It is pretty much build up. Showtime as liverpool take on arsenal on saturday afternoon, at half four at wembley in the curtain, raising match of the 2020 21 season. 2019 20 has barely ended. Jordan, henderson has barely taken his hands off of the premier league trophy and already we are going again. We are in the hunt for more silverware. Of course, there is always this debate over whether the community shields a major trophy and how important it actually is and whether you can count it in things like trebles or doubles at the end of the season. Jurgen klopp has said in his pre match press conference that he sees this as a trophy. He sees this as a proper match whenever i think this happened last season as well, when we’re in the community shield, he brought up how it’s a massive deal in germany. This this you know the corresponding fixture between the league champions and the domestic cup champions over there at cena’s huge, and it is seen as a proper trophy here. No one really seems to know exactly how to view it. I know in terms of major honours: it doesn’t get counted, it’s, of course, not on liverpool’s wall of champions and in this ongoing thing between us and man, united to see who’s, the most successful club in england, the community shield doesn’t come into it partially because of All the things about how it wasn’t always contested between the league champions and the domestic cup champions.

Sometimes, teams such as the third division champions have been invited into it and at one point in the 70s man city played in it to fight. Despite finishing fourth, the season before and without getting any silverware and of course, uh before i think it was 1990 or something like that, it used to be that if the match ended as a draw after 90 minutes, the trophy was shared as well. So there are cases where both teams have actually won the community shield in a single year. So it’s not seen as a major honor in that sense. But it is something for liverpool to win it’s an opportunity to get one over a team that is a reasonably close rival of us at wembley as well, which is a place we’ve, never really done that. Well, certainly not since the rebuild, i think, uh we’ve only actually won one game there, uh in outside of league matches. Of course, we won there when uh spurs were playing there as their home ground and, of course, we won a friendly there against barcelona, but in competitive matches outside of the league. So those cup games that are one off matches that mean so much i’m, pretty sure. We’Ve only won one game at wembley, and that was of course the 2 1 win against everton way back in 2012 in the fa cup, semi finals, so it’s a chance to put a sort of a demon to bed there and, of course, arsenal have a great Record at the new wembley stadium, so it’s it’s the kind of team that you want to play in those circumstances so going into the match.

In terms of injury, news, klopp said that a lot of players are good, but not necessarily available for this game names that were mentioned in that bracket with jordan henderson, who, of course missed the end of last season. Oxy chamberlain, who picked up an injury in pre season and jian shaqiri who’s just been missing, for god knows how long, but all of them he said, are in a good moment: they’re, not quite ready yet, but hopefully that means that they are progressing well and will Be able to play some part, maybe not as soon as the season starts in two weeks time, but certainly as the amount of games starts to ratchet up, and that will certainly start to happen pretty quickly. Those players will come back into contention to help bolster the squad, but they’re not going to be available for this match. Trenton alexander arnold is a player that i think a lot of people are very interested in as to whether he’s going to be available. He hasn’t played any part really in preseason so far, but klopp did say in his press conference today that the test for whether he will play in the game uh against arsenal will be made tomorrow. It’Ll be made on the day of the game, so they’re cutting it very, very fine with that one, i think potentially that’s a little bit to do with how nico williams has performed in preseason. I don’t think he’s necessarily performed badly, but given that he’s often started as a member of what you’d call the first team and for both of the preseason friendlies we’ve started with pretty much a full strength.

11., he has looked ever so slightly like the weak link and both teams have sort of targeted that side when nico williams and the rest of the first 11 have been on the pitch. So maybe jungkook is a little bit worried about. You know coming up against a team that are as good as arsenal who are as good at counter attacking as arsenal. You know they’ve got a lot of pace down those sides and if nico williams leaves space and of course, we know i’m going to come on to a bit more about how arsenal are going to play in the tactical battle later on. But given the way they play, he’s probably going to want to push forward and as a result, he could be leaving space in behind him as well so that’s, possibly why jurgen klopp is maybe a little bit more keen to get trenton alexander arnold on the pitch. But personally, i think, under the circumstances with him not having trained. We have to be very, very careful with how we handle players fitness this season because of the way it’s going to pan out because of how congested the fixtures are and because of the rather strange break that players have had where you know. They have obviously had this month or five week or even six week, gap between uh since the end of last season, but that’s not really the usual amount and, of course, they’re in a very strange rhythm, nothing that they’re really used to at the moment.

