, okay, well, listen predictions! I think liverpool will win on penalties because i don’t think the game’s going to be. I think the game’s going to be pretty boring, while two teams chase the fitness rather than each other, to be honest with you, either boring or somebody smashes somebody.

You know i mean that’s. A lot of very early games end up uh, um yeah. So who wins? The penalty zone, you know what willian’s a good penalty taker as well man, if we bring, will you had a baby? I’Ve got two good penalty takers here. Thank you very much mate um can’t, wait for you know, fans to come back and we can be back up at anfield taking a game. Oh, even though we’ve had such a poor record up there over the past few years, i really do miss going to grounds like that and um. You know let’s hope we can get back into game soon, but listen thanks. Uh bobby. Can i ask you a question? Mate yeah with ground you’re, most looking forward to going to this season. I’Ll give you mine, mine’s alan road, because i’ve not been there for years and years and years. Ellen road is where i was looking forward to going to as well. Um, i and, and the talk is going to be no fans, no away fans for definitely saying this season, because they just don’t want people traveling around the country, but ellen road was where i was looking forward to going to as well, because you know, obviously, we Ain’T been there for years, it’s a huge club let’s, be real, leeds huge club and yeah i’m really gon na miss that and their fans are always they’re good. I mean they’re always up for it.

So i’m, really gon na miss that i’m really going to miss that so yeah i’d say that one more question Laughter. Do you like the do you like the new stadiums, or do you like the old ones, because you’ll have done tottenham last season and i went there? I thought it was a great stadium but there’s something about the stadium like aston village, where you go and you walk around it and you can feel the history can’t. You see him with ellen road and you know hybrid, do you know what you like didn’t? You know the old i don’t know what we didn’t even do in the league. Did we because, because of the lockdown i’ve been there, i went there with the um arsenal. Ladies, was there and it is a nice it’s, a nice stadium. I was looking forward to going there um. It depends really because yeah i don’t know. Maybe i do like somebody. You know where i used to like going which stadium is like going to bournemouth, it’s tiny but you’re, just right there right next to the players, and i really should like there. But then sometimes i do go to some of them. Old stadiums, you’d be stuck behind a flipping post or something the feeling of it was nice until i saw this restricted view like your neighbors everton, for instance, yeah um, so i don’t know it’s a bit of a mixture for me. Sometimes i like the old you know where i like the old stadiums when we’re playing like in the fa cup and like a couple of seasons ago, for instance, we have preston away.

I really enjoyed that. I loved that the old stadiums we you know you’ve been to a lot of times, you’re just like. Oh, i just want to see a view now and when i sit down at half time i’d like a little bit of room yeah or when i jump i’m celebrating, i don’t know all of my shins torn off, because the seat is about just right in front Of me, so i’ll go for the new stadiums, because the old stadiums are already over the years, but if it’s in the fa cup and we’re traveling yeah, i love those old stadiums, but thanks chris um don’t forget to check out redmond tv as well. I also did a preview over on their channel as well. Uh number one liverpool channel and we’re both looking forward to the game.