So personally, i think it’s a little bit risky to even be thinking about playing trent, but of course i don’t go to the training ground every day – i’m, not a sports scientist working for liverpool at the moment. So i trust them to make the right call on that virgin van dyck also came off against salzburg, with an injury to his eye. I believe it was. He got a little bit of a cut, so it was bleeding during the game. He is absolutely fine, which is absolutely fantastic, because, of course, we can’t be losing virgil van dyke at any stage in the season, no matter whether it’s, the charity shield or the champions league final. We need that man on the pitch regardless uh elsewhere. You also spoke about rhian brewster, who has of course had a very positive preseason. So far, he’s only played um i’m, not even sure, it’s, two full 45s. I believe he came on about half an hour in to the game against salzburg and in that time, as well as the 45 minutes, he got against stuttgart, he’s, already backed three goals. Now, of course, he did do this in pre season last season as well and it’s, something that a lot of people are talking about as to whether rhian brewster is sort of feeling a little bit too much pressure to score when he comes on in competitive matches. It certainly seemed to be the case, i think, when you look back to games in the early parts of last season, you look at like the league cup match and stuff like that.

I think he felt like he had to be the talisman. He had to be getting goals because if he wasn’t scoring, then he was gon na have no chance to force his way into the team. But of course, if he wants to play at number nine for liverpool, then he’s got to do so much more than score. It’S not all about but getting goals, it’s about linking up with the front three – and i think hopefully, that’s what we are going to see in this particular match is uh. Brian brewster, who jungkook has said is in, is definitely going to be in the squad and we’ve heard things about them. Planning to make sure he plays some part in the game will hopefully not only get to play a part in the game, but also will do so alongside another two members of the front. Three now typically you’d expect that to be him in the middle marne. On the on the left and saller on the right, it could potentially be brewster on the right and firmino stays on the pitch as well just to see whether brewster can be a little bit more versatile and can be deployed in multiple positions and also, of course, If you put him out on the wings, you don’t necessarily have to have him worrying so much about scoring because he’s. There then expected to do a slightly different role, he’s expected to link up a little bit more and it might take the pressure off him.

A little bit because, like i said, i think in those competitive fixtures, he seems to feel the pressure a bit and he almost seems to play within himself. He seems to also play like maybe five yards higher up the pitch because he wants to be getting in behind. He wants to be getting goal, scoring chances rather than dropping deep and linking up a little bit more. So it would be great to see reimbursed during this match. There’S. Also, all this chat about him potentially moving to sheffield united on loan for the season and apparently after the community shield during the international break that comes before the premier league season kicks off. That is when jurgen klopp and his coaching staff are going to make a solid decision of whether to loan re and brewster out or not. So i think this game will definitely inform it. I think that’s why they want to get him on the pitch. So i certainly think he’s going to get at least half an hour as whether he starts or not let’s go on to the starting 11 for the game. Now i think alison is of course, nailed on starting goal. Adrian’S had a perfectly solid pre season, which is nice to see, of course, his last outing in liverpool shirt was the game against atletico in it it didn’t exactly go to plan. I think it’s fair to say, and i think it had a few people saying that he wasn’t good enough to be liverpool’s, backup goalie.

But since then he’s he’s been absolutely fine in pre season, of course before that as well, he we had absolutely no problems with him whatsoever, apart from a slightly iffy performance against chelsea and the fa cup, and i think for your backup goalie, he did more than Enough to to warrant a stay in this liverpool side for another season, so while he’s been good, i don’t think he’s going to play in this game, because allison is of course, absolutely brilliant and probably the best goal in the world. So i think he starts between the sticks ahead of him. Virgil van dyke and joe gomez have been partnering each other in pre season, so i think they continue andrew robertson as well. I think, starts the game. Of course. We’Ve got costa simica coming in so it’d. Be quite nice to see a little bit of him according to the chat, sorry charity shield or community it’s the community shield. Now it was the charity shield, it got changed in 2002. I had to look it up before the game. While i was looking up the rules as well and the rules are, you can make six substitutions so it’s going to be a little bit similar, i think, to last season. I don’t know whether they’ve got the same rule. We have to make them in certain chunks, but that certainly means that i think we’re, maybe going to see a few more players that yoga will be want to use be using on a slightly more rotational basis.

This season, rather than just players that he’s going to be expecting to start week in week out – and i think samikas will be one of those so it’ll be nice to see him get on the pitch. And, of course, it will be a test against that very pacey, counter attacking arsenal side to see what he can do, but i think robertson will start. I do think williams will start on the right as well. I think it’s just too risky with trent to throw him straight back in if he hasn’t been training. If he’s been away from the side, you know williams, while us, like, i said, he’s been he’s, had his difficulties in pre season, he’s been exposed every now and then he’s only going to get better. If you play him more, and you know if he makes those mistakes, the worst thing you can always do at this moment is take him out the side. The best thing to do is get him back on that pitch and tell him to you know, put them behind him to develop to grow i’m, not saying this. Like you know, these are massive errors that are going to haunt him forever it’s. Just a couple of pre season games where he’s been found out on that side a couple of times, but of course he is going to want to improve he’s going to want to avoid those situations. It’S the same thing that happened with trent at the start of his liverpool career and we kept playing him.

We kept playing with big games as well, like those champions league chords, final games against man, city, and it did in the world of good. It made him the player is today. So if we want to have a similar trajectory for nico williams, then i think you’ve got to keep him in the side for this game and yeah. Absolutely if trent is fit, give him half an hour, maybe even give him 45 minutes. We saw um after the restart nico williams played quite a few games, where he’d only do 45 minutes, and i think that was because he was being rotated in in both right back and left back. Positions to give rests to andrew robertson and trent alexander arnold, and i think we maybe see something similar in this community shield match and i think nico williams will start. But i will expect to see trent alexander arnold at some point and then ahead of them. Fabinho and other players had a little bit of an iffy pre season. You know, i think one of the goals. I think it was the second goal against salzburg was almost definitely his fault. He just got caught napping on the ball in a dangerous area, but again you’ve got to play him into form. This is that we haven’t got many chances to get the players into form before the premier league season starts, and i know the community shield is a trophy and it’s silverware in its own right and we should be taking it seriously, but the premier league is once Again, the most important thing that’s the game that everyone needs to be fit and firing for so we need to get them on the pitch now make mistakes.

Now, if you have to, if you’re gon na make a mistake i’d, rather the players made it in the charity shield than they made it at stamford bridge in three weeks time. So i think fabinho has to start once again because like if, if he goes back into form, if he plays at his absolute best, then he is probably the best defensive midfielder in the world at the moment. So i think he starts navi case has had a great preseason as well he’s, finally starting to find his feet at liverpool. I think what he really now needs is a strong run in that first team week in week out where he can gradually just start working more and more with the with the regular first team players as well. He can work out his exact position in the side and show what he can offer as well, so i think he will be playing and then i think, on the right of midfield. This decision is mainly informed by the presence of nico williams. Right back. I think it’s going to be james milner. Personally, i think if you were going for the best midfield you possibly could have at the moment genie. Vine alton would be in there instead, but because of the fact it’s quite early on in the season and of course, james milner always comes back in absolutely tip top condition. He’S, normally a few steps ahead of everyone else in pre season.

I think we saw that against salzburg as well. He played that game like it was a competitive match, whereas other players were still ever slightly off the pace and also, of course, with nico williams, potentially bombing forward. Normally we’d have jordan henderson there, and in that situation i wouldn’t be hugely worried about nico at all, because jordan henderson is excellent at covering that right back spot when trent goes forward as well. He does it absolutely brilliantly, but with him not available, milner has, of course played as a fallback for liverpool, albeit mostly on the left, but i think he’s got the playing style and the work rate and the reading of the game and the understanding of those positions To take up that right back slot wherever necessary in a way that maybe i’m not sure genie van alden can and that’s no slight on fine aldum i’m, not saying he’s a bad footballer i’m, just saying he has different traits to james milner and, like i said, If trent was starting on the right, then i think gina van alden would be the first choice midfielder on that side, but as it is i’m expecting williams to play and therefore i’m expecting james milner to play there to help cover him and also as a seasoned Professional as someone who likes to talk the youngsters through the games, we’ve seen it in the past, where james milner has played in league cup games and fa cup matches he’s there as the experienced head to be vocal to coach the players through the match, and hopefully He can do a similar thing with nico williams tomorrow afternoon and then ahead of them.

I think we go with the first choice front three from the start. There are, of course, some shouts for re and brewster’s a start, and i can certainly see why we’d want to do that, especially given the fact that this match is almost entirely going to inform our decision of whether or not he goes on loan, so maybe playing Him for half an hour only is a little bit of an odd decision. So, potentially, i think brewster gets 45 minutes either side of the halftime break, but i certainly think, given that firmino has been starting with salamander, either side and once again, it’s this whole thing of um of the the short amount of time we’ve got to prepare for The premier league season, we need to be getting the first 11 on the pitch all together as much as we possibly can at the moment. So i think for that reason we have to start with firmino and then salamani either side of him. But i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw ryan brewster for more than just a 15 or 20 minute cameo later on in the game. So taking a look at arsenal, then they don’t have many massive problems with injuries. Necessarily at the moment, burnt leno has returned from the injury that he picked up right at the start of the restart. Of course, i think it was martinez played in goal all the way through to the fa cup final and had a very good fa cup final.

As well, but it’s, looking like bert leno will be coming back into the side like i said they haven’t got any huge injury problems, but their break was ever slightly shorter than liverpool’s. Of course they had to take that extra week for the fa cup finals, so they actually played their last competitive match of football this month. I think it was the first weekend of august when they played that game again at wembley against chelsea, so they’ve had an even shorter break and i think that may be factored into mikhail arteta’s plans. I think arsenal fans have been saying that the fact that liverpool are probably going to feel the full strength 11 might annoy our tetra a bit because, by the looks of it he wasn’t planning to do so. Their pre season has been slightly different. They haven’t gone with the system. Liverpool have done where it’s been the first choice: 11 from the start and then essentially a team of second stringers in the second half or coming on later on in the games, they’ve tended to rotate an awful lot more and that was potentially what arteta wanted to Be doing in this match, but of course they are a tough team to play at the moment. They were in very, very good form towards the end of the season, and these were the kind of games that suited them very well. Of course, they played those games against liverpool at the back end of the season against us.

They played against chelsea in the cup final. They played against city in the semi final and all of those games. They played very, very well elsewhere against teams like aston villa they struggled, but it really seems that michelle arteta is struck upon a formula that works for these big games, and you can, you know, play it down as oh it’s just part the bus it’s, just basically Accepting that the players you have got are not as good as the players they’ve got so you’ve got to kind of you know play very tactically within yourself and that there is essentially some truth in that. I don’t think arsenal at the moment have got the capability to go toe to toe with liverpool they’ve been trying to do it for the last few years and it’s gone. You know tits up every single time. Every time they come to anfield they’ve been absolutely battered and they tend to struggle against us at the emirates as well, of course, that wasn’t the case necessarily in the league when we played them after the restart. They got that 2 1 win, but i think it’s fair to say that liverpool probably deserve to win that game. I think arsenal only had two shots on goal and those were shots that we gave them through shoddy defending. So, of course, their game plan worked. They sat back, they soaked up pressure and they hit us on the break and they caught us out with our trousers down in situations that maybe we wouldn’t have been in.

If the game had been a little bit more high tempo and a bit more end to end and they’ve been pushing up for more of the match, so i think this is another game where mikhail arteta is going to be looking to test out that formula, because He’S also been speaking about his ambitions at arsenal and how he wants to win the champions league in the next three years with them, i think, is what he said so he’s looking at these types of games against big teams against opposition that is going to pile Onto you and is going to put the pressure on, he wants to work out a formula that works for these games. That is going to win these matches on a regular, trustworthy basis. So i think it’s going to be a tough match for liverpool. I think it’s going to play out very similar to the one at the emirates and, of course, with the players. Having only just come back, they’ve only had a week of actual games in 11 aside matches against, of course, stuttgart and salzburg they’re not as sharp as they maybe would be in about december or january, or anything like that. I think we saw it last season in the community shield match where mo salah was flying in terms of his overall performance. He was just gliding past man, city defenders like they weren’t there, but when it came to putting the ball in the net, he could not hit a barn door.

He was slicing every shot this way and that anywhere, except between the two sticks, where you’re supposed to put it. So we could potentially see a repeat of the game at the emirates, but hopefully liverpool have got what it takes to get the game over the line. I think we’ve got to put that right. We’Ve got to show that that game against them about a month and a half ago was just a little blip it’s, not something we necessarily have to worry about and going forward arsenal are not going to become a bogey team for liverpool because, of course, we’ve had Very good results against them in the past. We’Ve got them quite early on in the season as well. So we would like that kind of record to continue, but personally i do think liverpool are going to win the game. I don’t think we’re going to thrash arsenal by any stretch of the imagination. I just think with with the way arsenal play now. They are a lot more compact they’re, a lot more difficult to put a ridiculous amount of goals past i can’t see us scoring five against them or anything ridiculous. Ridiculous, like that, and of course, with the players not being 100 jurgen klopp said himself: he isn’t expecting them to be at their absolute best. He doesn’t think this is going to be their best performance that they will put in for the rest of the season. That’S entirely understandable, but i do think liverpool have got the quality and the strength in depth now as well.

I think we’ve got enough options off the bench as the game goes on to get this one over the line, and you know right the wrong of the start of last season and lift that very lovely looking community shield at the end of the match. So that is all for today’s video. Thank you guys very, very much for watching. I will, of course, be back tomorrow with the post match reaction after the game has concluded and liverpool have hopefully lifted the trophy until then don’t forget to hit that like button down there. If you enjoyed the video hit that subscribe button there, if you’re new around here, check out some of the other videos that have been out in the channel in the past, don’t forget to follow at lsufocustv on twitter and i’ll. See you again tomorrow evening.